Sweet, Sweet Summertime


What is it about summer that makes it possible to feel so free, so brave, and so uninhibited? How quickly we forget the frozen winter, the months spent curled up in layers upon layers where we sat cursing mother nature. Is it the sun? Does she make us drunk on heat and hope and on wearing the bare minimum of clothing? 

It lures us in with the promise of rest and relaxation. A time to renew yourself. In the winter we look at the weeks ahead spread out in front of us, days upon days of sipping cocktails on the porch while getting lost in good book. Of early morning and late nights that seem never-ending. Then, just like that it’s gone. 

Just like that. It’s July. Where did June go? 

Our summer has been overflowing. With fun, with trips, with disappointment, with weddings, with celebrations, and with low bank accounts. With wine, and books, and long walks and talks on Adirondacks. 


In June we celebrated our first anniversary and my parents 40th anniversary. We celebrated a bachelorette party and my dad’s birthday and Father’s day. Crabcakes, and wine, and cake, and champagne, and martinis, and cheese, and ice cream. 


We went to a wedding and danced in a field. I celebrated with good women friends with dinners and talks in the kitchen and long walks in the park. We played tourist in our own town and visited a new winery. We bawled our way through The Fault in Our Stars. We laughed our way through the second season of Orange is the New Black. I loss brain cells by getting addicted to the horrible I Wanna Marry Harry. But it made me laugh during a time when I just wanted to cry. So I said it was a win. 


This past weekend we cleaned and I crafted and designed for another wedding. We went to a local theatre production of Les Miserables. I think this was about my 5th time I’ve seen Les Mis on stage. I’m obsessed. This show was a huge part of my childhood. I’d listen to the cassette tape for hours. I’d sit at the piano and play and sing every song over and over. I have every single line memorized. In case you’re wondering, no this did not make me hugely popular.

I enjoyed this smaller production with Ryan and even more so because one of our friends was part of the ensemble. It rivaled Broadway productions in heart and soul. Afterwards we hit the town for a few drinks. Sunday, we sat for hours outside reading. This weekend I finished “The Paris Wife” and “We Were Liars”. Both amazing. Later we enjoyed dinner with my parents out our neighborhood bar and grill.


This summer has been beautiful. We enjoy lingering out on our deck for as long as possible. Talking about every little thing and making dreams for the future. We are filled with hope.  Above, the stars light the country sky, demanding attention. But, don’t they know that all that is worth celebrating is right down here on earth, right here, between the two of us? 


xoxo Katie

  • I love the way you describe the summer. New follower here, beautiful blog!

    • kwalshmac

      Welcome, Emily! Thank you, summer is simply the best. Now will it just slow down?

  • Katie! You are such a beautiful writer. This post is so poetic!

    • kwalshmac

      Oh thank you!! That’s so sweet, I love writing posts like this.

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