Bumpdate: 38 Weeks


I can’t believe that this is my very last Bumpdate for Baby Mac! He will be here in less than a week! 

How far along: 38 Weeks

Due Date: September 9. I’m scheduled for a c-section on Wednesday. 

Gender: Boy!

Baby Size: Huge. He should be clocking in at over 9 pounds by now.

Weight gain: 33 pounds with a lot of stretching going on. Ouch! 

Movement: Not as much movement, more just slow pokes and waves and tons of hiccups. He feels pretty comfy settled with his feet up in my ribs. I keep telling him his eviction is coming up real soon. 

Best Moment of the Week: This past weekend I got to meet Laura from Alabama Graffiti. She was up in PA visiting family and we were able to get together for lunch. This was my first blogger date and it was fun to meet this online friend in real life and talk everything babies. 

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I also had a really nice dinner out with my family on Saturday night and have been soaking up one on one time with Ryan while we still can. Also sleeping a ton! 

Looking forward to:  Being done with work! Today, Friday, is my last day! Hallelujah! It has been a VERY long week with computer crashes and other unexpected jobs popping up. I can’t wait to be done and to start my 10 week maternity leave. 

Food Cravings: Cereal, milk, ice cream, and all the treats. I joke that I’m going to gain an extra five pounds in this last week, but I am really kind of letting myself enjoy whatever I want before the procedure on Wednesday. 

Mood: Very tired and very ready to meet our son. Also anxious about the c-section and recovery, even though I know it’s necessary to do it. But the anticipation of meeting him is also huge. 

I think having the c-section planned and knowing exactly when he comes allows more room for unnecessary anxiety. I’m up hours of the night staring at my phone searching for the right answers for other people’s experiences with c-section recovery, newborn life, and anything else my half awake self can think to Google. It’s not healthy but I can’t quit! 

Symptoms: Tired, sore back, sore hips, can barely walk, hot carpal tunnel, cramps, Braxton hicks, can’t sleep. 

Baby Mac, I can’t believe that I will be holding you in my arms in just 5 days!!! Let’s do this!

Understandably, I plan on taking some time off from blogging once Baby Mac makes his debut. I plan on soaking up every little moment I can. You can always follow updates on Instagram

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  • Pat (Mom)

    I’m so excited to meet Baby Mac, our first grandchild!

  • OMG so exciting, he’s almost here! Best of luck in this final stretch. I can’t wait to hear more once he’s arrived and see lots of photos!

  • Congratulations on your last day of work! Wishing you a peaceful week and smooth recovery!

  • Patsy (Spence) Esham

    Love reading your blog. Good luck..and have loads of fun with your “little” (!) bundle of joy!

  • Barb

    You’ll do fine, Katie! Congrats & enjoy your baby!

  • I am behind on my blog reading from Friday and I missed your last bump date. It is fun reading it now knowing that you got a surprise yesterday!!! So glad that you and Laura got to meet up while she was there. Enjoy your time with that baby Mac because he is a cutie!!!