It’s a Small World


We all have our memories of today.

I was a naive freshman in college, sitting in my drama class when another professor knocked on our door and told us to turn on the TV. I can still feel my heart sinking the moment my mind understood what it was seeing on the screen. We were dismissed from class and I remember walking back to my dorm room in the midst of a chaotic flutter of anxious and confused young people. I called my mom. I was scared. I was scared of being so close to DC – they even temporarily shut down the main road through my small college. I was scared of being away from my family. I was scared of what could happen next.

I still didn’t quite understand what was happening. No one did. Our world grew a little smaller that day.

Use  today as a reminder to take time to like one another a little more.

  • Pat (Mom)

    I remember being scared because you and Eric were both away from Lancaster and our family. I also remember driving to Chestertown to pick you up and then shopping at the mall in Annapolis.
    I felt so much better after seeing you and talking with Eric.
    I love you Katie!