This Is Old Age

this is old age abla

Yesterday I was looking forward all day to getting together with a local friend that I haven’t seen since early December. We were going to enjoy some food, wine, and craft together. I was excited! (this is old age)

Before I could enjoy a relaxing night with her, I had to get through my hectic day. Work was crazed and I had to rush straight to a salon appointment to fix my heinous roots. I then popped into the liquor store to pick up some wine and sped home to tidy up. For some reason, my day had exhausted me but I was ready to pull it together and have a fun night. (this is old age)

I had 20 minutes to clean up the kitchen, set the table, make some appetizers, take Maggie out, and put on some music. Phew! With a little sweat, I was able to get everything ready. My craft date friend was due to arrive in about 4 minutes, so I sat down and texted my other friend, informing her that I would  not be watching Pretty Little Liars live so to not text me about it. We take this very seriously. (this is old age)

Those four minutes passed. And then another 10. I sat and twiddled my thumbs. I hate when people are late. I just sit there thinking of all the things I COULD be doing. Pretty soon she was 30 minutes late. I was annoyed. (this is old age)

30 minutes is my usual “Ok, I’ve waited long enough I better call and see if she’s okay”. But something stopped me. My gut told me to check my email first.

That’s when I found out that she was due to come over TOMORROW, not tonight. My mind is officially lost.

Yep, this is old age! Folks, it’s all down hill from here!

At least I can watch Pretty Little Liars and live text to my BFF about it. Oh, and there’s wine. Here’s to turning 31 in one month!

this is old age abla

xoxo Katie



Five Friday Favorites – 5 Things That Made Me Feel Old

Five Friday Favorites The weight of my thirty years felt a little heavier this week.

Sure little things make me feel old daily, like twerking, the ignorance of kids, and the newest fashions at Forever 21 (kids these days ammiright?). But this week, there were 5 other moments that kind of made me pause and think, wow, this is happening – I’m half way through my thirtieth year. I swear that sometimes I have to remind myself that college was 12 years ago. But then I remember, we didn’t even have Facebook until the last semester of my Senior year. Facebook people! The one thing that I now check countless times a day.

So here were the five things that made me stop and think that I’m officially closer to adulthood than I am to twenty something.

1. Hunger Games Catching Fire Tickets

hunger games

One of my bff’s Ashley and I always get tickets to see the midnight showings of movies generally set aside for the teenage population like Hunger Games and Twilight, oh and Sex and the City. So it was a given that we’d be getting tickets for the Nov 21 midnight premier of Catching Fire.

Imagine my delight when I went online to buy my movie ticket and discovered that they now offer an 8 p.m. showing!!! I yelped in my office chair. Yes! I do not have to take a disco nap in order to see the midnight showing. I won’t get home at 3 a.m. and be a complete waste at the office on Friday.

2. Discarding Some of My Party Dresses

party dress

I love dressing up. I think I have more little black dresses, bandage dresses, and sequin dresses in my closet than work pants. But, lately they’ve been hanging in my closet unused. Just not really my scene anymore. Some were a size 2. I was just hoping that maybe, someday, I could shrink myself back into them.

Who am I kidding? These dresses deserved to be out partying with some new hot young thing. So, I did the mature thing and accepted my 30-year-old hips and donated them, only keeping the ones that fit me and that weren’t designed for a 17-year-old.

3. No Desire to Go Out For New Years Eve

netflix and wine

Going along with the above, this is the first year where I have zero desire to do anything for New Years. Most of you are probably thinking, New Years?! That’s two months away – but yes, I like to plan.

Can we all agree that NYE is usually a big fat disappointment? I usually get all dressed up and go to some fun party, but it never lives up to your expectations and you usually go home with an empty wallet and some dried tears or vomit.Last year, Ryan and I escaped to an island off of Puerto Rico for NYE. We just can’t beat that. This year I’d be perfectly content staying home in sweat pants, watching Netflix and drinking wine.

4. Spending Money at the Grocery Store

full fridge

In my mid twenties I’d spend as little as possible at the Grocery Store so that I could spend the majority of my paycheck on clothes and trips. I basically lived off of lettuce, ketchup, Boca Burgers, yogurt, rice cakes, and canned green beans. I made it to the grocery store maybe every other week.

Now I feel like I’m there almost every other day. I get a thrill on produce sales and live to stock up my fridge with goodies. I’m constantly trying new recipes and actually consider myself a cook! Gasp!

5. Newfound Forehead Wrinkles


I’ve noticed some fine lines creeping their way across my face in recent years but while I was dabbing on some sample wrinkle cream I received I was completely shocked to notice the deep wrinkles forming in my forehead. Like Grand Canyon deep!

Okay, I may be exaggerating and all of the above may have made me obsess a little more about my aging., but is this normal at 30? I don’t buy in on all those ridiculously priced wrinkle creams and line fillers.  So what do you do? I say pour a glass of wine, turn on Netflix and say cheers to the next 10 years!

What makes you realize you’re no longer a Spring Chicken?

Have a fabulous weekend!

xoxo katie