Bumpdate: 34-35 Weeks

Katie Beach Maternity
A little peek at some of the gorgeous maternity photos my Dad took for me during our vacation. 

How far along: 35 Weeks. Wow, only 5 weeks to go! Somedays it feels like I have 5 months left and other times it feels like the days are just flying by. On Tuesday my doctor told me that from here on out if I go into labor they won’t do anything to try to stop it. That made reality set in. He could come anytime now. 

Due Date: September 15

Gender: Boy!

Baby Size: Baby has gone through a major growth spurt (as well as me.) He’s about the size of a large spaghetti squash. He should be weighing in close to 5.5 pounds now.  He’s adding on fat, his hearing is at full capacity. His physical development is pretty much done, and he’ll mostly be focusing on putting on weight for the next few weeks. 

Weight gain: 29 pounds. And I feel it. 

Movement: He’s running out of some room but he’s still pushing, stretching, and prodding. He was the center of entertainment in our family’s circle of chairs at the beach. We got a kick out of watching him poke his little feet all around. 

Best Moment of the Week: Spending the week at the beach with my family! I loved dreaming of what it will be like next year when Baby Mac will be joining us. 




 When I first got pregnant (in the dead cold of winter) I cringed at the idea of wearing a bikini while hugely pregnant. Come summer, 100 degree days, and a true appreciation for all that my body can do and I barely gave it a second thought. I’d rather flaunt the bump than be shamed by it. If I don’t love my body, who will? Plus I was super comfy on the beach. So, other pregnant ladies afraid to let it all hang out, do it! No regrets!

Looking forward to: Getting everything at the house ready for the baby’s arrival. I think I’m in full nesting mode now. I have a long list of things I want to clean, fix, organize, wash, and decorate. Ryan is being so helpful. We are so glad to be staying in our current home and he’s still loving his new job.  

Food Cravings: The other day I desperately needed a glass of ice cold milk. It was so strange because we are an Almond Milk household and I never have real milk. I ran out to the store and bought a small bottle and added chocolate syrup. Yum. 

Mood: Still experiencing mood swings. I can go from happy to moody in about 20 minutes. 

Symptoms: I’ve noticed a big change in my body in just the past few days. My bump is always rock hard and heavy feelings. I’m experiencing quite a few Braxton hicks (false labor) contractions. I’m also very, very tired, have carpal tunnel syndrome in my right wrist, have sore ankles and feet, sore back, and pee about every 20 minutes. This is all normal though, so nothing really to complain about. Oh and the wedding rings are off! Too much swelling!

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