Weekend Wrap Up – I let my Halloween costume down!

I love costume parties. I love dressing up. I love hunting for the perfect pieces to complete a costume. I love pretending to be a character, I love seeing everyone’s costumes. I would make every party into a theme party if I could.

Imagine my dismay when I found out I couldn’t attend my best friend’s annual Halloween bash a mere 2 hours before we were supposed to leave! Instead, I was forced to surrender to my couch all weekend as a soul sucking sickness took over my body.

On Friday night I skipped another friend’s party because the sickness was creeping in and I wanted to rest up.  I got all the last details for Ryan and I’s costume in order and went to bed early. Saturday morning rolled around and I woke up feeling worse. I slept in til 10 and tried to deny how terrible I felt.

I went to the grocery store and made my signature red pepper relish dip to bring to the party. The grocery store made me want to take the longest nap ever. Still in denial, I started to play around with how I was going to braid my hair. And, then I felt the urge to just sit down. Right then and there on my bathroom floor.

After I cried on the bathroom floor for a good 10 minutes, Ryan moved me to the couch where I stated I was still determined to go and have the best time ever! I felt like Emily – just replacing fun costume with Valentino…

emily gif

I cried some more because I realized that I really really should not go. I was just so depressed about it. I’m sure my sickness and fever elevated my feelings, because ,come on, it’s a party.I just felt like I was letting my friends down, I was letting Ryan down, and most importantly I was letting our super adorable couple costume down. Major FOMO (fear of missing out) was settling in and I just felt so pathetic about it. (cue the violins for this drama queen).

So, I gave in to my couch. Ryan cooked a nice comfort food dinner and we established ourselves in front of the TV for the evening and tried to brighten my spirits.  I even posted an annoying  and to be avoided at all costs “I’m sick and sad about it” Facebook post. Sigh – my brain really wasn’t working at full potential.

Sunday, I slept in and was awoken to breakfast in bed and cuddled the morning away with Maggie. How do dogs have that sixth sense of their mama’s sickness? She took good care of me.

breakfast in bed

maggie cuddles

I woke up with the intentions of making this the BEST SICK DAY EVER – making a long list of all the movies I wanted to watch and naps I wanted to take. I  jumped between the couch and bed twice and then all of a sudden it was 6 p.m.

And then late Sunday night my sickness escalated. Just when I thought I was feeling better my body tricked me and then made me feel so much more miserable. Home sick today and this concludes my most whiny post. Being sick on the weekends is the worst – can we all agree?

On a happier note – thanks for all your kind words on my salon post! Here is my new shorter hair cut! These photos were taken on Tuesday before I was sick.



Stay healthy everyone!

xoxo katie

  • Super cute haircut! And hope you get to feeling better!

  • Feel better! LOVE the shorter hair look!

  • oh cute haircut and love the boots!!! Doesn’t it just annoy you being sick. completely out of your control….especially the FOMO lol so understand! Any chance you can use your costumes again? Date night maybe haha

    • Thank you, yes, I tend to easily get into the suck depression, get me out of the house, doldrums! Hmm could be an interesting date night 🙂

  • Rachel G

    Awww! That’s so disappointing when you body gets in the way of well-made plans!

    • Awe yes, was a long weekend, but like they say, “it could always be worse!” I know we’ve all been there.

  • Hi Katie! I hope you’re feeling better:) I’m lovin’ the new haircut. Oh and for the record…Devil Wears Prada is one of my favorites!

    • Thanks, I like it too! I’m feeling better, just worn down. And ditto on Devi Wears Prada- def a classic in my book!

      • I’m glad you’re feeling better! And yup it’s a classic. I’ve seen it way too many times to count!