Bumpdate Weeks 18-19


How far along: 19 weeks (this post is recapping week 18 as well because I was busy (lazy)

Due Date: September 17

Gender: A BABY BOY!

Baby Size: At our 18 week scan, our baby boy was measuring about a week ahead of schedule and weighed about 9 ounces. He is now about the size of a mango. 

Weight gain: Up 9 pounds….

Maternity clothes: Pretty much all the time. 

Movement: Most women start to feel baby kicks and movement by now. However, my doctor informed me I have an anterior placenta (meaning the placenta is on top of the baby) This provides an extra layer of padding between me and the baby, making it hard to feel any movement. I should still feel him eventually, but just later than normal.

Best moment these two weeks: SO MANY! First, finding out we’re having a sweet baby boy. Then having all my friends together and appreciating their support. I’ve been doing a ton of shopping since knowing it is a boy. My mom and I had a blast picking out sweet clothes and the glider, we really need to start pacing ourselves. And finally, Ryan put together the crib this weekend and we can’t contain ourselves from going into the baby’s room and gushing at this new addition. Everything is coming together!

Looking forward to: Warmer weather. April was cruel this past week and treated us to temps in the 30’s and 40’s again. Also feeling better. I’ve had a cold for the past week. 

Food cravings: Fruit and Sour Cream and Onion Chips. Ice cold water and raspberry iced tea.  (balanced diet, right?!)

What I miss: Working out. I’ve been going to see a chiropractor about twice a week for my hip pain, and she has helped me incredibly but has also told me to withstand from jogging or fast walking for the time being. Basically my hips are pushing up into my tailbone and pinching nerves and muscles.

Working out is my stress reliever and I also want to stay as fit as possible during this pregnancy (minus those sour cream and onion chips above….). I walked a little this weekend and could only handle 20 minutes without some pain. I hope it improves but my negative side thinks it will only get worse.

Have any of you experienced hip pain so bad during pregnancy that you had to withstand from normal activities? Any advice?

Mood: Happy!

Symptoms: Hungry most of the time, stuffy nose and sore throat and body aches, hip pain. 

Sleep: Getting so much better since seeing the chiro. 

Nursery: Moving along! I’ve purged a lot of clothes, furniture and other random items from our spare room. We got the crib set up and I have the sweetest bedding and the crib mattress on the way. Hoping to get most of it situated before our busy summer starts. We also have most of our baby registry done. Phew! That was a task! I think I did more research for baby items than I did for some college papers. 

Loving: Bonding with our little boy. And I’m not going to lie, shopping for him. 

Previous Weeks:           

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xoxo Katie

Baby Mac is a….


On Saturday, our parent’s threw us a little get together with friends and family to reveal the sex of Baby Mac. It was a lot of fun to have our families together and to see some of my close girlfriends.

This adorable cake, ordered from Oregon Dairy, is filled with either pink or blue layered icing. (if you follow me on instagram then you already know the results! )

We lucked out with the most beautiful day! 


Ryan and I had our anatomy scan on Friday. The sex of the baby was noted but only my Mom found out. For the next 32 hours she kept it a secret and I avoided her at all costs.

Ryan and I kept busy with continuing to clean out the spare room for the nursery and we also bought the crib on Saturday! (Thanks to my in-laws!)

Meanwhile my mom kept busy organizing the party, she had so much fun and it showed! Everything was so cute. Thanks Mom! 



The anticipation of not knowing was getting so hard for Ryan and I. But after seeing the image of Baby Mac squirming around during our ultrasound we both made guesses and were 90% SURE that we were going to be right. Maybe I believe in mother’s intuition after all?

Either way, everyone placed their guesses and we had fun with these cute lipstick and mustache sticks my friend Kay made for us. 


Ok! Finally ready to cut the cake! And Baby Mac is a………






Ryan and I were right! Isn’t weird how when we looked at the little guy during the ultrasound we just had a gut feeling we were looking at our SON? Wow! We’re going to have a little boy! This makes everything feel so much more real.

You bet we went out on Sunday and purchased a few adorable little baby boy clothes as well as started dreaming up the nursery. We are so excited and can’t wait to meet our little boy. 

xoxo Katie

Boy or Girl?


This morning we had our anatomy ultrasound. What an amazing experience. I cried as soon as Baby Mac appeared on screen. I could look at our little baby on that screen all day. It took over an hour and we saw every little nook and crannie of the baby.

The sex of Baby Mac was shared with my mom. And only my mom. Ryan and I will learn what our future holds, a little Miss or a little Mr. tomorrow night. Why do we torture ourselves so? Because I love the anticipation and build up! (but not enough to not know until birth) 

When you get pregnant, the first question many people ask you is, “What do you think you are having?”

And the old cliche is 100% true. I only want a healthy baby. After waiting for so long for this child, I just want a baby that has no health problems and is happy to be loved. 

But it’s also true that at times parents to be picture something a little more specific. 

In the very beginning I thought boy. But the further my pregnancy progressed the more and more I kept envisioning a baby girl. Ryan thinks it’s a girl and, well, Maggie thinks it’s a poodle. 

I don’t know if I believe in a mother’s intuition in predicting the gender, I just think that since I was a little girl I’ve always envisioned having a baby girl. After years of playing with dolls and make believe, it’s the way my brain has been conditioned.

All my dolls were girls. All my imaginary children when playing house were girls. I always pictured them as little miniature versions of myself. Quiet, observant, perceptive little girls that loved to learn, imagine, and live in their own worlds. I pictured ruffles, bows, and darling dresses. I pictured Barbie, stuffed animals, and baby dolls galore. I imagined dress up and tea parties and becoming her best friend, like I am with my own mom.  

So with all that said, I think my “intuition” that Baby Mac is a girl is only my brain’s conditioned way of saying “this is what I always thought.”

I know that most of my description of a girl can be same qualities little boys inhabit. I know I’m stereotyping, but this was an imagined mother child relationship that started when I was old enough to imagine such a thing. 

It’s cliché, but in reality I know that I will be head over heels no matter the sex of the baby. I’m already so much in love with this child that I can’t imagine my heart getting any more full.

I cry almost every day picturing what our future life with Baby Mac will look like. The tears are heavy and full. The sex doesn’t change those overwhelming feelings of joy. That joy is about sharing a world with a brand new little person. About teaching them about love, hope, and adventure.

A little girl will be fun and precious and remind me of my own childhood. But a little boy will be an adventure, a way to explore parts of myself that maybe have been quiet since I was too young to think “stop jumping in mud puddles you should act like a girl!”A little boy would be a way to learn new things about myself and men. A chance to raise a good man.

We have three names picked out for each sex and have loved looking at various boy and girl nursery themes and clothes. I believe that after tomorrow the rest of my pregnancy will fly by with all of the preparations we’ve been putting off until the sex was revealed. 

I’m going through so many emotions right now and can’t wait to see what our future is going to look like.

To keep it fun, I’ve had a few laughs by trying to predict the gender by what old wives’ tales say. Most of them are so over the top silly! 

boy or girl

 Have any of these predictions been right for you? Did you predict the sex of your baby?

xoxo Katie

Judgment and Pregnancy


Photo credit: Kit4na / Foter / CC BY

Judgement and pregnancy. Sadly these two things go hand in hand.

Most people are parents at some point in their life. So it’s an obvious fact that everyone has their own opinion on pregnancy and parenthood. 

This has probably always been the case, but the advent of social media has taken these opinions to the next level. Online, these opinions become judgments rather than people sharing their experiences.

These days a woman can’t open her browser without some article or status on social media condemning an element of pregnancy or motherhood. Before, mothers-to-be would be surrounded by supportive family and close friends, not shrouded by a dark cloud of anxiety of people and articles constantly telling them what to do and not to do. 

While you are still basking in the emotional high of your pregnancy, people, sometimes even complete strangers, start to bombard you with their list of rules, judgements, and opinions of everything related to your pregnancy.

“Well, I only gained 20 pounds my entire pregnancy!”

“Are you sure you should be drinking/eating that?”

“You’re taking medication for your nausea? I sure didn’t! That’s bad for the baby.”

“You’re going back to work that soon after giving birth?”

“Working out like that isn’t safe.”

“You’re breastfeeding, right?”

I’m most likely being judged for publishing this post!

Once you become pregnant and your body seemingly doesn’t belong to you anymore,  people feel the right to judge you for just about everything. 

While I am usually good at tuning out the negativity and taking the countless opinions with a grain of salt, I can’t help but feel a growing sense of anxiety. (As if the normal first time mom anxiety isn’t enough!)

Where is this negativity toward pregnant women and mothers coming from? I can’t help but think that all this negativity is rooted in society’s general nonacceptance of and anxiety over women’s bodies and sexuality. The endless criticism women receive regarding the way they dress, their sexual lifestyle, and self confidence leads to the idea that women never own the right to their own bodies.

We continue to sexualize the female body but also demand that women be modest. No one wins. 

This problem only intensifies during pregnancy and motherhood. Pregnant women receive immense attention (both negative and positive) from most anyone. They can’t walk down the street without a stranger wanting to touch their belly, demand their due date, sex of child, name of child, and social security number.

Yet when women decide to celebrate their own pregnancies they are labeled as “smug” or “narcissistic”. 

People love telling you their opinion of baby products, sleep training, breast feeding, baby wearing, and prenatal care. However, when you start discussing your own desires it suddenly becomes too much. 

I find myself being self conscious, not wanting to bore people with baby talk. But am I supposed to shut my mouth for the rest of my life? Silence my own thoughts? Because, yes, while it may not be the number one priority to you, my baby will be my number one priority for the rest of my life. Isn’t silencing women’s voices and not celebrating their autonomy the precise thing we have been trying to move away from?

Most recently I found myself starting a sentence using, “Well, don’t judge me but…”

This was in relation to the small gender reveal party we are having this Saturday. 

Just type in “gender reveal party” in Google and you’ll be hit with a litany of articles complaining about how crass, narcissistic, and unnecessary such parties are. Why all the negativity over a simple party? Why not keep your opinions to yourself? If you don’t want to attend a party celebrating a baby, whether it be a shower, gender reveal, or a sip and see, just don’t go.

On Friday, I have my anatomy ultrasound. The sex of our baby will be revealed, but only my mom will know. On Saturday night our families and a couple of my best girlfriends are gathering together for a night of food, drinks, and cake. The sex will be revealed by the color of the icing inside of the cake. 

I am beyond excited to find out the sex of our baby. I’m not going to hide this excitement! I think it’s fun and only invited those that I know care and will be part of my baby’s future. But you don’t want to know how much I debated whether or not I should have this gathering due to the judgement I know surrounds such events.

Of course no one but you and your family and close friends care as much about your pregnancy and your baby. I get that. But if people don’t care, why all the judgement surrounding your choices?

Maybe part of the preparation of becoming a mother is learning to let go of all the surrounding judgements; to teach you how to live in a world full of critics and still raise your child as an independent self who can be proud of their  confident mother. 

People are always going to have opinions on pregnancy and motherhood.

Decide which ones you trust and want to listen to but always remember your opinion is the most important. If I want your opinion I will ask for it, and believe me, I’ve done plenty of asking in the past few months.

Otherwise I think that most pregnant women and mothers want to share and have a sense of solidarity with others. 

Pregnancy is hard. Motherhood is extremely hard. All women know this. Why can’t we support each other? Why must there be this smug competition between women?

 I’m going to continue to follow my intuition and stay off Google. (or try my best…) But most importantly I’m going to celebrate and love my pregnancy and child with my full heart. 

Bumpdate: 17 Weeks


How far along: 17 weeks

Due Date: September 17

Gender: We find out on Saturday!!! Can’t wait. If you haven’t already voted, what’s your guess?

Is Baby Mac a Boy or a Girl?

  • Girl (64%, 16 Votes)
  • Boy (36%, 9 Votes)

Total Voters: 25

Loading ... Loading ...

Baby Size: A white onion. Baby Mac weighs around 5 ounces and is 5 inches long. The skeleton is forming and the baby is still moving up a storm inside it’s home. Doing flips and somersaults, even though I’ve yet to feel it. 

Weight gain: A big jump this week! Up to 6 pounds. 

Maternity clothes: Yep. 

Best moment this week: Feeling energetic enough to tailgate and attend a Phillies game! However I’m still so tired most of the time. Where is this elusive energy that is supposed to come with the second trimester?

Looking forward to: Finding out the sex of course! It’s all I can think about!

Food cravings: Fruit, Pizza, Pirate’s Booty!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Feeling pretty good! However, there are a few things I cannot STAND to smell, simply because I associate them from when I was really sick. Like fireplace smoke (just makes me think of being sick in our cabin rental in January) and a certain face moisturizer. Weird, right?!

Mood: Feeling happy but still anxious. We’ve been working hard on de-cluttering and simplifying for baby, but I just feel like there is so much to do. 

Symptoms: Pelvic girdle pain. It’s so terrible that I now can’t walk without a limp. I’m seeing a chiropractor tomorrow. 

Loving: The anticipation leading up to finding out the sex on Saturday!

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Top Ten Movies From My Childhood

I think preparing to be a mom is making me nostalgic for my childhood. No, I take that back, I’m always in a mood for a walk down memory lane. 

I was thinking back on my favorite movies from my childhood.The ones I watched over and over. The ones that if they happened to air during a free preview weekend of HBO we were sure to record them on our trusty VCR. Remember recording onto a VCR? You could fit one or two movies on a tape, it was just unfortunate when you wanted to watch the second movie on the tape and you had to slowly fast forward through the first one.

These are the ones that were always pulled out on sick days or rain or snow days. The ones I still have memorized. 

Oh the late eighties and early nineties, what a charming time for cinema. More heart and less cgi and action. 

It was hard to choose so I limited myself to movies from my first decade from 1983-1993. 

Did you love any of these same movies? 

1. Curly Sue


 A homeless man and young girl con a rich lawyer. She provides them with lodging and food and eventually a whole lot more. Hubba hubba!

2.  Ladybugs


In order to impress his boss and get a promotion, Rodney Dangerfield signs up to coach a girls’ soccer team. However, the team is terrible, so he recruits soccer star Jonathon Brandis to cross dress as a girl in order to help the girls’ team win. Hilarious.

3. Troop Beverly Hills 


Shopaholic Shelly Long decides to become her daughter’s “Den Mother” in order to show her husband she still has heart and spirit that exists outside of Rodeo Drive. From designing new uniforms, new assignments and badges, and only a desire to show the girls how to survive in the “wilds” of Beverly Hills, Long looks like she’s going to fail. But her heart, passion, and support of a lively group of girls makes her turn a new direction. We used to watch this all the time during Girl Scouts. Our troops version of camping was staying at a condo at the beach in Rehobeth. 

4. The Cutting Edge


Kate is a rich, spoiled Olympic ice skater. Doug is an arrogant Olympic ice hokey player. When both Kate and Doug fail at the 1988 Olympics, Kate’s coach sets the two up as an ice skating pair for the 1990 Olympics. Kate’s prima dona attitude and Doug’s oafish demeanor clash. But their determination to win pushes them to try their hardest. And of course they fall in love. 

5. Annie



Charming and spunky Annie, who never gives up hope of finding her parents, wins over the heart of grumpy ole Oliver Warbucks. Winning herself a loving family while also saving the country from the Great Depression! (by inspiring Roosevelt’s New Deal of course!) I know every single word to every single song. 

6. Adventures in Babysitting


After her boyfriend cancels their date, Chris (Elizabeth Shue) is forced to babysit 10-year old Sara. A quite night at home turns into a wild escapade in Chicago. Chris, accompanied by Sara, Sara’s brother, and his friend, goes to pick up a friend. However a flat tire derails them and they are set off on a night of odd character, hijinks, and adventure. 

7. The Adventures of Milo and Otis


A simple story about a curious cat and a loyal dog who are the best of friends. There is no dialogue, only music and a narrator. Milo, the curious orange cat experiences every type of wilderness adventure and trauma you can imagine. Otis, the pug, chases after him, always an hour or two behind. Finally the two meet up, find mates, and raise their families together. (oy that birthing scene!)

8. My Girl


 11-year-old Vada is coming to age in the seventies. A daughter of a funeral home director and still reeling from the death of her mother (who died during Vada’s death), Vada is struggling with complex emotions. Her best and only friend is Thomas Moore and they explore the pre teen years together. I’ve shed so many tears over this movie! “Where are his glasses? He can’t see without his glasses!”

9. Big


12-year-old Josh wishes to be “big”. The next morning the kid wakes up in the body of 30-year-old Tom Hanks. He heads off to NYC and works for a toy company. His child-like imagination scores him a promotion and a love interest. But soon, Josh sees life as an adult isn’t all it’s hyped up to be. 

10. The Witches


 Based on the book by Roald Dahl, The Witches tells the story of Luke, who happens upon a meeting of England’s witches while vacationing with his Grandma. The evil witches, led by Angelica Houston, plan to turn all children into mice by feeding them poisonous chocolate. Luke soon falls prey to their magic and now he, as a mouse must fight back against the cruel (and so scary and ugly for a child) witches!

What were some of your favorite movies from this time period?

xoxo Katie

Bumpdate: 16 Weeks


Dress from PinkBlush Maternity

How far along: 16 weeks

Due Date: September 17

Gender: Only 11 more days until we find out! I go back and forth between thinking it’s a boy or a girl.  Share your guess below! 

Is Baby Mac a Boy or a Girl?

  • Girl (64%, 16 Votes)
  • Boy (36%, 9 Votes)

Total Voters: 25

Loading ... Loading ...

Baby Size: An avocado. 4.5 inches long and 3.5 ounces. Baby Mac is looking more and more human and less alien these days. The eyes and ears are moving into their final positions, the head is more erect, and major growth spurts are going on. The baby’s heart is pumping more and more blood and has tiny toenails.

Weight gain: 4 pounds and a whole lot of bloat. 

Maternity clothes: Purchased a few other fun spring dresses. It’s SO hard finding cute maternity wear. So far I’ve been having the most luck at Gap and PinkBlush. Oh and I also scored my diaper bag this week, Kate Spade clearance. 

Best moment this week: We made a big decision this past week. We are staying at our current rental until after baby is born. This has been a HUGE stress for us, deciding what to do and whether or not to pay the penalty to move out early. But now the decision has been made and it’s a huge weight off my shoulders. So, we began to clean out our spare bedroom, getting it ready for baby!

Looking forward to: Finding out the sex in two weeks! Feeling baby Mac move. 

Food cravings: All the Easter treats.  Chips and Cheese. Smoothies. Fruit. 

Anything making you queasy or sick: Feeling so much better these days! I’m down to one pill a day for my nausea. 

Mood: Started to feel a little overwhelmed this week. So much change and so much to do. I begin to have mini panic attacks that I won’t be a good mom, or I’ll be a lazy mom, or won’t be ready. I’d like to blame this on the hormones but also believe this is a normal stage for all new moms.

Symptoms: Pelvic girdle pain. Trouble sleeping because of said pain. 

Loving: Dreaming up the nursery, and counting down til we know if we’re having a little mr. or miss! 

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