Bumpdate: 20 Weeks. Halfway!

11127667_805512574659_824430882584766943_n How far along: 20 Weeks. Marking the halfway point of this pregnancy!

Due Date: September 17

Gender: Sweet little boy. 

Baby Size: My phone informs me that this week the babe is the size of a banana. He’s around 10.5 inches from head to toe. 

Weight gain: I really “popped” this week, with a total weight gain of …11 pounds. We also did a lot of celebrating all week-long, which means I ate a lot of pizza and ice cream too. 

Maternity clothes: It’s basically all that works right now. I had high hopes that many of my flowy non maternity summer dresses would fit me this summer, but no. How naive. 

Movement: Still not feeling any movement due to my anterior placenta. 

Best moment these two weeks: Ryan finishing law school! We celebrated his accomplishments with dinner out and walking around First Friday in our town. Saturday we sat by the river and enjoyed music and pizza, and Sunday we took a trip to Ikea for nursery furniture and enjoyed more waterfront beach drinks. It is so amazing to talk about law school in the past tense. It was always, “when I’m finished with school we will…” and now we are living our dreams. Done with school and expecting a baby. 

Looking forward to: Girls’ trip to NYC this weekend! And hopefully feeling baby kick soon. Also, can he just arrive already? 


Food cravings: Milkshakes and Pizza

What I miss: Enjoying an alcoholic beverage outside. Running at my full capacity. 

Mood: Happy and anxious! 

Symptoms: Allergies, tired, hungry, and still experiencing hip pain.

Sleep: It’s always good during the week and bad on the weekends. That should be reversed, right?!


Nursery: We have the crib set up and have purchased the Ikea dresser we will use for a changing table as well as a glider. It’s really coming together nicely. 

Loving: Celebrating with Ryan, thinking how fast this summer will fly by and how soon we will get to meet our son. 

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xoxo Katie