Being Critical is Exhausting, Cheers not Jeers

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We women can sure be mean to each other. Mean girls don’t die out after high school (and hey happy 10th Anniversary Mean Girls!). Don’t lie, we’ve all done it. The cocktail infused gossip fest that starts with one little dig and then escalates and escalates until it seems like you and your girlfriends are ruthless dictators cackling your heads off at the expense of another woman (sometimes even another friend! gasp!)  

Last week when I was driving home after such a gabfest I couldn’t help but think, what was the point of that? What part of that conversation lifted us up or made our hearts sing? Did we learn anything new about each other or ourselves? 

I tend to be a positive person, constantly reminding myself and other to “find the positive” and to “choose happiness”.  I know I annoy Ryan sometimes because I can hear him right now saying, “Sometimes I just want to be negative and be upset!” And that’s the problem, isn’t? Misery loves company. Negativity is like a fatal virus, it just takes one tiny comment for an outbreak to spread. Pretty soon we’re spewing out negative comments because that’s what everyone else is doing. Well, like The Lion King taught us, life is one big circle, and pretty soon that negativity is going to be coming right back to you. 

We need to stop tearing each other down and instead start lifting each other up. Sit back and think about all the time and energy you spend on hating on other women, whether you’re jealous, being critical, or simply tearing another woman down. Now, picture if you used all of that time and energy to lift up other women. Ladies, we hold the precious power to build a community of strong-minded and bold loving women. Yet, we’d rather isolate ourselves. 

Take yourself back to the last time someone gave you a positive compliment, comment, or gesture. Didn’t it just make your day? Pass it on!  We all want empowerment. Together, we need to build it. Together we can be resilient. Imagine what we could accomplish if we were all full of positive encouragement everyday. 

As bloggers we have the opportunity to build a community and to inspire with words. Last week I took part in Ashten and Amber’s Happy Hour Hangout and had the opportunity to meet a lovely group of women including the all around beautiful and inspiring Casey from Aslan’s Auspicious Albany Adventure does a weekly link up called Jeers not Cheers that asks bloggers to spread the love and encouragement by sharing their recent favorite bloggers and blog posts. Love it! 

Cheers not Jeers
Today I wanted to share with you some of the recent posts that I wanted to pass on to others because they either touched my heart, inspired me, or made me laugh. 

Emily from Ember Grey inspired us all to Just Do You. The blogging community can be a weird place, I find myself constantly doubting what I’m writing and sharing and if I should be doing it at all. Emily reminds us to follow your own heart and write for yourself, in the end your true self will shine through. 

Erika from All Things E is a beautiful writer that always seems to be living inside of my head! Last week she wrote, Love Thy Neighborhood about how loving where you live can have a huge effect on your happiness. I’m currently in the works of writing about how I fell in love with my current home city, even though I never could ever picture living here. Now it’s home. 

Marquis from Simply Clarke shared one of her favorite marriage lessons in 1 Question to Ask Your Husband Every Day. Her words reminded me that we need to pay more attention to the day-to-day interactions of our marriage, even if you are A+ communicators, small feelings or needs can easily fall through the cracks. Sometimes people need reminders that you are there for them, all the time. 

Sara from Life as a Hughes shared her post I’m Not A Fashionista or a Foodie, humorously writing about how she doesn’t necessarily fit the description of a typical blogger. This spoke to my heart as I believe there are zero rules to living life, except those your write for yourself. Life can so easily put us in boxes. Sara shared the fact that she’s just going to keep doing her thing and won’t try to fit into a trendy mold. 

Spread the love people! Please comment below and share any women that are inspiring you lately! 

xoxo Katie

  • Your posts have been so amazing lately, and YOU inspire me! I love everything about this. I used to be a real Negative Nancy and loved complaining, but one day I finally realized that we each choose our happiness and I have the power to be positive. Now, I try to focus on the good in the world rather than the bad, and it has made me such a happier person. Sure, I have moments where I hate everyone and everything, but having tools to turn that frown upside down is key.
    One other blogger that’s inspired me is Katie at Something Winnderful. Her Love it Forward series is super uplifting, and I’ve also been inspired by her free ways to pay it forward post.

    • kwalshmac

      You are so sweet!! I’m glad you’re loving all the inspiring posts – I love writing them. Sometimes it’s SO hard to break out of the negative circle – especially when everyone around you is doing it. But you couldn’t be more right – we have to choose happiness. It’s all a matter of perspective and attitude. I’ve been following the Love it Forward series, it’s very inspiring!

  • You’re words really hit the spot, Katie! I’m so proud of the kind, positive young woman you have become. You are able to share wisdom for all ages. I love your blog.

  • How sweet!!!!! (And I totally want in on this Bloggers Happy Hour!) Such a great post… great reminders to let all that you do be done in Love. 🙂 XO Thank you for the love today, Katie!!!

  • Yes! So wholeheartedly agree with this! I think women are the worst at it too and becomes a little pack mentality sometimes all going for it. And I know i’ve been apart of it. These days I try to just walk away but its still hard to ignore!

    Its amazing how much time is wasted though – bring the love I say!!!

    Love the lion king reference too! That was well done 🙂

  • Fantastic post. I had a friend that only talked to me when I had gossip or vice versa, I quickly realized that is not what I wanted. Id rather have people that truly care about me not just the dirt I had on someone else.

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