The most magical time of the year has started. It’s a season full of promise, hope, and miracles. 

Last night, as I stood in the chilly air waiting for Maggie to do her thing, I gazed up at the bright full moon filling up the sky.

I paused and remembered how last year at this time I would end my nights exactly like this. Right before going to be each evening I’d step outside with Maggie and stare up at the moon and make a hopeful wish  to the universe that we would soon get pregnant. I wished with all my heart and said a soft sad prayer month after month, closing the gap between the stars and I.

And now here we are one year later with a beautiful and healthy baby boy. I am so thankful.

I’m so thankful for my family, my friends, and the gift of getting to enjoy each day. If nothing else, I love how this time of years makes me pause and step back and realize how this world is full of miracles. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wyatt: Two Months


On Saturday, Wyatt turned two months old!

This past month he continued to grow and change every day. He’s grown from our tiny newborn who mainly slept, pooped, and fed all day into a baby boy with his own unique developing personality. My low on sleep nights are now rewarded with the cutest baby smiles each morning. He’s also becoming a little cooing chatter box. He loves to have “conversations” with us and it’s the cutest thing ever. 

His hair is growing in more, although he still has a baby receding hairline. He loves when you sit him up so he can look at you better and doesn’t want to be held as much as he did a few weeks ago. He’s a little squirmy guy. 

I feel like this past month we’ve finally settled into a routine together. I’ve gained more confidence as a mother and have figured out Wyatt’s needs and how to care better for myself at the same time. We are getting more sleep and I’ve moved on out of my “maternity bubble” and do a lot of activities outside the house. We spend our days playing at home, visiting friends, going out for lunch, taking walks, napping together, and of course eating. 

I’m not looking forward to returning to work next week, but I know he’ll be in good hands with my mom.


Wyatt had his one month doctor appointment today so we got his new stats:

Weight: 10 pounds 9 ounces (26%)

Length: 24.5 inches (92%) wow!

He did ok with his vaccines, it was painful for Ryan and I to hear him screaming.

We also learned that he has Infant Torticollis and needs baby physical therapy….I was fearing this because he favors his left side and cannot easily turn his neck and head to the right. Therefore his neck muscles are very tight and need to be worked out. The left side of his head is also soft because of this. All problems that can be fixed with therapy and us keeping a close eye on him. 

Hair: Dark brown

Eyes: Blue


Nicknames: Wy, Wy Guy, Mr. Man

Likes: Kicking, “talking”, eating, going for walks, being sung to, staring at faces, looking at picture books, and his singing puppy dog toy. He also loves his wubanubs now. I held off until he was one month old but now, it’s sometimes the only thing that calms him down when he’s tired and upset. 

Dislikes: Getting dressed, being woken up from a nap and tummy time. Really, that’s it. He’s a good baby. 

Clothing and Diapers: He’s mostly in 0-3 months clothes, although some are still baggy. He has such a tiny little waist and tush! He’s now in size 1 diapers. I tried to get him started on our collection of cloth diapers, but his waist is still a little too tiny. I’ve packed up most of his newborn clothes. Some are so tiny, that I already can’t believe he was that small. It was sad to say goodbye to some of those cute little clothes. 


Sleep: At night he still sleeps in the Arms Reach Co-Sleeper attached to my side of the bed. On average he sleeps for 3 hours stretches at night and 5 hours a couple times a week. Twice he’s slept for 7 hours at a time. That was amazing. During the day he takes about 3 naps, I don’t have him on any type of restricted schedule. 

Feeding: He still eats every 3 hours (or less during the day.) He’s a very good little eater and I’m so thankful that breastfeeding is going so well. 

Play: Wyatt loves to lie on the floor and kick and flail his arms about. He still likes to look in the mirror and stare at the toys on his activity mats. He loves music and likes any toys that play music or when we sing to him. 


What I want to remember:

How perfect his tiny toes and fingers are and how soft his porcelain skin is. 

The way his face lights up when he sees me.

How pure his baby smile is.

The way he now makes eye contact me while he eats and sometimes holds my finger. It makes me feel so connected to him. 

His beautiful eye lashes. 

How peaceful he looks sleeping. I take way too many sleeping pictures.

How everything is a brand new experience and it’s so fun to experience it with him. 



Dear Wyatt,

You presence in my life makes every day a gift. Every day I look forward to see what new things you will learn or how you will change and grow. I can’t wait to continue to have fun with you and experience everything anew. This past month I found myself falling more in love with you. Maybe it’s the smiles or our conversations but you feel more like a member of our family than a strange little newborn that appeared in our lives. The holidays are approaching, and although you may not know exactly what is going on, it is going to be so fun to celebrate as a family of three. We love you with all our hearts.


Now time for picture overload!


IMG_2051   IMG_2067 IMG_2062    IMG_2150   IMG_2203   IMG_2272   IMG_2052 IMG_1886 IMG_1915   IMG_1844



Fall Catch Up

How is it already November? I loved seeing everyone’s Halloween costumes this weekend. We had fun with our little pumpkin. 



As I’ve been mostly MIA I thought I’d give a little update on to how life currently is. 

We’ve had a busy and eventful Fall. Here are the big things we’ve been up to:

  • Loving life with Wyatt. It should be no surprise that my life now revolves around my little man. I’m trying to soak up as much time as I can before I go back to work. (more on that below) 


  • Life with a newborn is everything I imagined and nothing like I imagined. Some days time goes by so fast and other days seem to last an eternity. I feel like I have so much time and but then really have no time to do anything. I’m now driving again, not driving for 7 weeks was very hard. It’s a huge mood lifter to be able to get out of the house on my own or take walks with Wyatt. He’s such a good baby though, save for a general “witching hour” between 5-7 pm. I love all the cuddles.   image2 (1)
  • Celebrating the fact that Ryan passed the bar! We got the great news on October 9 and have been celebrating ever since. I was not surprised that he passed, but relieved that the stress of waiting to find out is over. He’s now busy applying for jobs after his clerkship, we hope to stay in the Lancaster area, so fingers crossed! ryanbar
  • Celebrating my Pop-Pop’s 90th Birthday! We had a huge party (89 guests! Can you believe a 90-year-old has that many friends?) for him on October 11. Fun was had by all and it was an honor to celebrate him and his love filled life with so many family and friends. P1000899
  • Spending a lot of time with  family. I love that Wyatt (and I) has such a strong supportive family. It really does take a village.  eandv


  • Going out on our first date since the baby. In typical new mom fashion, I got tipsy after one cocktail and we talked about the baby the whole night. image5 (1)
  • Learning to survive on little sleep. It’s still the hardest part of life with a newborn for me. The other day I almost went to the grocery store with my yoga pants inside out. Oops. 
  • Accepting bad news and transitioning roles: Last week I learned that roles at my work have been reorganized and my current workload and hours have been cut in half. I am still going back to work in two weeks, but only part-time. This was very hard news to accept. Sadly we need my income so this hits us pretty hard. It will be a struggle but we can handle it together. On the positive side I will have more time with Wyatt, which is huge. This news amongst Ryan passing the bar and loving his job feels almost like two steps forward one step back. As one friend told me, Wyatt will benefit from extra time with me and will never know that we have less money. I do believe things happen for a reason. We have Wyatt and everyone is healthy. This baby smile keeps me going!