Five Friday Favorites, Fashion Fails – October 4, 2013

Five Friday Favorites

Because I am bogged down with allergies I’m making this post short and sweet.

Here are 5 Fashion Trends that we really must dispense of immediately:


Graphic Leggings


The ones in the first photo make me feel like I’m looking into one of those crazy drawings. The ones that if you stare at it long enough a crazy face appears. No need to draw extra attention to your cellulite ladies.

graphic leggings


Platform Shoes

Like these from Chanel Resort 2013. Who is real life if buying these? I don’t know. I just don’t know.



Excess of Sheer

In a constant debate over whether or not you should show more skin? Just wear sheer! There has been an excess of sheer lately, the long sheer skirts make me the most uncomfortable. Also, am I the only one that excessively sweats when wearing sheer fabric? Gross.

This just looks like Spanx┬ácovered in tulle. Granny panties don’t even look good on Julianne Hough. Jenny Packham, You’ve disppapointed me.

sheer dress


Crop Tops

These only look good on anorexic 16 year-olds. Please make it stop!

crop tops


Harem Pants

No No No. Who looks attractive in these? They look like something I’d find deep in the Halloween costume box in my parent’s basement. To me, this would be the same as wearing your printed pajama pants out. ┬áDOUBLE fail as these harem pants are worn with a crop top! Also, whenever I wear hats I feel like I’m playing dress up.

harem pants

Have a nice weekend!

xoxo katie

  • Oh my goodness-the platform shoes remind me of the shoes in the Delias catalog from when I was like 12 years old. I can get on board with some reoccurring trends but not those!

    • Oh yes, Delias!!! Who didn’t love pouring over those catalogs!