Fall Goals Update – Confession – I’ve Failed



fall goals


So, back at the beginning of September I made a list of Fall Goals. Honesty, I though I was being easy on myself. I promised you an update – and let me be honest. I failed miserable at my goals. Life once again got in the way and the idea of doing most of my goals made we want to run away from my house and curl up and take a nap.

I made these goals with the hope that I’d find a better sense of calm and happiness and I’m still on that road. I’ve always been known to procrastinate, maybe this pressure is exactly what I need.

Anyways here is my “update” (if you can call it that…because honestly It’s just me re-listing the same list as before as the changes are so small).

Clean out closets and donate clothes  I’ve started doing this. I threw out a bunch of clothes that I had hanging around since high school (yeah like 14-year-old sweatshirts) just for sentimental reasons. I also made a quite large donation pile. This was hard. It took a lot out of me. Queue eye rolls. But, I’ve made a dent. 

Resist buying any clothes until November  FAILED! I Failed at this pretty instantly, meaning I broke this rule only after 4 days! I ended up buying a few sale items from Old Navy and a new pair of boots (I DID return another pair though first!). But – I haven’t bought anything since the first week in September. Yay!

Organize office I cleared off the top of the desk….that’s it…the rest of the office looks like a storage facility. 

Print photos from wedding and other recent events for albums and frames  Haven’t even started

Learn more than just 4 settings on my camera   Haven’t even started

Wake up earlier on the weekends  Fail

Do more than 12 full push ups at a time   I can now do this! Yay! success at the easiest item!

Stop late night snacking and wining – step away from the cheese, pretzels, and wine  I cut back on this 50%

Do I need more motivation? Did I set my standards too high? If you read my post on living a happier clutter free life you know I’m determined to make my home a stress free place.   I’m still giving myself til the end of November.

  xoxo katie

  • Pat (mom)

    Good job on the push ups! Whenever you have a little time we can continue to work on your clothing in our basement. It’s only October 8th.

    • That’s great. I love how you can’t escape the basement conversation even on your blog!

  • kwalshmac