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Mr. Thomas and Me

Today I’m participating in Amber’s, from Mr. Thomas and Me, #SayYESproject! Every month women share something, big or small, that they decided to say YES to instead of NO. The results? New experiences, new perceptions, new lessons, and new adventures. Just think – how many times have you said no when you could have said yes?

In the scheme of all the times I could have said “yes” in my life, my December “yes” isn’t that big. But, I stretched myself.

No lie, December is always a PACKED month. Work is always busy with wrapping up loose ends before the end of the year, there are things to do around the house to get ready for Christmas, decorating, wrapping, baking, and cooking and there are countless family get togethers, Christmas parties, and friends visiting.

Stress can sneak in very easily. And, if you read my post yesterday, you know that I really need some “me time” to recharge and can’t be always going going going with all the social events.

But in the beginning of December I decided to say “YES”. I decided to not turn down any party or social even that fit into my calendar.

When invites to parties, dinners, or drinks came my way, I said “yes”.

Even when I felt like going home to take a nap or to curl up peacefully to watch a holiday movie, I said “Yes”. to going out rather than choosing to say home and to rest and recuperate with a favorite holiday movie.

My December was full of fun, holiday craft night, girls nights out, dinners with friends, a random afternoon movie, and a weekend in NYC. Every spare moment we had we tried to spend with our families – lingering a little longer and taking a random trip down to see Ryan’s family 1.5 hours away. Even when Ryan and I were at home together we planned special evenings with fun new activities at home, rather than just doing whatever (ie sit and watch Netflix).

I don’t have too many pictures because I was simply busy having fun!

Christmas get together



So now you ask, “What did you learn?” Well, by saying “Yes” to so many different things in December I came to the realization that I shared yesterday. I overbooked. I was exhausted and started feeling sick.
Yes, I had  A LOT of fun. It was great to connect with so many people through out one month. I truly believe that connection is what we are all searching for in this world.
But I was missing the connection I need with myself. January is slowing down and now I’m saying “yes” to taking care of myself too. Even if that means missing out on something fun.
Join the “#SayYesproject” on February 5. Share YOUR challenge and story!

    Girl, it wasn’t just December for us… It was November and now January too. And, if I’m honest, I’m stressed, annoyed, and sick of being social. Is that selfish of me? Regardless, it’s the truth… I don’t want to do another crazy weekend filled with family functions, parties, and too many calories to justify because I JUST WANT TO LAY IN BED WITH NO MAKE-UP. But, I will throw on my party boots (literally) and find joy in the celebrations, then spend the month of February hiding from my phone and computer. 🙂

    Sometimes it seems the best YES moments are for our own good. Moments that aren’t big or special, but are soothing to your self and your soul. Thanks for being such a dear friend.

  • What I have learned is to be intentional about who I say “yes” to. Also, the closet-introvert in me needs time to recover after I do social interactions. I’ve realized that I need recharging and restoring after being “on”.

    • kwalshmac

      You are spot on! we have to take care of ourselves first before we can start throwing yes around to others.