Hello 2015! Time to Relax!

Happy New Year, friends! We’re already a week into 2015 and it’s already zooming by. 

Our New Year’s celebration was pretty low key but very nice. As my Christmas gift, my boss treated us to a very nice and fancy dinner out on New Year’s Eve. We enjoyed delicious wine and seafood and had fun dressing up. At midnight we said cheers to the Near Year and made some resolutions. 

As I shared on Monday one of my New Years resolutions is to relax more. That may sound funny to you. How hard is it to relax? Do you really need to make a resolution to lounge around and sleep more? If you know anything about me, you know I’m a big worrier and suffer from anxiety. My constant state of worry often makes me lose out on moments of joy. Instead of basking in the moment and taking it all in, my mind is thinking about everything that could go wrong or trying to create a perfect plan so that everything falls into place how we want it.

No matter how many times I learn that I’m not in control of how the world turns, I can’t stop trying to take control or worry about the outcome.

That’s why I decided that my word of 2015 is going to be RELAX. 

2015 is a year of growth and change for Ryan and I. Ryan will be finishing up law school and will be graduating in May. He will be leaving his current job while studying for the bar. We will be moving to a new house in a new area. And then he will be starting his career at his new job in September. This is the time we’ve been waiting for and I want to experience it with joy, not anxiety. 

So in addition to lessening stress and finding the calm in those big moments of change I am also going to start incorporating peaceful and positive changes in my daily life. Like, practicing meditation, yoga, and sleeping more. As well as making priorities and sticking to them while also making sure I have time for myself and my needs. I want to feel centered and relaxed yet intent.  If that means blogging only once or twice a week, so be it! 

Through these changes I am committed to staying relaxing and adopting a “come what will” or “whatever will be” attitude. We are going to be fine, no matter what. Let’s make the ride an adventure, and an enjoyable one, while we are still on it!

What are you hoping to achieve in the New Year?


  • I’m attempting to meditate more this year too! I recommend the Headspace app – it gives you 10 free 10-minute guided sessions, and they have cute videos that tell you how to improve your practice. (I just bought a subscription since I liked it so much!)

    • kwalshmac

      I have tried Headspace and like it, had a few friends recommend it (I think you did too awhile back, so thanks!!) When I can remember, meditation does really work for me. I just have to make the time and space for it, all part of the resolution to learn to relax.

  • I love your word for the year! That’s certainly something I need to learn too.

    • kwalshmac

      Relax. It sounds so easy, but just last night, mere hours after I posted this post, I found myself overreacting and getting upset over something silly! I hope making it my word of the year will put the right amount of focus on it that I need!

  • I need to find a tribe of “my kind of peeps.” I have become very aware that “My Journey to a Fulfilled Life” takes me down roads where most others don’t travel. This has led to more disconnection in building friendships when a lot of females my age are focused on building family. Maybe I need to wave my freak flag and see who shows up!

    My word this year: empower

    • kwalshmac

      Go you!!! I’ve found that it’s hard to “break free” from those around you and follow your own path, especially as a women. We work well together and feed off each other’s energies. You keep doing you and I hope you get your self empowerment soon in this new year!! If you ever want to check in, I’m happy to listen 🙂

  • Relaxing is hard for me too. There is always “more” I can be doing in every area of my life. This year I am focusing on playing for love of the game and with as much heart and passion as I can when it comes to those things I am passionate about.

    • kwalshmac

      Oh yes, there is always more, and if there isn’t any in plain sight, I will MAKE more. More work, more worry, more thoughts…I’m learning that it’s mostly clutter in my mind. Moving it aside to relax is going to work wonders (I hope!)

      I love your focus! Playing with heart and passion is something we can all try harder at. If you don’t feel passionate about something I think it’s good to evaluate why it’s part of your life to begin with. Good goal!!

  • First off, I love your NYE dress! So cute! Relaxing more is a great goal, I don’t think people take the time to do it enough. One of my resolutions is similar – to not stress out about things out of my control. It’s harder than it sounds – I feel like I need to try yoga or something!

    • kwalshmac

      Thank you! It’s from Loft. I think my goal of relaxing would be SO much easier if more people did it more often in general. Awe yes, stressing about things that are not in our control…that’s a major part of my anxiety…and most of it is a waste! Good luck! I have mixed feelings with yoga, I like doing it but I’m so not flexible that I’m always worried that I look like a failure in classes haha!

  • Girl, you deserve to relax. It really helps recharge our batteries, and when we fit in “me” time, it makes us better at everything else in our lives. No apologies!

    • kwalshmac

      Thanks! I hope I can remember to make time everyday. Amen to the “no apologies!”. I need to take care of myself and stop worrying about pleasing everyone else.

  • love love love this! i also have issues with relaxing more and taking time for myself, i may steal this word for myself. 🙂

    • kwalshmac

      Glad you can commiserate!! It’s so important for us to take time out and to stop worrying, but the world we live in is not always built that way. I’m committing to making it a priority and I hope you can too. Check in if you need to!