Weekend Wrap Up 11.11.13 Follow Your Bliss

follow your bliss

Today I feel a little bit like a kid who forgot to bring their homework to class. On Mondays I have been following the rule of posting a weekend wrap up, including pictures documenting the events of the past weekend. I took zero pictures this weekend! You can lower you eyebrows now – I simply took a little break from technology this weekend.

The weekend started off with a heavy dose of law school stress. I write often how I wish this hard time would go by faster. I hate seeing Ryan so stressed and unhappy. The heavy load of work, school, and finances hit us hard on Friday evening. I’ve been trying hard to follow my own advice and to not wish these rough times to pass. I’m making an effort to savor the waiting.

We allowed ourselves some tears and some time to wallow in the stress on Friday. Sometimes after you release that rage and wipe away the anger and tears the bigger picture looks so much clearer. I was able to come away with a new perspective and a goal to keep things simple.

An old boss had a signature phrase that I used to roll my eyes at; “Follow Your Bliss”. As a twenty-something I scoffed at this saying. I would think, well sure, I would just LOVE to follow my bliss, but how am I going to afford to go live at the beach and write poetry and novels with the man of my dreams and two little children running along the water’s edge? Sure boss, you followed your bliss because you had the money.

But now I see that your bliss doesn’t have to be a huge all encompassing dream. Your bliss can be something simple – anything that makes you smile, that makes your days a little more you. Following your bliss means creating your life to be a mirror image of YOU, of your thoughts, dreams, and hopes. It means filling up your days with actions and words that represent the heart of who you are as a person. Do what makes you happy. Create the changes you wish to see and be the type of person you dream of being with each little element of your day to day life. This is a rule that we all could strive to follow a little better, don’t you think?

So, this weekend I made sure to follow my bliss.

The rest of the weekend was filled with things that are signature happy Katie.

1. I jumped in on the Christmas spirit early. I love Christmas more than the average person – probably even more than a 5 year old. I love the warmth, the reminder to love each other, the festive decor, the excuse to celebrate and the magic of it all.

So, this weekend I decided it was time to start bringing Christmas to our home. I’m about 75% done with my shopping, bought some new decorations, played Christmas music all weekend and lit the Christmas tree scented candles.

2. I spent hours catching up with my bff Kay Marie and wedding planning! She was the maid of honor in my wedding (and did a fabulous job) and I am now able to return the favor as I am now the maid of honor in her wedding. Weddings and parties are a good second favorite after Christmas. I am so excited to be part of her wedding plans.

3. I danced around the kitchen to James Taylor as I made Pad Thai and baked some cookies – a home is complete when the kitchen is full of good scents and music. We ended the weekend together. There is no other bliss I love more than simple time with Ryan, bundled up with blankets, wine, a Christmas tree scented candle and freshly baked cookies.

This is what life is all about. As this is the month of Thanksgiving, I should be grateful for the hard times, as they remind me to enjoy the small things and to remember what makes me happiest and full of bliss.

xoxo katie


  • Katie, as my Mom always told me, “This, too, shall pass.” I still use that saying to get through hard times. Everything always works out for the better! Sounds like you’re doing everything right for supporting Ryan.

    • kwalshmac

      Thank you, Faith! Yes this is a short period of our lives!

  • Pat

    The end of law school will come and so will fun times at the beach. I’m so glad you found your bliss in Christmas decorating, baking cookies and listening to James Taylor. We seem to share those blissful activities!

    • kwalshmac

      Hmmm wonder where I picked up those blissful activities…

      • Pat (mom)

        Love you ☺️

  • Oh girl– law school seriously sucks. While I’d go back to college in a heartbeat, you couldn’t pay me to go back to law school. But the great news is that it DOES end! Your husband is blessed to have a supportive spouse to go through it with him!! Sounds like you had a great weekend, though! I totally support getting into the Christmas spirit early this year. 🙂

    • kwalshmac

      Thanks for the support! He’s a little over half way done, just wish he was in a job he was happier with or could go to school full time. I’m with you on the going back to college, id go back for sure!!

  • Oh Katie. Stress is such a difficult thing… Especially when there’s nothing you can do to alleviate it for your husband. So is life and marriage I guess. 🙂

    Your weekend sounds amazing… Like a weekend I want to have ASAP!

    • kwalshmac

      Thanks Amber – these days will pass and will make others seem like a blessing. Thanks for your support!