Those Little Moments of Joy

Lately motherhood has been messy and overwhelming. 

It has been hard transitioning into a new job and learning how to balance working at home while also looking after a crawling 8 month old while also stressing every day over Ryan finding a job. 

Once again, I feel like we are in this in between stage – waiting for our lives to begin. And it makes me feel so guilty and anxious.

I feel anxious that Ryan won’t find a job that he loves and will take a job to make ends meet. I worry that we won’t be able to provide Wyatt with everything we want to give him. 

I feel guilty because lately I’ve found myself counting down the minutes to Wyatt’s next naptime so I can get some work done. I feel like I’m ignoring him while he plays on the floor by himself and I’m focused on my computer. I feel guilty that I can’t give him 100% of my attention.

But then all it takes is one little moment of joy. One little smile from Wyatt that reminds me that everything is okay. He reminds me to live in the present. That right now all he needs is our love and our smiles. 

Motherhood will always be overwhelming. Life will always be messy. There are no “in between” stages of life. This is our life, right now, we are living it. His sweet smiles remind me to reach out and to capture these little moments before they are gone. 



  • And what a handsome little smile it is!!!! Definitely a great reminder to live in the moment and be present 🙂

    • kwalshmac

      Yes, sometimes when life gets you down it’s hard to hold onto the perspective that there are too many good things going on right now, right in front of you.

  • Katie, you are an awesome mama, and you and Ryan are doing everything you possibly can for that little sweetheart! Don’t think he doesn’t already see it – I’m 1000% sure that he does. Plus, look at all those smiles — he is one happy little guy!!

  • wow, you are amazing. i could never have worked from home, because my daughter was not good at playing on her own (although maybe she would have been if i did?), so you are a supermama in my opinion. and considering his happy face…you guys are doing a great job.

    • kwalshmac

      Awe! Thank you, Erin – that is nice to hear. We are all super momma’s but sometimes just forget in the chaos of it all. Working from home is hard – Wyatt just wants my attention non stop. My mom takes him about two days a week which is a lifesaver!

  • It’s true….life is a series of constant up hill battles. And sometimes those battles seem so overwhelming. Stay strong mama, you are doing great!