Something New

Well, I’ve joined the blogging world. I’ve been inspired and entertained by many blogs that I read and as a writer I have been waiting for that special moment to arrive where I felt the need to write. When a colleague suggested that I start a blog about newlywed life and wedding planning I immediately sighed and thought, “Who cares what I have to say, do you know how many newlywed blogs there are out there?”_DHP7252

But the more I thought about why I like to read the blogs I follow on a regular basis, I realized I liked them because they made the everyday ho-hum parts of life into special moments. I too believe that every day should have its own little celebration. Yes, it’s true that most could care less about my ordinary life but we all have our own stories to share and our own special perspective of life, and this is mine: stay tuned!

Newlywed Bliss


  • I truly enjoyed every part of your well-planned, creative, relaxed, super-enjoyable wedding day! Thank you so much for having me be a part of your beautiful wedding day.

  • Thank you Howie! We are so happy with all of our wedding photographs and love your relaxed vibe. I’m referring you to everyone! Thank you for checking out the new blog!