My Identity as a Blogger

I love this blog. I love the therapeutic effect of writing and I love connecting with all of you. I’ve made so many unexpected friendships out of blogging and have received support from women all over the country. That’s pretty special, right? It’s amazing to connect with other women about every day issues as well as the big stuff. 

I’m not an awesome blogger. I struggle with writing consistently. I struggle with keeping things current. I don’t have an amazing design. Some days I fall flat with my writing. Some days I write “easy” posts just to feel accomplished. Some days I feel like it’s all been said and I have nothing new to add. Other days I spend a few hours with a pen and paper crafting out ideas that never make it to a post while other times I finally get those ideas into a published post and get a less than desired response. It can be exhausting. No one warns you how exhausting blogging is. 

I try to be as open as I can be on this here blog. I share my heart openly over the internet, and that’s a pretty scary thing. I write from my soul and attempt to allow you to get a peek into my world. Transparency and vulnerability are goals I always aim for.

But let’s be honest, you don’t really “know” me. And that fact is something I often forget when writing blog posts. 

No matter how hard I try to share myself with you the true me will never be 100% transparent. This blog only reflects about 25% of my real self and my real world. That may seem pretty obvious. But it’s a good reminder that we are all much more complex than what a few stories and opinions shared online say about us. 

My blogging goes in ebbs and flows. There are weeks when I have so much to say and to share that the words can’t get out fast enough. Others I feel more content to keep to myself, occupying my time with other hobbies. While at other times my life is moving at 100 mph and I’m beyond overwhelmed with everything that is going on to come here and write.

Right now is one of those times when I simply don’t feel right sharing every detail about my life, and therefore I think this blog is suffering.  At this present moment I’ve written more drafts of posts that I’ll keep to myself than those that I will eventually hit “publish” on. My mind is so focussed on those topics that I’m not ready to share about yet, that It’s hard for me to think, let alone, write about anything else.  

All of this rambling is leading somewhere. I promise.

All these thoughts have made me ask, “What DO you know about me? What is my identity on the internet?”

I believe that what you know about me can be summed up in a few words: Bubbly and positive blogger. married to a law school student, wife who whines about the stress of law school schedule, loves to talk about sentimental and mushy topics, avid reader, dog mom to Maggie.

Is that how you perceive my blogger identity?  I’m more than honored to be viewed as a beacon of positivity and fun but there is so much more.

I never intend to design a specific image of myself.  I want to make that identity a little more well-rounded and a better representation of my true self. 

I want you to be part of this journey. Because blogging is about connection. Otherwise I would just write in my private journal. 

So help me broaden my identity as a blogger!

Let’s pretend it’s just you and me sitting over a glass of cheap wine in my living room. Maggie is curled up on my lap and looking at you with distrust. My kitchen sink is full of dirty dishes that I don’t have any plans on cleaning. I’m wearing my fleece sweatpants that are covered in Polar bears and a baggy t-shirt. I haven’t washed my hair for 3 days. I’m tired. I’m always tired these days. Do you get the picture? Life is far from pinterest perfect no matter what type of world bloggers try to paint. 

Are you here with me? 

I’m open to answering any of your questions. Pop some down below in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer them all as honestly as I can in another post! 

Ask away! 





  • Right there with you, in that I am generally positive, but I’m never going to be one of those people that pretends my life is pretty. Dishes on the counter, crap all over our dining room table, and there’s a dead plant right outside our screen door that I haven’t gotten around to composting yet.

    But! The wonderful thing I’ve found about blogging about the not-pretty is that it leads to conversations off the blog. Yeah, maybe blog lurkers never know anything about us other than what we’re posting, but the people who comment and e-mail and Tweet with us? I feel like those relationships grow deeper with each communication, even if they’re only sporadic conversations. Who says that to be friends we have to know every detail about each other’s lives? I know you’re sweet, smart and we have a lot in common, from what you’ve posted, but it’s okay to not want to share every single detail.

    • kwalshmac

      You are one of the reasons that makes blogging worthwhile! New friends, sharing ideas, and respecting your writing. And you’re right, not every detail is needed. Sometimes I take myself too seriously…a fault of mine…and I feel like I fail as a writer if I can’t express my life in a well rounded way. But writing about yourself can be so hard, so much more different than writing fiction. Especially when close friends and family are reading as well.

      I appreciate and respect your opinions and value our back and forth 🙂

  • I struggle with a lot of the same thoughts. I try to keep it real and be open, but at the same time, as bloggers we can never represent 100% of ourselves online for various reasons. Also, I would love to have a cheap glass of wine with you in your living room in jammies (and your puppy pouncing around). We would talk about the things “you’re not supposed to talk about” when it comes to blogging (aka the things we all want to know but can’t publish posts about, such as the best sponsors out there, how to find balance, how tiring it is to reply to all your comments and read other blogs, what to write when really you just want to scream and rant and cry), and lots of girl talk. Those are the things I wonder about the real people behind my favorite blogs. But really, I find ALL your posts delightful–the happy positive ones and the ones when you admit to fighting with your husband or ruining dinner or whatever “real” moments happen. I think you have a great thing going in this space.

    • kwalshmac

      It’s so comforting to hear that you struggle with a lot of the same feelings. There are so many judgemental thoughts being thrown out there that it’s hard to maintain that vulnerable front.
      Your support and friendship make blogging so much more fun and easy. Thank you, thank you, thank you! And I too would love to have you over for girl talk. I could sure use that right now! There would be so much to discuss!!!

  • I’m a new reader. I clicked over from The Florkens and I love that this is the first post of yours that I’ve read. So honest and true. Those are my favorite type of bloggers. I love that you’re not perfect and that you’re open about it. I can’t wait to “get to know you” better 🙂

    • kwalshmac

      Hi Megan! Thanks for clicking over! I’m glad you’re not looking for a perfect pretty little “escape” read. I love Pinterest perfect lives as much as anyone else but sometimes those expectations can lead to such emptiness. I believe that sometimes are biggest moments of grace can be found in our darkest hours. Cheers to being messy and complicated!