Weekend Wrap Up, goodbye September

I can’t believe today is the last day of September. For some reason, Fall has never been a favorite season of mine. Too much change I think, and this fall hasn’t short-changed me on change. I found out Thursday evening that I was being let go, for financial reasons, from my biggest freelance job. Oh the joys of non profits. So, this weekend after re examining our budget and deciding next step, I decided to let go of any bitterness and anger and relax. This too shall pass.

Friday I introduced Ryan to our town’s annual community agriculture fair.

ryan tractor This fair was a staple of my childhood and serves has a firm reminder that we do indeed live in the country.

Have no idea was an agriculture fair is?

First, turn back the clock about 40 years. Upon entering the fair grounds you are immediately transported back to a simple time. A time when sharing a milkshake and funnel cake while perusing the county’s largest squash and top of the line Lego constructions by our town’s finest first graders meant date night. Your romantic evening would be  followed by checking out the best in show in goats and popping  in on the pig auction. Once you decide you don’t have 1k to spend on a hog you go over to watch youngsters run around in mud trying to catch a greased pig while the crowd goes wild. Your highly anticipated Friday night concludes with  watching some burly men race around on horses competing to lasso angry-looking cows while you chow down on the most greasy hamburger and fries you’ll ever know.



katie tractor

Ryan had no clue what he was getting himself into so it was fun to see him taking it all in.  They have THE best chocolate milkshakes but the line was about 45 minutes long, so after we checked out some cute goats, climbed on tractors, and developed some serious allergies we decided to call it a night. We firmly decided we don’t need to attend the fair again until we have kids some day.

On Saturday I visited one of my best friends, Jeanette, in Philly. We met back in college and have remained close friends. She is my “girl soul mate” and I can’t imagine life with out her.


I kind of took a technology and media break this weekend, so I don’t have many photos of our fun times. Coincidentally my bff Kay Marie lives right down the street from Jeanette so we were able to fit in some quality girl time. In a nut shell we did a lot of boy talk, drank, played board games, and ate a lot. Some things never change.


On Sunday, I took a nice long nap when I got home. (I guess some things DO change because my 25 year old wouldn’t need a nap after a girl night but my 30 year old self could barely make the drive home). I was also reminded that I have the best husband because I came home to a super clean and organized home complete with the front stoop decorated with pumpkins and mums. Swoon! We ended the weekend with a long walk and eating enchiladas while watching ABC’s premier night.

How did you spend your last September weekend?

xoxo katie

  • That orange drink looks delicious! Our last weekend was spent blowing our noses and downing cold medicine! Boo and hiss for cold season!

    • Hi Jessica! It was a mimosa with too much OJ! Awe, I hope you all feel better soon – my allergies are kicking in full force. Least favorite thing about these next couple months.

  • Pat(mom)

    Ryan looks like he’s ready to plow a farm field. I have many special memories of both the Solanco and Lampeter Fairs. The milkshakes and sheep are my favorites.
    We had a fun Saturday night at Hunger and Thirst trying new beers and then dinner at Characters.

    • Yum! I hope you also had one of those $6.00 pretzel(s)! 🙂

  • That picture of Ryan on the tractor is classic. I too have fond memories of the fair but as a vegan I doubt there would be much for me there now.

    • I forgot to answer the question because I was so distracted by Ryan on the tractor. Our weekend was spent kayaking, bike riding, thrift store shopping, Thai food eating, and relaxing in a hammock.

      • Sounds like a relaxing weekend! Yes, the fair is not very vegan friendly – other than the flower and produce and art sections!