Hadley: One Month


Hadley turned one month old on October 25. Time is going by so fast, even faster than it did with Wyatt. I feel like she’s growing and changing so much every day and these newborn days are flying out of my fingers. I’m trying to soak up every moment of her sweet newborn smell, the soft cuddles, and her innocent gazes. I cried so much this first week, but they were different tears than the anxious and fearful tears I cried with Wyatt. I cried more knowing just how fast time goes and how these moments are truly just moments – soon to be memories.

Hadley is such a little peanut – she has grown a bit and her hair is getting thicker and longer, but she’s still so tiny! It feels so funny to change her tiny diaper after wrestling with a 32 pound toddler to change his. 

Weight: 8 pounds 5 ounces (21%)

Length: 21 inches (41%) 

Hair: Dark brown

Eyes: Blue


Nicknames: Haddie, Haddie Bear, Missy

Likes: Being swaddled up, eating, sleeping, being worn in Soothe Shirt, kicking on the floor, watching big brother play.   

Dislikes: Her carseat, getting dressed, being woken up to eat. 

Clothing and Diapers: She is still in newborn clothes and diapers. 

Sleep: At night, Hadley sleeps in the Dock-a-Tot in the Arms Reach Co Sleeper next to our bed. She’s an amazing sleeper and usually sleeps one 4-6 hour stretch at night followed by another 3 hour stretch. During the day she sleeps on and off, waking up to eat every 2-3 hours.

Feeding: Breastfeeding is going pretty well. She eats every 2-3 hours (longer at night). She’s apparently a very efficient eater – finishing nursing sessions in about 6 minutes total…which makes me worry she’s not getting enough milk. At times she eats so quickly that she has severe gas pains and spits up a lot. It’s a huge mess, especially in the middle of the night, but we are working through it. I pump before I feed her which seems to help. 

Play: She’s more alert each day. She likes to kick on the floor and look around at baby toys. She’s definitely not getting as much floor play as her brother did because Wyatt wants to be all over her when she’s on the floor.


What I want to remember:

How calm and sweet she is. She’s so relaxed and easy going – I can’t help but wonder if it’s because I’M so much more relaxed this time around!

How she clasps her hands together while sleeping.

The feel of her heartbeat and breathing when she’s lying on my chest on the couch. I love cuddling up with her for a quick snooze or to read.

How cozy and close I feel to her when I wear her.

How she gazes up at me with wonder (or hunger) while I’m feeding her. 


How I’m loving getting to know her.