Where I’ve Been (and why I haven’t been blogging)



Oh hi there. Sorry for being absent. I doubt you even noticed I’ve been quiet over here for some time. I meant to just take a few days off and then those few days turned into a couple of weeks. Ooops. 

So, where have I been? That’s the thing. No where. I’m doing my same old routine minus the blogging

. For the past few weeks the idea of blogging has gotten my kind of down. Blog is short for weblog, an online log of personal reflections, experiences, and thoughts. However, in the past few years, most blogs are shifting away from this original definition and turning into articles or advice pieces. There is competition to get more hits, expand your audience, and make a profit rather than simply sharing your story. Sometimes that fact discourages me from simply blogging about what I want to blog about. 

Lately I feel like everything is either “5 Tips to do this” or “10 Ways to Ensure this”. I share posts like these as well, but I feel disconnected when my entire feed is filled with posts like these where I learn nothing personal about the blogger writing them. In a world of over sharing, are we getting scared to share too much personal information? Are we too afraid to veer off on our own path? Afraid of losing readers and clicks? Are those aspects really more important than authenticity?

I like reading people’s stories and getting a glimpse into their life. The type of blogs that let me learn more about the human experience and how my little life fits into it. Simple and sometimes silly stories. For example over Super Bowl weekend when everyone was posting party snack recipes and game day fun, I could only think of this time back during Freshman year of college in 2002. While everyone else on my floor got together for beers and the big game I lied and said I had other plans. My “plans” were to hunker down in bed with a can of honey roasted peanuts and a Mary Kate and Ashley movie marathon on TV. I was equally content and lonely. 

That little story tells you a lot about myself. Much more than another “5 Tips to Beat the Winter Blues!” or “10 Way to Increase Blog Traffic!” posts. But that may just be me. I like people’s stories. The little things often are the big things.

So basically, what this rambling post comes down to is that I’m not done blogging, yet. I’m just done with a schedule or the pressure to post. I’m going to follow my own blogging path and share what I want, even if it’s not popular or Pintrest pinnable and even if it means this space remains empty for days at a time.  I want to share my story, however small and silly it may seem. I hope you’ll still be along for the ride!

What type of blogs do you like to read the most? Who are some of your favorite story tellers? What topics pique your interest? 




  • I’ve missed you, but I totally get what you’re saying! My favorite posts to read are personal ones too – I even skip over most of the “10 ways to do…” posts that you mentioned most of the time, and yet, like you, I feel like those are what the popular blogs are doing, so I need to do it too. Blogging is weird, haha. Glad you’re taking the pressure off and doing what makes you happy. I definitely look forward to reading your personal posts!

    • kwalshmac

      Thanks, it feels good to be missed 🙂 But really, I’m glad you agree and I’m not surprised that you skip over a lot of those posts. I mean they have their time and their place and they are great for outsiders who are googling things to stubble upon your blog, but I guess I’m discovering that that type of readership isn’t really what I’m after. Blogging is SO weird. 🙂

  • I also love stories, and hardly ever read list or advice posts unless it’s on books or written by someone whose blog I really really like. But I’m okay with my blog not fitting into the mold, and it sounds like you’re heading that way too. It’s supposed to be just for fun! My favorite blogs and posts are ones of real life, real adventures, real hardships. Real silliness. 🙂

    I’m glad you’re back!

    • kwalshmac

      I love reading your blog and stories! And you’re right, it’s supposed to be just for fun and I always want it to reflect REAL life. 🙂

  • Beautiful post Katie! I have recently found myself stuck in between sharing tips and tricks for improving ones health to sharing a non-sugar coated approach (basically, me allowing myself to be me). Oddly enough those posts are generating more buzz and attention.

    It’s as if we as a society are more comfortable sharing a selfie than our voices.

    • kwalshmac

      Thanks, Amanda. I think it’s always best to show your true self on a blog, it’s such a personal, relaxed, conversational website. But it seems that definition is changing lately. You have to just find what works best for you and your niche and follow your heart! I think your posts have a good mix!

  • Girlfriend, I am right there with you. While I love advice posts, sometimes I’m just nosey and want to know what is happening in everyone elses lives. I don’t have posts scheduled and planned out. Some days it just happens and like today, I have 5 posts scheduled but after this week it might be another two weeks before something comes to me. I have to remind myself that I started this blog so that I could remember things that we do in our day to day. If people don’t want to read that or follow along, that is their choice. I am still going to do my monthly updates of Caleb so that when I am old and I can remember. I can remember all the good times and the hard times. The times that get us from point A to point B in life. Stick around lady, I love your posts and even if they aren’t everyday, your loyal readers will always be there.

    • kwalshmac

      Oh Sara, it’s nice to hear your thoughts! I’m glad you are determined to continue doing what you set out to do, document your life for the future. I think the most important thing is to have a goal/plan and just go with it. Thanks for your support!

  • Since I followed your blog a little while back I’ve been excited to see where you were going to take. You were talking about a change in direction when I first came along and I didn’t want to miss that, so even though you’ve not really been around, it was absolutely worth the wait for me.

    I was having this talk inside my own head over the last week or so. I love story blogs! I love hearing about people’s lives and I realised that I’ve followed a few of those not so personable blogs and I had a bit of a clear out this evening. I want a blog that tells me a story, that lets me come into their life.

    I also hope that as a blogger this is always what I achieve too!

    I think you’ll do great things with this space. Not because they are popular, but because they make you happy!

    ~ K


    • kwalshmac

      Hi Kerri, I apologize for the my late reply. You don’t know how good it feels to hear you say you like what I’m doing with my little space here. I think the most important thing in blogging (and in life) is to discover what you like the most and go after it, no matter what. It can be hard to not go the popular route or be upset because barely anyone reading, but I have to remember why I’m doing this. Glad to have you on board!!!

  • I so totally get where you’re coming from, and I see the same trend in blogland – lots of “clickbait” titles and pinnable posts, but less substance. It definitely creates a pressure to keep up with the Joneses and do the same, and I hate that sometimes I cave into thinking I need to do what everyone else is, when in fact I would much rather read real, personal posts than those list things most of the time.
    As I’m planning a rebrand here soon, I’m really trying to keep in mind what I like as a reader and to take some pressure off myself – our blogs should be a fun release and way to connect, not a competition to get lots of hits and make money, or anything that becomes so much work it’s no longer fun.
    I do worry a little bit (OK fine, a lot), that shifting will affect my readers and numbers, but I have to do what’s best for me, which means posting whenever I want, have time for and have something to share, and speaking from the heart. I’ve debated many times if instead of rebranding I should just step away entirely, because this blog takes up soo much time, but I’m just not ready for that yet. Instead I look forward to getting back to the basics and why I started in the first place, much like what you’re talking about.
    Cheers to that!

    • kwalshmac

      Amanda, It’s so hard to not want to follow trends. Blogging is like anything else in life, you have to figure out what style works best for you and roll with it. Other people will notice and get on board. I couldn’t agree more with the “competition” aspect. I love connecting with other bloggers and like doing the occasional link up or whatever. That’s all fun and fine. But I felt like I was losing my voice and why I was doing this. Taking the pressure off and stepping back has been amazing. No matter what route you take, I’ll be here reading 🙂

  • I just read the good news so I have an idea of where else you’ve been 😉 (CONGRATS BTW) but I also wanted to add that when I feel like I can’t or shouldn’t talk about something, it makes it hard to write about anything at all.

    Personally I like to read it all. If I hear a good voice in my head, I want to know more about them even if it’s something little revealed in a random post.

    • kwalshmac

      Thank you! it was so so so hard to think about let alone write about anything else. Not to mention I was sick in bed for most of the first month. And I feel the same way, if I find a blogger I like, I enjoy even their most random post, it’s just like talking to an old friend.