First Trimester Recap

Hello friends, thanks for all your support since announcing our news and sharing our trying to conceive troubles. I love that I have this space to document my pregnancy and share baby news. 

Over the years I’ve loved reading other women’s bumpdates and to hear all about their pregnancies and life with babies. So, I’m so excited to start doing my own personal weekly pregnancy updates. I know these baby posts won’t be for everyone though, but I hope to do a weekly or bi-weekly “bumpdate” for my own pleasure and to document for my baby and the future.

If babies and pregnancies aren’t your thing, I’ll still be posting about regular stuff as well, but I can’t escape the fact that I have a tiny human growing inside of me now. Please excuse me as I play catch up from the past two months.

I’m so happy to have moved past the terribly silent, sick, and overall miserable first trimester. As I’m entering my 13th week I decided to do an entire first trimester recap.



OMG I’M PREGNANT! 15 pregnancy tests and one blood test later and I still can’t believe it. We found out SUPER early at 3 weeks and 3 days. I lived this week in constant fear of a chemical pregnancy. Everything else feels normal. I’m just swimming in complete shock and anxiety over losing the baby.  It’s hard to let myself be happy about it yet. It doesn’t feel real.



Hello bloat. I know I’m not showing but I’m still clutching my protruding gassy bloated belly as if it’s  something special. In fact baby is only the size of a tomato seed. Tired. So tired. Plus all of the anxiety I have ever felt. Googling miscarriage facts and symptoms and risks and chances every day. Still living in constant terror.



Scary week.

At the end of week four I started experiencing sharp pain in my lower right pelvic area. I just knew something wasn’t right. A waited two days before calling my doctor but when I did the nurse told me to come in ASAP.

Cue heart attack.

They were concerned that I was having an ectopic pregnancy (when the egg implants in your tubes instead of your uterus, resulting in major pain, surgery, and possible loss of a tube and of course the baby). After a lot of anxiety and a stat ultrasound it was discovered my egg was where it was supposed to be and I just had (have) a corpus luteum cyst on my right ovary causing all of that pain. Phew.

This was on a Thursday. We were supposed to leave for our mountain trip getaway on that Saturday and my doctor said that I should stick around town and not travel, just to be safe. I was so anxious, if everything was okay, why couldn’t I travel? What weren’t they telling me? After getting follow-up bloodwork the next day, I was cleared for travel. Phew.

We had a great time on our trip, even though I started experiencing my first feelings of morning sickness. And even though the scare was…well….scary, it was nice to be able to see the first picture of our baby so soon and to have a lot of follow-up bloodwork to check my levels. 



So sick in this picture.

Hello morning sickness. You have defeated me. I’m nauseous 24/7. I’ve started vomiting about twice a day. No appetite. No food appeals to me and I barely want to drink water. I just want to stay in bed.

We also got another early ultrasound to see Baby Mac again. This time we see a fluttering heartbeat! 


Too sick for a picture.

Morning sickness continues. I can’t eat anything. I’m vomiting about 4-5 times a day. Misery. Missing work or working from home. I try to force myself to eat some bread, peanut butter, and cheese for protein. It rarely stays down. I’ve lost 8 pounds. I’m never going to make it out. I’m going to die on my bathroom floor. 

I decide to call my doctor because I’m worried a trip to the ER for dehydration will be my next step. She prescribes me Dicligis and it saves my life. The vomiting continues but the meds help immensely.



I’m taking 4 dicligis pills a day. Lifesaver. The vomiting is now down again to 1 or 2 times a day. I’m eating more food and back at work. I survive on cheese, bread, peanut butter, french fries, and rice cakes.

I’m rocking a gray complexion and feeling nauseous 24/7 but I’m doing MUCH better than the best two weeks. My friend Laura comes to visit and I credit her 100% for curing me. We go out for Mexican food and I clear my plate. 



I’m almost eating like a normal person again! Here I am on V-day getting ready to enjoy a favorite food, crabcakes!

My appetite is back except for veggies, salad, and a few other things. I’m still not showing, but very bloated. Also starting to gain back some of the weight I lost. The nausea is still always there in the background but I can manage it. Mostly I just need to nap and rest a lot. Even though I’m starting to feel better it’s so hard to focus on anything but feeling sick. 

 WEEK 10

We have our first official doctor appointment and this time we get to hear the heartbeat. I cried. The doctor says that everything looks great and that I’m in the clear! Happiness news ever!!!

 WEEK 11


We share the news on social media and the blog and the pregnancy somehow feels more real. I’m finally allowing myself to truly celebrate and to start planning for the future.

I start researching strollers and car seats like crazy and pinning away on Pinterest and dreaming of what this little baby will be like.

My mom and I go maternity clothes shopping and I buy a dress to wear to Ryan’s graduation as well as some comfy clothes. Body is slightly changing, mostly my growing boobs. 

 WEEK 12


Hello last week of the first trimester. My energy levels are a little up, although I’m still feeling a little zombie like (also a side effect of the dicligis I’m taking religiously). I’m also experiencing some major lower back pains and am loving sleeping with my snoogle. 

I’m not technically showing yet, but I have gained some weight and am rocking a little beer belly…I wish for it to turn hard and resemble a baby bump so I don’t just look fat. Overall I don’t feel that beautiful “glow” you hear about. I don’t believe it exists. There is nothing about me that is glowing, other than my heart.

I tried to cut back on my nausea medication but I got sick immediately, so I’m back on it. I feel gross all over, but hoping for more energy and less sickness as I enter the second trimester. But all is good and I’m so thankful for my healthy baby. 




  • This is so cute!! I just started week 21 this week and the doc said these are the best two months you’ll have in pregnancy! And he wasn’t kidding! So much energy and zero nausea!! So hang in there!! You look adorable!

    • kwalshmac

      Congrats on your 21 weeks! Is time flying for you now?? I can’t wait for more energy and zero nausea, hopefully any day now, but also trying to embrace this time too.

  • You ARE glowing!! I’m sorry you experience such a rough first trimester, but it’s definitely all worth it!

    • kwalshmac

      You are too sweet because I feel the opposite of glowing haha! I finally got my roots touched up this week and feel 10 times better. And I know it will be worth it, not complaining persay, more just speaking the truth 🙂 Thanks for your support.

  • Bring on the updates! I love reading them..I’m so happy for you!

    • kwalshmac

      Yay! Glad I’m not the only one who loves to read bump updates 🙂

  • At twenty weeks I am finally down to one Dicligis a day. Some people have been weird about me taking pills to help me, but I tell them I am not trying to be a hero and it is truly up to the person. I just knew it was time for some medical intervention when I vomited at a Target. You look so happy and seeing as I am a look into 7ish weeks into your future, I can tell you it is so fun. After the sickness passes it is like this overwhelming joy. I seriously could cry from happiness like all day everyday. I am so excited to watch your journey unfold!

    • kwalshmac

      Awe Casey, that is so sweet to hear! I’ve had following along with your pregnancy on insta and your blog, it’s good to hear that you have been taking Dicligis too. I know I would have been in the hospital with out it. Some people can be so judgmental when it comes to anything baby related, just gotta chose to ignore it. I feel better this week and have tried to cut back on the pills again, so hopefully a full recovery from nausea is around the corner. I’m overjoyed, for sure 🙂

  • 15 pregnancy tests? Dang, girl, haha. I really enjoyed this recap and hearing how the first trimester went for you. I’m glad baby is alright, but are you with that cyst? I sure hope so! And I totally look forward to hearing more along this journey. 🙂

    • kwalshmac

      I know…15 tests…I’m insane haha! I just needed constant confirmation, that yes, it finally happened!!! I’m okay with the cyst, they are pretty common and will hopefully dissipate on it’s own soon. I’m in moderate pain with it at times but it’s nothing I can’t live with for the baby! And thank you!

  • Love this update and can’t wait for more! I think it is definitely such a huge part of your life that it would be almost impossible not to talk about it on the blog…if anything, perhaps it would just be weird if you ignored it! congratulations again and hope you continue to feel better & better, can’t wait for more updates!

    • kwalshmac

      Thank you! It’s all that is on my mind 24/7 as you can imagine. I’m feeling a little bit better this week and I’m sure it will keep getting better. It’s all worth it though.

  • Hope you start feeling super better soon, and that you have plenty of time to rest! That much nausea just sounds horrible and exhausting.

    • kwalshmac

      Luckily the nausea and getting less and less and the meds are a lifesaver! It was terrible and the longest winter ever. But spring will come soon and everything is “blossoming”

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