Bumpdate: 33 Weeks

How far along: 33 Weeks

Due Date: September 15

Gender: Boy!

Baby Size: Last week we had an ultrasound and growth scan. I told the doctor how much heavier my belly felt recently and described how it feels like baby boy is going to fall out when I’m walking. His response? “At his rate, he’s going to be walking out because he’s going to be the size of a toddler!” Not comforting words, doc! 

So yes, baby is measuring big. He was already 4 pounds and 14 ounces last week. (average is 4 pounds). But everything is perfectly happy and we got a fantastic report!

Weight gain: 25 Pounds.

Movement: He may be running out of room in there, but he is still giving me steady kicks up in the rib cage. We can also notice when he is arching his back up into me when half of my belly protrudes further out than the other side. 

Best Moments of the Week: It’s been a good week, so I have a few ‘best’ moments!


1. Baby shower number two for the Philadelphia crowd! It was another lovely day and Baby Mac was SO spoiled. I feel like lately there is a lot of negativity around showers, but I still think these celebrations are so special. There are not many other places where women celebrate women. I truly appreciate everyone’s support!

2. On Sunday, my mom came over and we spent ALL day organizing all the baby’s things. His nursery still looks like Babies R Us exploded in it, but I’m working bit by bit on getting everything was set. This was a fun, yet exhausting, day.


3. On Tuesday and Wednesday, Ryan took, and completed, the bar exam! Wohoo! Time to celebrate!

Looking forward to: The beach!!! We leave Saturday for a week. 

Food Cravings: Watermelon, smoothies, ice water

Mood: Talk about flip-flopping moods! After a very irritable week last week, this week I felt so happy most of the time! It’s really sinking in that I don’t have that much longer to go! So excited. 

Symptoms: Tired. Achy back. Sore feet and calves. Heaviness. Easily dehydrated (hello 90+ days). Insomnia. The gym membership has been put on hold into November. Going to take it easy here on out. Which is SO hard for me to do. 


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  • Lauren Harrelson

    LOVE that dress, and I totally have it 🙂 Not pregnant, but it actually works really well on you as a maternity dress!

    • kwalshmac

      Thank you!! And this is the maternity version of the Old Navy dress 🙂 It’s so comfy and light, I love it!

  • Faith Martin

    Hi Katie! I LOVE your Baby Mac updates, and I am extremely excited for you and Ryan to have this bouncing baby boy! Thanks so much for sharing this event with us. Your sentence about the baby showers allowing women to celebrate women struck a happy chord. I love your whole family and cherish the times spent at the beach, and in Pop Pop’s boat, with my arms around mini Katie and Eric! You have grown into a strong, beautiful young woman- you and Ryan will be wonderful parents.

    • kwalshmac

      Thank you, Faith! I’m so happy to have this resource to document Baby Mac’s in utero life! You were always a special part of my childhood, and beach vacations, and I’m so glad to have those memories! Thank you for the kind words. xoxo.

  • I had to laugh at the doctor’s comment. I hope he said that in a joking way though. Sounds like baby Mac is happy and healthy in there 🙂 I love your dress! So pretty! Sounds like you had a pretty good week. I hope you guys have a great time at the beach! You are almost in the one month mark.

    • kwalshmac

      Yes, it was in a joking way, but still scary haha! Thank you, dress was a steal from Old Navy. We are SO looking forward to the beach. Just have to pack and wrap things up at work!

  • Ahhh! You look so good and you’re getting so close!! Such good news about him doing so well in there!! I hope y’all have an awesome time at the beach!!

    • kwalshmac

      Thanks, Laura! I can’t believe there is so little time left. Everything seems to be moving fast now.

  • I’m so happy your shower went so well!

    • kwalshmac

      Thank you! It was two good weekends of showers. I”m so grateful for so much love!

  • You look great! I would have cried if my doctor said that, but thankfully he is a healthy and strong baby boy! I think we are going to have a big girl on our hands as well. Yikes! I hope you have a fabulous trip to the beach!

    • kwalshmac

      Thanks! Yes, the fact his is growing in a healthy way is all that matters, he’ll get out, somehow! We are so looking forward to getting away.

  • Looking good Katie!! Congratus to your husband on taking the bar, I bet that’s a huge weight off his shoulders! I also just realized you are due a month before my SIL. She is having a boy as well 🙂