How NOT to dry your Wedding Bouquet

Tips for brides to be:

I had the most gorgeous flowers at my wedding. I couldn’t have been happier with my florist, Stacia, at Petals with Style. All the wedding arrangements were beautiful combinations of peonies, garden roses, hydrangea, and a touch of dusty miller.

wedding flowers

The bouquets when the first arrived!

My bouquet was simply perfect. Fluffy, lush, and feminine – fitting my Secret Garden theme to a T. I had Stacia decorate my bouquet with my mother’s antique bracelets and a brooch to give it that soft vintage feel and an extra personal touch.

my wedding bouquet

I really wanted to preserve by bouquet. I pictured the dried version looking lovely atop my piano or in the china cabinet. I like so save e v e r y t h i n g. (Just ask my mother – my parent’s basement is still full of stuff from my childhood).

We had a day in between our wedding and the departure for our honeymoon. I took the time to google the best way to dry your wedding bouquet and decided that hanging it upside down in our dark basement would be best. I took the time to make sure it was perfectly secure and wouldn’t fall. I had terrible visions of it coming loose from the ribbon that I was using to secure it and getting totally crushed and crumbled on the concrete floor.

Well, I failed.

ruined bouquet

Upon returning from our honeymoon, I excitedly ran down to the basement to find that mold grew in between all of the flowers layers. Apparently, the basement was too damp. Silly me, I thought the humid 95 + degree garage would be too dry and hot. I was so sad. I thought that maybe if I hung it in the hot garage the mold would simply evaporate after a while.

I took this photo on Monday. Nearly four months after my wedding. The mold is still there. And what did I do after I took the picture? I hung the bouquet back upside down in the garage. I guess that’s its home now. Sad.


So – lesson learned, pick a hot and dry room over a dark and could be damp room if you want to dry your flowers.