Weekend Wrap-Up or How Michael Buble Saved Me

Saturday night was full of magic. It was one of those nights that reminded me just why I married Ryan. We went to see Michael Bublé in concert and spent the night singing to one another, chair dancing, and waving our hands. I love being cheesy! This was a long week for me, where I was desperately wondering how we were going to make it through the next two years. But Michael and his sweet charm and romantic tunes made it all better.

You see, Michael Bublé and I have some history. For one, I’ve always been in competition with him since he is Ryan’s biggest man crush. Secondly, when I found out Ryan loved Michael I knew he was my type. I love old jazz standards, ballads, and being swept off my feet by crooners. Most men that I knew wouldn’t admit to loving that feeling too, but not Ryan! Thirdly, our first dance at our wedding was Michael’s “Everything”. It was about time we met.

I could listen to Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, or Sammy Davis Jr. any day of the week. My living room is quickly transformed to a candlelit salon where my lover and I are dressed to the nines, martinis in hand, and celebrating life and love. I feel swept back to a time where it wasn’t unusual to make time for romance. When women were courted and wooed and love was still a little mysterious. And this all happens in the confines of my small living room.

Seeing Michael live brought that experience to a whole new level. Even though we were sitting up in the cheap seats, surrounded by people, we quickly felt like we were the only people in the room (er arena). In a live setting like that, Ryan and I were both totally present – both feeling the music and listening to the lyrics. Which is rare in our busy, barely have time to talk, schedules.  I felt in love with Ryan a little more that night. Oblivious to those all around us we chair danced our little hearts out, (forced to chair dance since those around us decided not to stand up, how lame were they?!). It felt like Michael was singing only for us.

Two weeks before our wedding,  we were totally crazy and decided to change our first dance to a choreographed routine to “Everything”. (it’s not like we already didn’t have enough on our wedding and law school plates). So, when Michael started singing “Everything” on Saturday night, I was transported back to those long nights that we practiced our choreographed routine.  Every night for two weeks we practiced and practiced either in our pj’s in our cramped living room, our hot and muggy garage, or, if we were feeling brave, at a studio at our YMCA.

In the end, our dance was choppy and clunky and not even close to professional. But to us, it was an awesome achievement and we had so much fun practicing and tripping over each others feet. I can’t tell you how many times Ryan almost dropped me during those lifts or how many times one of us almost gave the other a black eye from our arms wailing every which way.

I was an emotional mess the two weeks before our wedding. However, those couples hours a night that we shared with Michael Buble on repeat (and repeat and repeat and repeat) provided moments where I could giggle and have fun. I was reminded that this wedding, this day, and this dance were about us.

You can watch our First Dance here.

So, on Saturday night, Ryan and I were totally re enacting our dance moves – in our chairs. We must have looked ridiculous and I just LOVE being ridiculous.

After a Sunday routine of errands and the gym I whipped up some Mexican Corn Dip and these delicious cake batter party blondies (recipe from Gracie over at Girl Meets Life ) for my RDS meeting. BTW, I have since renamed these miraculous bites of heaven, Rainbow Brite Blondies.

Rainbrow Brite Blondies

My Rainbrow Brite Blondies (cake batter, sprinkles, and white chocolate)

You haven’t officially met the lovely ladies of RDS – but we’re all former colleagues who get together for a monthly meeting of the Red Drink Society. We call them meetings because we have some serious discussions over heavy eating and drinking.

I love it because we’re all different ages with all unique personalities. We’ve been meeting for over 3 years now and they’re like a family.

RDS wedding

The lovely RDS ladies at my wedding

This weekend full of love got me ready to conquer another week. Let’s do this!