Fall Goals

fall goals

Yes, I’m doing this! I’m making this goal list public so I can be held accountable. I put off many things this summer while I celebrated my marriage for a good three months – we lived life to the fullest but I didn’t get a lot of the smaller goals completed. I pushed a lot of mess under beds and into closets and ignored the pile up of junk mail, magazines and stuff. Most of which I have no idea what it is. Whatever it is, it’s just sitting in piles all over my house.

I made this list small. My tendency when making goals is to focus on other things that seem so much more important, like online shopping, watching crappy reality TV (The Vineyard anyone?), and getting sucked into Tumblr and Facebook. I need to face the facts that those things really don’t make me happy.

It’s time to get back to building a foundation for a happy life. And believe me, the completion of each of these goals will be met with a little celebration of its own. Yeah celebrations!

eleanour roosevelt

Clean out closets and donate clothes 

Resist buying any clothes until November

Organize office

Print photos from wedding and other recent events for albums and frames

Learn more than just 4 settings on my camera

Wake up earlier on the weekends

Do more than 12 full push ups at a time (yeah I can’t do that and I work out a lot!)

Stop late night snacking and wining – step away from the cheese, pretzels, and wine

I’ll update ya’ll at the end of September!

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  • Looking forward to the update! Love the no shopping till November one! Last year I set a similar challenge not to clothes/accessory shop for an entire year and I had to wear a different outfit each day. Best thing! And the amount of money I saved was ridiculous! 🙂

    • Oh wow an entire year!!! I can’t imagine, how did you do it? It’s giving me cold sweats thinking about it

  • Waking up earlier on the weekend is a good one. Sometimes by the time I have my coffee in bed and surf the web it is time for lunch it seems.

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