Spring Clothing Wish List

spring wish list abla

Today I woke to the sound of snow melting off my roof and birds chirping outside my window. Yes, birds chirping! A sign of life! A sign of Spring! I’ve never been more ready to throw my winter boots into the back of my closet and say goodbye to bulky sweaters. I want to care about how I look again.

Yes, you heard that right. This winter I kind of let things go. Why bother when you’re buried under layers? Shaved legs? Done up hair? An outfit that could be considered an “ensemble?” Ha!  Somedays it felt like the only thing that mattered was “which scarf to where?” as that was the only thing people saw.

I’m ready to do my hair, experiment with new make up and wear girly dresses.  Are you with me?

I’m a shopaholic. I buy things when I’m stressed or sad or need a pick me up. In order to avoid us going to bankruptcy I like to “imaginary” shop online. I pick one store at a time and I give myself a hypothetical budget and then see how many things I can put into my online shopping cart. You may call this “online window shopping”. It relieves the some of my shopaholic needs and gets me excited to break out my spring clothes.

Here are my top picks for Spring!

spring fashion clothing wish list abla

1. Wide Striped Pleated Dress (Loft)     |      2. Suede open flats (Old Navy)

 3. Floral Sequin Peplum Top (Banana Republic)     |      4. Embroidered silk top (Anthropologie)

5. Black and white with pink piping flare dress (Banana Republic)     |      6. Polka Dot Ankle Jeans (Express)

7. Laser cut lace dress (Antrhopologie)     |      8. Pleated Chiffon Maxi Dress (Nordstrom)

Loving soft, romantic, and whimsical looks like that Antrhopologie dress and shirt. Why is Anthroplogies always outside of my budget? Aren’t those red suede shoes adorable? I’m surprised they are from Old Navy- they’d look darling with the white and blue striped Loft dress.  Also blue everything!

What clothing items are you eyeing up for Spring?

xoxo Katie

  • Love that blue dress! And those flats!! I just bought a new pair of sandals from the LOFT and I cannot wait until it is warm enough to wear them!!

    • kwalshmac

      I so wish that blue dress was under $100!!

      Is there anything more fun than NEW shoes?! Bring it on, warm weather!

  • Cute dresses are so spring! I can’t wait to dress cute again. Wearing scarves and sweaters was fun for awhile, but I am so over it.

    • kwalshmac

      Yes, back in the fall I was so excited to wear boots and scarves!! (but then the snow and ice came and I didn’t want to ruin my nice boots, so I”m stuck with uggs and snow boots!).

      Come on Spring, we need to look cute again 🙂

  • I love that maxi dress! You’re making me want spring so badly!

    • kwalshmac

      It will be here soon enough!! It has to be! And that color looks so good on 98% of the population, love it and the pleats!

  • Such beautiful things!