Vacation Time!


We are headed to North Topsail, North Carolina for a week long beach vacation. My entire family is sharing a house on the beach (Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister-in-law, Pop-Pop, Ryan, and myself)!

I’ve been counting down to this vacation since the winter. Although I’m not looking forward to the 9+ hour drive while 33-34 weeks pregnant, I can’t wait to arrive, kick up my legs, and do nothing but sit on the beach and read, eat, and sleep all week.

This week will be a great time to celebrate Ryan being officially done with school and exams forever. It will also be our last vacation as a childless couple, our family’s version of a “Babymoon”. I can’t wait to just hang and relax with some of my favorite people all week. 

As I’m typing this I have yet to pack. Oh, and we’re also bringing the car seat and the hospital bag “just in case”. Yep, we’re crazy worriers. But bringing it is mostly insurance that we WON’T need it, right?!

I’ll be taking the week off blogging but you can always catch up with my on Instagram!



  • Have fun!!! So jealous of your week away!

  • I hope you have an amazing vacation and your last one as a family of two! It will be a nice getaway for you both to finally be done with all that exam stress. I am so jealous because I could really use a vacation on the beach.

  • I hope you guys have an amazing trip!!!!!!

  • Yay! Have the best time ever! And I say good for you for being prepared–you never know!