Four Things About Me


I’ve seen this post floating around blog land for a bit and thought I’d jump on the bandwagon.

I’ve been busy lately and my mind is running in 5 different directions everyday. I’ve come up with multiple blog post ideas but have had no time to actually sit down and write a decent post. I’m feeling very unmotivated by blogging lately and questioning, what’s the point. This happened last summer as well. My blogging goes through cycles and it’s just a down time right now. 

That’s my little disclaimer to say, I wish I could write more authentic and heartfelt posts lately, rather than the bumpdates.

Until then, here are some categories of my life broken out into fours:

Four Jobs I’ve Had
1. Lifeguard
2. Nanny
3. Promotions Director for boating magazine
4. Program Manager for Creative Thinking training company

Four things in my bag:
1. Phone
2. Protein bar
3.  A mess of crumpled receipts dating months back
4.  Too many chap sticks, lip glosses, and lip sticks

Four movies I have watched more than once or ten times: 
1. Breakfast at Tiffany’s
2. Gone With The Wind
3. It’s A Wonderful Life
4. Father of the Bride

And a bonus number 5 in honor of the 15 year Anniversary of the masterpiece Center Stage.

Four places I’ve lived:
1. Lancaster, PA (place where I was born and where I currently live)
2. Chestertown, MD (college!)
3. Annapolis, MD (4 years post college!)
4.  Hinsdale, IL (a very temporary living situation before moving back to PA)

Four places I’ve visited:
1. England
2. Ireland 
3. Maui, Hawaii 
4. Jamaica

Four places I’d rather be right now:
1. The beach in NC
2. Anywhere in the Caribbean 
3.  Sipping wine on a dock somewhere
4. At home reading in bed

Four favorite foods:
1. Crabcakes
2. Ice Cream
3. Macaroni and Cheese
4. Chocolate covered pretzels

Four Favorite Drinks:
1. Iced water
2. White wine
3. Very strong cosmo
4. Lemonade and vodka

Four Favorite Places to Shop for Clothes (when not preggo):
1. J. Crew Factory
2. Old Navy
3. Banana Republic
4. Express ( to all of the above: my goodness, am I basic or what!)

Four More Totally “basic” Things I Love:
1. Taylor Swift
2. Wine
3. The Beach
4. Maxi Dresses

Four Current TV shows I watch:
1. Call the Midwife
2. Pretty Little Liars (yep)
3. Nashville
4. Modern Family 

Four things I’m looking forward to this year:
1. Baby Mac arriving this September! (really is there anything else?!)
2. Ryan’s graduation next week and having him home this summer
3. Family beach trip to NC this August
4. Taylor Swift concert in June!
Four Books I Would Recommend
1. The Light Between Oceans –  M.L. Stedman
2. All the Light We Cannot See – Anthony Doerr
3. Song of Solomon – Toni Morrison
4. Blonde – Joyce Carol Oates

Four things (not people or animals) I couldn’t live without

1. iPhone
2. Books
3. Comfy pj’s
4. Chocolate

Happy Friday!