Cheers to you! {The Poinsettia Cocktail}


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Today’s prompt:“Holiday Cocktail”

Let’s give three cheers for it being the weekend before Christmas!!! I’m sure there are a lot of holiday parties and celebrations this weekend. I love any reason to celebrate! Every little milestone deserves a little attention and I love creating and naming cocktails for every special occasion. Life is too short – toast everyday! This is why I believe you should always have a bottle of Champagne in your fridge – ready to pop whenever life surprises you!

Today I’m sharing a favorite holiday cocktail, pictured above, and of course the main ingredient is bubbly!

Come join me by the tree and let’s toast to the holiday season with my Poinsettia Cocktail!

1 oz. Chambord  liqueur
4 oz. sparkling Champagne
1/2 oz. cranberry juice

Pour the sparkling wine into a champagne glass. Over that, pour the Chambord and the cranberry juice.

Light, refreshing, and perfect for any special occasion.

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We have a lot to toast to in this upcoming week. Ryan is currently completing is last final exam of this semester. Cheers to only 3 semesters of Law School left! Tomorrow I’m heading up to NYC for the weekend to celebrate best friends thirtieth birthday and then Sunday the Christmas festivities kick off as my brother and his wife are going to be in town. Can’t wait for a few days of relaxing time with family and friends. That’s my favorite part of the holidays – being together and celebrating.

What are you toasting to this Christmas?

xoxo katie

  • Mmm…that sounds delicious! I’m also a strong believer of adding champagne to everything, so that helps!

    • kwalshmac

      Yes, Champagne makes everything better 🙂

  • that looks delish! i love me some bubbly cocktails…

    • kwalshmac

      Champagne is the best way to make anything seem extra special!

  • this sounds so delicious!!

    • kwalshmac

      And easy to make!! Happy holidays!!

  • Love this! Fun, easy and festive!

    • kwalshmac

      Yes, ALL about the easy! Once it has more than 5 ingredients I’m out!

  • Anything that has to do with Chambord has me SOLD. Like, I want this in my life RIGHT NOW.

    • kwalshmac

      Yes, give me a french martini anyday! Chambord brings the class ha!