Bumpdate: 29 Weeks, a much better week!

Aren’t you lucky, two bumpdates in one week. I promise that won’t happen again, I’m catching up after being a bit behind. Maggie wanted to join in on the action this week, she was a good little dog model. 

This week was MUCH better. I feel like a new woman. Thanks for your kind comments after my ranting 28 week bumpdate. Happy that week is behind me and I’m taking on a much more positive outlook moving forward. 

How far along: 29 Weeks 

Due Date: September 15

Gender: Boy!

Baby Size: Just over 3 pounds, wow! He’s a little bigger than a head of cauliflower. This week had some major brain developments and he can now open and close his eyes and feel pain and movement pretty well. Which explains why I always feel him move after I eat ice cream or an ice cold drink. 

Weight gain: Holding out at 20 pounds gained. 

Movement: After all of the low fetal movement scares of past weeks, this week has been such a huge reassurance. I am feeling him move much more these days. Ryan can even feel a few big kicks. The doctor said he looks fantastic.

I still can’t get over watching him on the ultrasound every week. It’s so neat to see him kicking and squirming around. Although I have daily reminders that he’s in there, it gives you a whole new perspective to see him live on the big screen. It truly fascinates me that a living human is growing and being nourished inside me. Stay in there a few more weeks buddy! 

29weekswithmaggiesmBest Moment of the Week: Getting a “fantastic” report from the high risk doctor. I love them! I’ve been feeling better all over this week. No more vomitting or sickness. I also got my hair done and what girl doesn’t feel fabulous after a salon trip?

Looking forward to: July is a very busy month! Baby showers, bar exam, birthing class, and beach preparation. 

Food cravings: Chocolate, ice cream, watermelon, pineapple.

What I miss: Summer drinks, wine, going for a run, and sleeping through the night. 

Symptoms: Emotional, tired, getting out of bed and off the couch takes real effort, endless bathroom trips. 

Nursery: I ordered some prints for the wall this week. I can’t wait to put everything together. 

I hope everyone has a fun and safe Fourth of July! We are headed down to Philly for family time, pool time, and eating time. 


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