Little Loves of Life

There is nothing like a long weekend spent with family and time outdoors to make you slow down and appreciate the small things.

Life is constantly a busy mess. It can often feel like nothing is going your way and you are always stumbling and trying to catch your breath. It’s clumsy, messy, and tiring. My trick is to remember that we are all in this crazy game together and that the good often out weighs the bad. 

 Isn’t is crazy how the tiny things, when all added up, are the things that make our lives worth living? Our tiny loves are the things that transform our life from a stumbling mess into a beautiful dance. They set the beat and encourage us to to the extra twirls and dramatic dips. 

Here are a few of my little loves from the weekend that make my life worth living, the little things that make my heart do a little dance. 

The smell of coconut pineapple Chapstick (the only kind I buy) 


Violets growing in the yard

The feel of opening a brand new never been read before book

The smell of sun screen

The proud look Maggie gives when she retrieves her play rope outside

Ice cream sandwiches made with chocolate chip cookies

Ice clinking in summer cocktails

Fresh clean sheets

Holding hands with Ryan in silence while sitting outside


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What little things made you happy this long weekend?

xoxo Katie



  • straws and chapstick… yes. both of these things definitely make my heart especially happy!

  • Fresh clean sheets are the BEST!

  • This is the happiest post! Made me smile 🙂 I have never tried pineapple chapstick but now I feel like that’s something I need to do!

  • The loveliest post! This made me so happy!

  • Long weekends are ideal to appreciate all of these things! I vote we have one once a month! Seriously though, when else can you just relax? Regular old weekends are always filled with catching up with errands. Also… where does one find coconut pineapple chapstick? Sounds amazing!

    • kwalshmac

      Okay, let’s start a petition, monthly 3 days weekends!! I’m lucky, I get another one this weekend for our anniversary trip 🙂 Also the Chapstick is just the regular Chapstick brand, only the kind that is in an orange and yellow tube that has extra SPF in it. I used it all the time at the beach as a kid so I think the smell just brings me happy memories.