Past Posts

July 2015

July 14: Eggplant and Spinach White Lasagna

July 13: Bumpdate: 30 Weeks

July 2: Bumpdate: 29 Weeks, a much better week 

June 2015

June 29: Bumpdate: 28 Weeks

June 22: Bumpdate: 26-27 Weeks

June 18: Kick Counting and Being Patient After a Baby Scare

June 16: Local Celebrities: Tell Me About Your Town

June 10: Recently Read: Vol. 6

June 8: Bumpdate: 25 Weeks

June 2: Celebrating 2 Years of Marriage

June 1: Bumpdate: 24 Weeks

May 2015

May 26: Bumpdate: 23 Weeks

May 19: Regional Food from Lancaster, Tell Me About Your Town

May 18: Bumpdate: 22 Weeks

May 15: Four Things About Me

May 13: Bumpdate 21 Weeks

May 5: Bumpdate: 20 Weeks. Halfway There!

May 1: The End of Law School

April 2015

April 27: Bumpdate: Weeks 18-19

April 22: Baby Mac is a….

April 17: Boy or Girl?

April 15: Judgement and Pregnancy

April 14: Bumpdate: 17 Weeks

April 10: Top Ten Movies from my Childhood

April 7: Bumpdate: 16 Weeks

April 6: Recently Read Vol. 5

April 2: How We Found Out I Was Pregnant

March 2015

March 31: Bumpdate: 15 Weeks

March 26: 32 Happy Things for 32 Years

March 24: Thoughts During a Yoga Class

March 23: Bumpdate: 14 Weeks

March 20: Happy 30th Birthday, Ryan!

March 17: Bumpdate: 13 Weeks

March 13: Recently Read Vol. 4

March 11: First Trimester Recap

March 5: Our Journey to Pregnancy

February 2015

February 25: Our Love is Growing!

February 24: Crescent Roll Cheesy Bites (my easiest and most popular recipe)

February 20: Currently: Freezing

February 13: Celebrating Love

February 10: Where I’ve Been and Why I Haven’t Been Blogging

January 2015

January 28: Recently Read Vol. 3

January 26: Think Positive Mondays: Celebrate the Small Things

January 23: What’s New? Coffee Talk Vol. 4

January 21: Weekend Getaway in Luray, VA

January 16: Ryan’s New Career Plan

January 13: 6 Reasons I’m a Bad Blogger

January 7: Hello 2015! Time to Relax

January 5: Think Positive Mondays: Make Commitments Not Resolutions

December 2014

December 31: A Year In Review

December 30: Our Christmas

December 22: Think Positive Mondays: Making Time for Christmas

December 17: Do You Know Your Neighbors? (Losing the Neighborhood)

December 15: Think Positive Mondays: Less Holiday Stress

December 10: Sentiments On Marriage and Christmas Trees

December 8: Think Positive Mondays: Choosing the Good Over the Bad

December 5: How to Remove Christmas Tree Sap From Your Hands

December 3: Recently Read: Vol. 2

December 1: Think Positive Mondays: Live the Life You Imagined 

November 2014

November 26: Giving Thanks

November 24: Think Positive Mondays: Gratitude Leads to Happiness

November 21: What’s New? Happy Hour Talk

November 17: Think Positive Mondays: When All You Feel is Negative

November 14: Love Letter of Gratitude

November 12: My Identity as a Blogger

November 10: Think Positive Mondays: Do What You Love Everyday

November 5: Home is Where the Heart Is?

November 3: Think Positive Mondays: Good Morning

October 2014

October 29: A “Beautiful” Weekend in NYC

October 27: Think Positive Mondays: How a Smile Can Change Your Day

October 24: Easy Spaghetti Squash Mexican Casserole

October 22: How to Cook a Spaghetti Squash

October 20: Think Positive Mondays: A Change in Perspective 

October 16: Zucchini Brownies

October 14: Celebrating a New Chapter

October 9: Favorite Books from the Tween Years

October 7: 89th Birthday Celebration

October 3: My Love for Real Books over E-Books is Now Backed by Science!

October 1: Recently Read: Vol. 1 

September 2014

September 30: It’s the Little Things

September 24: What’s Going On

September 17: When Marriage is Hard

September 16: September at the Beach in Avalon

September 12: End of Summer Punch Recipe

September 10: 5 Things My Dog Teaches Me

September 4: The Changing of the Seasons

August 2014

August 29: Join Me For Some TGIF Rambles

August 27: Customized Dresses from EShakti

August 25: The Last First Day of School

August 21: Pesto Quinoa Zucchini Boats

August 15: On Blogging: One Year In

August 14: Jamaica, Part 2, Day in the Life

August 12: Jamaica, Part 1

July 2014

July 30: Jamaica, Baby!

July 29: Anniversary Trip to the Finger Lakes

July 24: Bathing Suit Anxiety: Body Talk

July 22: Where Do You Draw The Line with Social Media?

July 17: One Year Anniversary Gifts: Paper

July 11: A Day In My Life

July 10: When Your Best Friend Gets Married

July 3: Cranberry, Pecan, White Cheddar Cheese Ball

June 2014

June 30: Sweet, Sweet Summertime

June 24: Recognizing Love as the Real Deal

June 13: Dad, My Quiet Supporter

June 9: Life Update

June 4: An Interview with a Photographer (tips, tools, and advice)

June 2: One Year Anniversary

May 2014

May 29: Marriage is Like a Seesaw

May 28: Blind First Look and Wedding Gifts (wedding recap #4)

May 27: Little Loves of Life

May 23: Sweet Potato Pizza Pie

May 21: Five Tips to Stay Stress Free While Wedding Planning

May 19: Currently

May 15: Fear of the Unknown

May 13: Tissue Paper Tassel Garland Video Tutorial

May 9: Make Good Choices and Other Advice From My Mom

May 7: Love Birds Bridal Shower

May 5: My Writing Process

May 1: Free Write, May Day Celebration!

April 2014

April 30: Being Critical is Exhausting, Cheers not Jeers

April 25: Back in MY Day

April 24: The Day Before the Big Day

April 22: Illiteracy in the US and the Impact of Reading

April 18: The Inspiration Expedition

April 16: Interview with my Husband (men say the darndest things)

April 14: A Favorite Recipe: Light Chicken Salad (No mayo!)

April 9: In Defense of the English Majors

April 8: Do What You Want To

April 3: Life is Begging Me

April 1: 8 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Workout (when you really don’t want to)

March 2014

March 31: Currently

March 28: Top 10 Attractions in Annapolis, MD

March 26: 31 Lessons I Learned in 31 Years

March 25: Birthday Celebration in Annapolis

March 21: Birthday Letter to my Husband

March 19: Easy Tips to Improve Your Photos for Easy Sharing (part 2)

March 17: St. Patrick’s Day Fun (and Bailey’s Brownies)

March 14: Before You Get Married be sure to…

March 13: Happy in 102 Words

March 12: What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up

March 10: The Big Closet Clean Out

March 7: A Call For Help: Addiction To Things

March 6: Something Is Coming

March 5: DIY Chocolate Face Mask

March 3: Why Lupita Nyong’o Ruled The Oscars

Febuary 2014

February 28: No Bake Cake Batter Truffles

February 27: 2014 Oscar Party Bingo, Trivia, and Ballot Printables

February 26: This Is Old Age

February 24: What Are Friends For?

February 21: Maggie Takes Over The Blog

February 20: Spring Clothing Wish List

February 19: Roasted Butternut Squash with Maple Pecan Glaze

February 18: Life Lately

February 14: What Movies Taught Me About Love

February 13: Why We Work

February 11: Sweet Treat For Yourself: beso handbags

February 10: Red Velvet Cookie Cakes

February 7: Love Lessons

February 6: Blast From The Past: Favorite Shows From High School Years

February 5: #sayyesproject Dropping The Fear

February 3: Tex Mex Ranch Chicken Chili 

January 2014

January 31: Passing Notes: a blast from the past

January 30: Choose Your Own Adventure

January 29: Real Talk: Unfocussed

January 27: Skinny Buffalo Chicken Dip

January 24: Use Your Voice! (Vlogging like a boss)

January 22: Ryan Takes Over the Blog: 5 Ways to stay sane in law school

January 21: Go On An Adventure With a New Friend

January 20: Overnight Oats: A Lazy Girl’s Breakfast

January 16: Stop Apologizing

January 15: My Make Up Favorites

January 14: 14 Random Things About Me

January 13: Darling Bridesmaid Dresses

January 10: 6 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

January 9: Fat Fighting Whole Wheat Pasta and Veggies

January 8: Law School Widow

January 7: Say Yes

January 6: Carving Out Me Time

January 3: I Got To Have a Little RESPECT

January 2: A Simple New Year’s Eve

December 2013

December 31: Top Ten Posts of 2013

December 30: Close Your Eyes

December 27: Favorite Moments of 2013

December 26: Christmas Isn’t Over Yet!

December 24: Merry Christmas, from my home to yours

December 23: Celebrating in NYC

December 20: Cheers to You! Poinsettia Cocktail

December 19: Being Selfish at Christmas time 

December 18: Christmas Sand Tarts, a Family Tradition

December 17: Skinny Mozzarella Sticks

December 16: Christmas Just Wouldn’t Be Christmas Without…

December 13: 5 Favorite Books from 2013

December 12: Music Carries the Heart of Christmas

December 11: Snow Day Snack: Nutella and Peanut Butter Puppy Chow (muddy buddies)

December 10: Christmas Brings Out My Inner 6-year-old

December 9: An Ode to the Christmas Tree

December 6: Top 5 Christmas Movies and When to Watch Them

December 5: It’s All About the Journey: Asheville, NC

December 4: Love Story {Part 4} Surprise Engagement 

December 3: Biltmore Estate and a Vegan Thanksgiving

December 2: Thanksgiving Vacation in Asheville, NC (mini post)

November 2013

November 27: Big Thanks and Little Thanks

November 26: Love Story {Part 3: Second Chances

November 25: Weekend Wrap Up: Thanksgiving Week 11.25.13 

November 22: 5 Reasons I Celebrate Christmas “Early”

November 21: Jennifer Lawrence Love Fest

November 20: Love Story {Part 2}: Rewriting My Story

November 19: Caring Cowls – a Special Discount For You!

November 18: Weekend Wrap Up: 11.18.2013

November 15: Five Friday Favorites: Procrastination 

November 14: Go Big or Go Home: My Blogging Mantra

November 13: Love Story Part 1: When I Lost Sight of Love

November 12: The Easiest Baked Oatmeal

November 11: Weekend Wrap Up: Follow Your Bliss

November 7: The Thankful Project: A Job

November 6: Body Issues: Newlywed Weight Gain

November 5: Quinoa Pizza Bites – A Healthy Snack

November 4: Weekend Wrap Up: A Day at the Bay

November 1: Five Friday Favorites: Gifts That Give Back


October 2013

October 31: Trick or Treat?

October 30: Someday I Will

October 29: A Daily Intent

October 28: Weekend Wrap Up: I Let My Halloween Costume Down

October 25: Five Friday Favorites – Halloween Edition – Favorite Costumes

October 24: Wedding Recap – Secret Garden Theme and Vision

October 22: My Battle With The Hair Salon

October 21: Weekend Wrap Up, October 21

October 18:  Five Friday Favorites – 5 Things That Made Me Feel Old

October 17: Obsession: House into Home and the Best Movie/TV Houses

October 16: Our Love Story, The Abridged Edition

October 15: Make Your Bed!

October 14: Weekend Wrap Up: Celebrating Fall

October 11: Five Friday Favorites: Guilty Pleasures

October 10: Pop-Pop’s Life Lessons and Advice, A Video

October 8: Fall Goals Update: Confession, I’ve Failed

October 7: Weekend Wrap Up: 90’s Party in DC

October 4: Five Friday Favorites – Fashion Fails

October 3: Hi, I’m Katie and I’m a Recovering People Pleaser

October 2: Skinny Chicken Enchiladas

October 1: Creating My Happy Place: 5 Steps to Living Clutter Free

September 2013

September 30: Weekend Wrap Up: Goodbye September

September 27: Five Friday Favorite – 9.27.2013

September 26: Date Nights are Important!

September 25: How NOT to Dry Your Wedding Bouquet

September 23: Weekend Wrap Up: Or How Michael Buble Saved Me

September 20: A Tribute to Sex and the City: Five Favorite Episodes

September 19: Straight From The White House! Cauliflower Mac and Cheese

September 17: Can We Just Skip Ahead to the Good Part?

September 13: Five Friday Favorites

September 12: Brie, Peach, and Basil Pizza

September 11: It’s a Small World

September 10: Happy Birthday, Maggie May!

September 9: Weekend Wrap Up

September 6: Spreading the Love: The Liebster Award

September 5: What’s In a Name?

September 4: Fall Goals

September 3: Farewell Summer!

August 2013

August 29: Honeymoon: A Place Where Time Stands Still

August 27: Homemade Peanut Butter

August 26: Back to School

August 23: Thoughts on Education 

August 23: How Do You Define “Us”?

August 19: The Mean Reds: A Monday Monologue

August 18: Campfire Ice Cream Cake

August 16: Four Newlywed Myths Exposed 

August 15: Something New