Bumpdate: 22 Weeks


 How far along: 22 Weeks. 

Due Date: September 17

Gender: Boy!

Baby Size: Baby boy is the size of a papaya (yum!) He weighs about 1 pound and his lips, eye lids, and eyebrows are becoming more distinct.

Weight gain: 13 pounds

Maternity clothes: Trying to fully embrace the bump and my new set of boobs! Holy cow! I’m not up full two cup sizes.

Movement: Still feeling very subtle movements, but more often. I’m noticing patterns too. He is most active around 10 am and in the early evening. 

Best moment of the week: Seeing college friend in Philly – trying to fit in all the long distance friend time I can before everything changes. 

Looking forward to: Ryan’s graduation this week and subsequent party! Ready to celebrate what we have been waiting for and building for the baby.

Food cravings: Chocolate, cheese filled soft pretzels, pineapples.

What I miss: Working out. Drinking. Shopping for non maternity clothes. (nothing has changed there)

Mood: Feeling more moody this week. Hormones are a little out of control. I feel mad at Ryan for nothing in particular and just get so easily 

Nursery: This week I organized Baby Mac’s clothes in the dresser and closet, he already has so much, it’s so hard to resist all the cuteness, both me and both grandmother’s can’t stop shopping. 

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xoxo Katie