Something Is Coming

beach north carolina abla

Something is coming.

Each night the sun decides to dance together a little longer. She arrives earlier in the morning, excited to spread her warmth over us. She knows we crave it so and she delights in our dance as we linger a little longer under her rays.

Something is coming.

katie jumping on the beach sunset

It feels like bare feet gracefully stepping on large blades of grass colored in the most luscious color of green. It feels like farm fresh air grazing between your outspread fingers as you sway your hand outside your window to your favorite song. It feels like your favorite Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream melting off the cone and down between your fingers. It feels like warm sand that you move around with your feet as you pour yourself into a new novel. It feels like you’ve just woken up from an afternoon nap and have an entire evening ahead of you. It fees like possibility.

reading a book on the beach abla

It smells like chlorinated pool water dripping of tan bodies laying on bright beach towels. It smells like burgers and hot dogs on your neighbors grill. It smells like fresh ocean air, opening your lungs and making your soul feel young. It smells like fresh rain on hot pavement. It smells like burning sparklers joyfully competing with fireflies to light up the night sky. It smells like suntan lotion that your brother has slapped half haphazardly on your back but you don’t mind, you have the whole day in the ocean ahead of you.

summer swimming in the poool

It tastes like juicy tomatoes freshly picked from the local farm. It tastes like salt water meeting your lips. It tastes like ice-cold cocktails giving you that day time buzz. It tastes like the purest and coldest water that you must gulp down after going for a long run. It tastes like bright red strawberries, juicy watermelon, and plump peaches that taste as good as candy.

margarita on the beach katie abla

It sounds like ice clinking in glasses brimmed with condensation. It sounds like gulls cawing over the crashing wave. It sounds like music blasting from car windows, decks, and lawns. It sounds like basketballs pounding, bat cracking, children shrieking, and skateboards rolling. It sounds like voices filling the warm night air as friends chat outside late into the night. It sounds like cicadas filling the night air, reminding us that even the dark can’t quiet the fun of the season.

Summer is coming. It really is. I couldn’t be more ready.

beach sunset puerto rico


  • What a cute post, it’s so creative and fun and I love it. And the picture of you is too funny. I can’t wait for summer for all your reasons too!

    • kwalshmac

      thank you – I needed to really visualize what summer is going to be like. Need it so so bad!

  • I can’t wait to drive around with the windows down while singing my favorite song!

    • kwalshmac

      YES! doesn’t summer just make you feel so ALIVE?!

  • Yes!! It is about 14 degrees here, so this is exactly what I needed to hear/read today!

    • kwalshmac

      good! I really had fun closing my eyes and just visualizing a perfect summer day. It’s coming – I promise! Maybe just less than two more months til we get some warmer sunshine.

  • I love this!! It’s the perfect ode to summer, I can totally visualize it even thought it seems so far away. I wish there wasn’t snow on the ground here. Only a few more months!

  • Beautiful pics!
    Nice to meet you, Katie 🙂
    May I invite you to visit me here…

  • I love this! It’s making me so ready for summer!