I got to have a little RESPECT

respect 2014 goals

The first few days of 2014 have been full of celebrating with many toasts, kisses, inspiration, and laughter. A great deal of ideas and hopes and promises for the upcoming year were thrown around. And now, I’m back at work and 2014 has me feeling a bit overwhelmed. Looking at this year ahead is filling me with anxiety. What if I can’t hold on to my promises? What if my hopes are simply too big? How do I get started? I feel like there is too much other “stuff” in the way, blocking me from all that I want to accomplish in 2014. What if I fail?

As I mentioned earlier this week, I don’t really do New Years Resolutions. I’d much rather have hopes. The word “goals” scares me a bit as it makes me figuratively run straight to those hills called “procrastination”. All over blogland, bloggers are choosing a single word for 2014. Their “mantra” for the upcoming year. I’ve decided to follow in those footsteps and after much thought I’ve chosen the word RESPECT. (feel free to sing it out like Aretha Franklin, I did!)

2014 is my year to respect my hopes and inspirations.

I tend to get lazy. I easily fall back on old habits. Or worse, I find myself putting others wants and needs before my own, letting my dreams settle like ignored dust bunnies under my desk. Today I chose to respect my hopes enough to put them first.

I vow to respect myself enough to know that I deserve all of my individual hopes and dreams. That I am good enough to obtain them and live them out.

I want to build confidence in myself, my work, and my, dare I say it, goal completion. I want to challenge myself in 2014 and give myself enough respect to know that I am stronger than I think.

Respect for my mind:

I hope to challenge my writing and this little blog and take it to new places.

I hope to get back to reading more often and a larger variety of literature.

I hope to take on new opportunities and to say “yes” more often.

Respect for my body: I hope to respect that my body and all of its flaw.I hope to stop being ashamed of those flaws.  I hope to take better care of it and give it love.

Body, it’s time for you and me to be friends. We have many years ahead together, and we can do so much.

Respect for my soul – I hope to nourish myself more. Leave more time for “me” as well as for the little family that is Ryan and I.

I hope to have more patience with myself and with Ryan.

I hope to be less afraid. To not back away from goals that seem too big or too long to obtain. Even things that seem so obtainable like saving more and spending less.

I hope to stop comparing myself and my life to others.

I hope to remember that I deserve to have my own hopes – and that they are okay even if they are different from others.

I hope to embrace my individuality.

I want to push open every window in my home and let in all the possibilities. Yes, some days it may rain. Some days it may be so cold that I just want to curl up in bed and forget everything else. But avoidance as not taken me where I want to be in life. I will get back up and attack the fears. I will leave the windows open. I will listen to and respect my hopes.I will respect my choices and go after my dreams.

I want to soak up so much of my life that its beauty radiates from me. I want to be full of beauty.

xoxo Katie





  • I love this! Such a great way of looking at the New Year.

    • kwalshmac

      Thank you! Hope I can stick to it! Happy New Year to you!

  • I think that’s a great word/theme to focus on! There’s so many ways you can apply it, as you laid out!

    • kwalshmac

      Thank you, it really is a change in lifestyle – once the foundation is set, hopefully everything will fall into place!

  • love your word!!! Once you master respect in all aspects everything else will just flow 🙂
    ps I love your home analogy at the end…so well written!!!

    • kwalshmac

      thank you! just really need to be kinder to myself.

  • Ummm, I am the biggest fan of this times two. I can’t tell you how good this was for me to read, especially because I’m really good at beating myself down and telling myself I’m not quite good enough for the big dreams and desires I have. Instead, I should remind myself of my strengths and determination!

    • kwalshmac

      Isn’t sad how easy it is to put ourselves down? We are the only ones who own our dreams and desires! If we have the ability to dream it, then we have the ability to achieve it. You got this Amber!

  • This is an absolutely beautiful post, Katie.

    “I want to build confidence in myself, my work, and my, dare I say it, goal completion. I want to challenge myself in 2014 and give myself enough respect to know that I am stronger than I think.”

    That resonates with me SO much – thank you for putting my thoughts and feelings into words. I am guilty of putting others before myself, and oftentimes respecting others more than I respect myself in time and energy. I find beauty in a woman who can state these feelings out loud. It is OKAY to respect yourself, it is OKAY to be a little bit selfish, it is OKAY to put yourself first and attack your wants and goals and dreams!

    I’m looking forward to seeing all what 2014 has in store for you! xoxo

    • kwalshmac

      Oh Kym, thank you so much! I’m so glad that you are able to relate to these thoughts. It’s hard putting yourself out there, but admitting your thoughts and writing them down is the first step. I think we women are so trained to take care of OTHERS that we often put our needs aside and then they are forgotten about or we turn resentful. This is YOUR life, live it as you see fit. Who knows what the rewards will be if we all love ourselves a little more!

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  • Love your word choice 🙂 After much debate, I chose focus … now I just have to find time to sit down and complete this month’s worksheets for Ali Edwards’ OLW project!

    • kwalshmac

      Thanks Christina! Focus is a really good word too, you can apply it to SO much. I think it’s important to find the few things in your life that deserve your focus and say “see ya later!” to those that don’t. Like you said in your resolutions post SIMPLIFY!

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