(free write) May Day! Celebrate!

Happy May! I’m celebrating with a little free write day. In other words, read my rambles and thoughts about life lately.



Today is the day we’ve been waiting for!

Ryan is headed off to school to take his last final examination of the semester. After today he’ll be off school for four whole months! He’ll still be going off to work every day, but will be home in the evenings and our weekends will be study free! This Spring semester has been one for the books. The stress levels in our house have been through the roof the past 2 months. There were days that I thought would never end, arguments started over grumpiness and tiredness, doubt, and loneliness. Marriage is beautiful as it allows you to share the weight on your shoulders with someone else. Yet, as I would help Ryan carry his stress I would catch myself thinking, how are we going to get through another day? I remember laying in bed in tears just staring at the calendar thinking May 1 seemed so far away.

And today we’ve made it! He only has one more year until graduation. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel. He’s been getting quite a few A +’s and I couldn’t be prouder. Time to celebrate!


May 1 always holds fond memories of celebrations for me. May Day memories include an annual celebration of running naked around the flag pole on my college campus green. Wait? You don’t celebrate that way?

Yes, it’s true. My tiny private Maryland liberal arts college, Washington College, had a May Day tradition which started in 1967 when an English professor took his students out on the green for class. They drank wine, ate strawberries and later, undressed and danced around the May pole. When I was a student in the early 2000’s the naked events died down from their heyday in the 60’s and 70’s. Yet, per tradition, every April 30 at midnight, hundreds of students would gather around the flag pole, disrobe and dance, play ultimate frisbee and other games. The following day you would still see quite a few naked, or half-naked, enthusiasts, playing music, porch drinking, or lying in the green. Students would come to class in robes and towels. It was a festive day! 

Here, Professor Lamond talks about the invention and popularity of May Day on campus. 

As my senior year approached and more and more people had digital cameras, the amount of naked partying decreased. Sadly, technology took over. Too many people were afraid of pictures being taken and placed on the internet. One example where the internet did ruin all of the organic fun! 

So every May Day I have to smile and think of youth and freedom and the best years of our lives, college. 

Speaking of celebrations earlier this week a group of girlfriends got together at my Mom’s house for our monthly cocktail party. Another stressor of the past month has been my Mom’s surgery. An April 4 she had serious foot surgery, leaving her incapable of putting any weight on her foot for 8 weeks.

Her spirits have been low, can you imagine being stuck in bed or in a chair in your house for the entire Spring? She hates having to rely on everyone to do everything for her, cleaning, laundry, grocery shopping, cooking, or simply pouring a glass of water. My Pop-Pop has been spending the days with her and I’ve been taking care of her after work and on the weekends.

On Tuesday, the girls did not disappoint. We did what we do best, gather when needed.


We decided to have a pajama party and dress in our sweats, like mom, and we stuffed our faces with the best food and drinks. We can always depend on each other for a good laugh, cry fest, or hug. 




We celebrate getting through the first month with one more month to go! We have our trip to Jamaica to look forward to!

What are you celebrating this May Day?

xoxo Katie







  • Happy May! You look absolutely gorgeous…I hope you have the loveliest weekend celebrating!

  • Whoo! Congrats to Ryan! How nice to have the stress finally off your shoulders, and more time for couple time now. Also, congrats to your dog for being totally adorable. 🙂

  • I bet hes glad I was so relieved when I graduated! May is the best month kids are getting out of school my oldest is turning 7 hopefully some teaching jobs will open up that I can apply too :))

  • Happy May!!!! So happy you two will have some time to breathe deeper together and enjoy the times ahead! Your girl night looked like SO much fun and how sweet of you to bring the party to her!

  • Pat (mom)

    Katie, I’m celebrating having you as my daughter this May. You have been so helpful and patient with me during this challenging time in my cast. I had a great time with our friends this week and I also am looking forward to Jamaica!

  • Well I have never heard of a May Day celebration like the one at your college haha Sad that it has come to an end, some things really did use to be easier before technology!!