Christmas Reflections


Most evenings during this time of the year end with me silently gazing at our Christmas tree reflecting on the year and getting teary eyed with sentimental thoughts on past Christmas seasons. Blame it on the new mom hormones, but this year I’ve been more of a mess than usual. Even though our sweet little babe really has no idea what is going on, this season is so much more magical with him around. We are so excited to share our favorite holiday traditions with Wyatt and start some new ones as well.

Last year at this time Wyatt was merely a hope in our hearts. Little did we know that he was already brewing inside of me on Christmas day. 

He still feels like a dream.

Nearly everyday I catch myself staring down at him and exclaiming, “I can’t believe he’s actually here!”

And it’s true. I still can’t believe that he is ours. I can’t believe that he was inside of me only three and half short months ago. I can’t believe that he is here to stay. It feels like I’m playing pretend, like this isn’t my real life. 

As an overly sensitive and sentimental person I thought I would be overflowing with words to write once our baby entered our world. Yet, the opposite as proven to be true.

I am so overwhelmed by the greatness of motherhood and the greatness of his presence that I can’t put my feelings into words. 

All I know is that my heart has never been so full. 

And it’s so very magical.

This will be the greatest Christmas with so much to celebrate and be thankful for. 

Wyatt has truly lit up our world. 



On December 5 we took Wyatt to meet Santa for the first time. We skipped the mall and met up with Santa at the downtown Marriott. There were no lines, no crowds, and no fuss. It was perfect!

Wyatt did not cry and was mostly just intrigued by the big guy in the red suit. We took our time taking lots of pictures and enjoyed a lovely day downtown with both my mom and Ryan’s mom. 




santa11 santa5

It was a good day. Ryan and I are both Christmas fanatics and the holidays are so much fun this year (even if the little guy has no clue what is going on.) We are soaking up all his holiday “firsts” and truly enjoying the season.   



It was a good day! 

Wyatt: 3 Months


Wyatt turned three months yesterday! We have officially made it through the “fourth trimester” as they call it.

Weight: 11 pounds 4 ounces (13% and we’re working on getting his weight up)

Length: 24.5 inches (74%) 


Hair: Dark brown

Eyes: Blue

Nicknames: Wy, Wy Guy, Mr. Man

Likes: Eating, looking at books, and talking and singing back to us. His favorite is Deck The Halls. He laughs and smiles every time during the Fa La La La La’s! He likes to cuddle and be rocked to sleep. Overall he’s a pretty content little baby. 


Dislikes: Being woken up from a nap, tummy time, doing his neck exercises, when people sneeze, and tummy time. 

Clothing and Diapers: Still in 0-3 month clothing and size 1 diapers. I won’t lie, dressing him is a highlight of my day!

Sleep: At night he still sleeps in the Arms Reach Co-Sleeper attached to my side of the bed. He is mostly sleeping through the night now at 7-8 hours! It’s amazing! However, now we are trying to get his weight back up so I have to wake him up to feed in the middle of the night again and also wake up and pump. Hopefully we get my supply up soon and can go back to sleeping through the night. He takes 2-3 naps a day. He sleeps much better at night if he takes a good nap during the day. 


Feeding: He eats every 3 hours (or less during the day.) He’s a very good little eater and takes the bottle well while I’m at work. 


Play: He still loves laying on his activity mat and kicking and loves his piano gym. His favorite toys are Pete the Panda and Carl the Caterpillar and his singing puppy. He’s fully discovered his hands and feet and they provide solid entertainment to him. 


Health Issues:

Torticollis: We are seeing an improvement with Wyatt’s torticollis. Physical therapy is going well and he’s getting a better range of motion with his neck and head. The doctor said he definitely will not have to wear a helmet and will be fine in a few months. Wyatt hates doing the exercises though, he resists so much and cries. 


Weight: Wyatt is not gaining weight as fast as he should be. He’s fine, but we are just trying to get him to gain a little more. The lactation consultants have been wonderful and put me on a power pumping schedule this past weekend. I pump every three hours and once a day I do a power pumping where I pump for 10 minutes, rest for 10 minutes, for an hour. It makes me sore, but it’s what Wyatt needs right now. 

Back to Work: I went back to work part-time on November 16. It’s hard. Very hard. I miss him the entire day and feel guilty being away from him. He’s doing great being with my mom, but I can’t wait until I go to pick him up and he gives me the biggest smile. This past month has been filled with many tears though. I wish we did not have to be separated. 



Thanksgiving: We celebrated a very grateful Thanksgiving together. So much to be grateful for this year and so much love to give. 




What I want to remember:

The big smiles he gives me when he wakes up.

The way his face lights up when we sing to him.

His funny little gasping laugh. 

How strong he kicks when lying down. 

How he focusses on us and his toys so intently. What is he thinking about?

How he loves the Christmas tree.


Dear Wyatt,

We made it to the three month mark! I know I said this last month, but our days together are just so much fun. I love experiencing the days through your eyes and seeing you delight in small things like fun eyes on toys, the lights on the tree, and my silly singing voice. My world is so complete with you in it. I already find myself missing the newborn days, but am loving every new day and how happy and content you are to be part of it. This is going to be a very special month ahead with the holidays. I can’t wait! 

Love, Mommy

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My 6 Couldn’t Live Without Newborn Essentials


The first few days (or weeks) with a newborn baby are all about survival. As a first time mom I had no clue what I was getting myself into. Learning to take care of a newborn on very little sleep is hard. Add in trying to recover from a c-section and it’s brutally hard. So I thought a list of my 6 essential newborn essentials would be helpful for some other soon to be first time moms out there.

The biggest essential when taking care of a newborn is physical support. After Ryan went back to work with Wyatt was 7 days old I could not have gotten by without my mom’s help. If she didn’t come to spend every day with us I probably would have never gotten out of bed, let alone showered.

Newborns don’t need much. Give them loving arms to rest in and a boob or bottle to feed from and they can be happy little humans. Yet, there is a huge consumer market out there for baby products. Before Wyatt’s arrival I spent too much time analyzing, cost comparing, and researching baby products. After three months as a new mom, here are my 6 newborn baby products that were essential to surviving that first month:

The Arm’s Reach Arc Mini Co-Sleeper


On his first night home from the hospital we attempted to put Wyatt to sleep in his Fisher Price Rock n Play. And although we love the Rock n Play as a place for him to hang out during the day, it just wasn’t cutting it has a safe place for him to sleep. We both barely got any sleep that night because we were so paranoid that he was going to roll over and suffocate himself on the sides of the Rock N Play. The next day, Ryan went out and bought this Co-Sleeper bassinet. It’s amazing! It attaches to your bed and sits almost flush up against your mattress, making your baby believe you are co-sleeping when you technically aren’t. 

At three-months, Wyatt is still sleeping soundly in his bassinet. I love that I can reach over and soothe him and pull him toward me for his middle of the night feedings. This was especially a winner while I was recovery from my c-section and getting out of bed was still torture. I can’t recommend this product enough. 


Love To Swaddle Up, Original


This is the only swaddle that Wyatt would sleep in. Once you get over how silly and cute the baby looks in it, you realize how effective it truly is. We tried various other swaddle wraps but our little Houdini always managed to wiggle himself out of them. He proved night after night that he HAD to have his hands UP in order to sleep. After more sleepless nights spent googling “Why won’t my baby sleep” I came across this swaddle that allows baby’s hand to be in the up position while sleeping. Genius! 

Boppy Newborn Lounger


boppy newbon lounger

I must admit, when I was first encouraged to put this on my baby registry I thought it was a glorified pillow and would be a useless product taking up space in my already crowded house. But it has proven to be essential. It’s molded to fit a tiny newborn’s body and is perfect to place next to you on the couch or on the floor. Yes, newborns like to be held 99% of the time, but you can’t hold a baby ALL of the time. When you need a little rest or, god forbid, use the bathroom, this pillow comes in handy.

I had a tough c-section recovery and had a hard time getting up from the floor or even off the couch for weeks, making it hard to play with my baby on the floor. This helped to keep my baby near and give him the space to stretch out and kick while I could be right next to him still. 

Sassy Floor Mirror


Newborns are only awake for about a total of 2 hours a day. And even then, their attention spans last about a minute or two, so there is really no need to throw a bunch of toys in a newborns face. But we found this big floor mirror to be a big winner. Wyatt got a kick out of studying his reflection in the mirror. I like that it stands up on its own and that the mirror shows a true reflection and isn’t all crazy distorted like some of the other baby mirrors out there. This was the one toy that always caught his attention. 

Target’s Nursing Camis


I lived in these camis for the first few weeks. They are so comfortable and are easy to layer and are a nice long length. I now wear them under cardigans and sweatshirts for easy boob access at work for pumping and feeding. I stocked up when Target offered a buy one get one 50% off sale. 

iBaby Feed Timer Phone App


I would be so lost without this app on my phone. I’ve been using is since the third day of Wyatt’s life. I downloaded a few other free apps first but they were confusing to use and not that helpful. iBaby Feed costs $4.95 but is so simple to understand and learn how to use. I track which boob he feeds on and for how long and get notifications to when and which side he is due to feed on next. It gives you a log from day one and analyses feed lengths. You can also track bottle feeds, pumping sessions, and sleep schedules. If you have more than one child, you can insert multiple child’s data in one app and even share data across multiple phones with various care givers. Very essential!

There you have it! The six items I’d be lost without during Wyatt’s first month, and still use!

What about you? What are your newborn baby essentials?