Happy in 102 Words

happy in 102 words

As I approach my 31st birthday on March 26 I find myself more and more reflective. I’ve grown tremendously during this past year and have never felt so comfortable in my own skin. I utter the word “happy” far more than I ever have.

I was inspired by Kym’s (from Travel Babbles) post in which she summed up happiness in 102 words. There’s a skill in conciseness, one that I am not typically strong at. I think happiness comes down to being content with who you are and where you are in the present moment while simplifying and broadening your perspective at the same time; a unity of opposites if you may.

We have the tendency to over complicate happiness. Sometimes, we see a smile and start to instantly pick it apart, looking for hidden meanings or intentions, and analyze it to death (what IS Mona Lisa smirking about?) when it is simply a smile; an outward expression of joy.

So with that said and in celebration of the art of brevity here is my current state of happiness summed up in 102 words:

It’s that magical time of year where I lie auspiciously between stability and the unknown, my mind split between contentment and anxiety yet waking up smiling nearly every day. March is the Christmas Eve of Spring. My heart is tender, warmed by puppy snuggles as I get lost in a book. Outside the rain falls and the wind blows reminding me that Spring is coming and with this new season comes a new tenure of highs and low. March marks a new year to my time in this world and my mind happily wonders to the unexpected gifts she may bring me.

Life is good. The unexpectedness makes it beautiful.

xoxo Katie


  • Pat (Mom)

    March is also a very happy month for me as I celebrate the birthdays of three special people in my life: my son, Eric, my daughter, Katie, and my son-in-law, Ryan. Every year at the end of March I remember the joys of becoming a parent and look forward to another year filled with family love.

    • kwalshmac

      March is full of lots of anticipation! Busy time of month for celebrations for us and our family, so much fun!

  • brittany rasmussen

    Love this friend! You are just such a sweet hearted friend

    • kwalshmac

      Thank you Brittany! I hope we can all un complicate things at certain times and just take a big breathe and realize, life is good!

  • Nice,Katie! I love your phrase, “March is the Christmas Eve of Spring.”

    • kwalshmac

      Thank you Faith!

  • This is so beautiful, Katie! I’m happy you’re happy.:) I love “March marks a new year to my time in this world and my mind happily wonders to the unexpected gifts she may bring me.” So beautifully written!:)

    xoxo Donna

    • kwalshmac

      Thank you, Donna!

  • This is so beautiful!