Think Positive Monday: Live The Life You Imagine


(Think Positive Monday: sharing tips and keeping me in line to live a happier and more positive life)

“Look closely at the present you are constructing. It should look like the future you are dreaming.” Alice Walker

We all have hopes for what our future will look like. I’m a big day dreamer and one of my husband and I’s favorite things to do on Sunday evenings is to reflect on the weekend and talk about our hopes for the future. I like to think of it as our own unique type of church. It allows us to feel connected, fills us with hope and motivation, and ready to conquer a new week. 

But what about right now.

When you think about it, it’s truly tragic that most of us waste so much of our time hoping and pining for the near and distant future while we are ignoring the life we are currently living. 

Yes, hope is an important part of life. It’s spectacular to have goals and things to look forward to.

But let’s try not to pin all of our thoughts on the future. I’m guilty of saying things like, “When Ryan graduates”, “When we have a family”, “When we buy a house”, “When we live here” or even tinier things like “When the holidays are over”, “When it is warm out again”, “When I’m not so tired”. 

In order to reach those dreams I need to start the foundation of them now. It will take time and action. It will take more than sentimental thoughts and simple hopes and dreams shared over the sunset and a glass of wine. 

Yes we are all busy and yes we are all stressed. But happiness does not lie in future endeavours and plans, it lies in your present thoughts.

Don’t put off happiness. Only you can take charge of your hopes. Turn them into more than just dreams. Or else you will be continuously striving for something that is just out of reach. That happiness will elude you time and time again.

I’m going to start taking positive actions every day. I have to be happy now in order to be happy in the future. I want to paint my present life to look like the beautiful piece of artwork that is the star of my hopes. 




I got to have a little RESPECT

respect 2014 goals

The first few days of 2014 have been full of celebrating with many toasts, kisses, inspiration, and laughter. A great deal of ideas and hopes and promises for the upcoming year were thrown around. And now, I’m back at work and 2014 has me feeling a bit overwhelmed. Looking at this year ahead is filling me with anxiety. What if I can’t hold on to my promises? What if my hopes are simply too big? How do I get started? I feel like there is too much other “stuff” in the way, blocking me from all that I want to accomplish in 2014. What if I fail?

As I mentioned earlier this week, I don’t really do New Years Resolutions. I’d much rather have hopes. The word “goals” scares me a bit as it makes me figuratively run straight to those hills called “procrastination”. All over blogland, bloggers are choosing a single word for 2014. Their “mantra” for the upcoming year. I’ve decided to follow in those footsteps and after much thought I’ve chosen the word RESPECT. (feel free to sing it out like Aretha Franklin, I did!)

2014 is my year to respect my hopes and inspirations.

I tend to get lazy. I easily fall back on old habits. Or worse, I find myself putting others wants and needs before my own, letting my dreams settle like ignored dust bunnies under my desk. Today I chose to respect my hopes enough to put them first.

I vow to respect myself enough to know that I deserve all of my individual hopes and dreams. That I am good enough to obtain them and live them out.

I want to build confidence in myself, my work, and my, dare I say it, goal completion. I want to challenge myself in 2014 and give myself enough respect to know that I am stronger than I think.

Respect for my mind:

I hope to challenge my writing and this little blog and take it to new places.

I hope to get back to reading more often and a larger variety of literature.

I hope to take on new opportunities and to say “yes” more often.

Respect for my body: I hope to respect that my body and all of its flaw.I hope to stop being ashamed of those flaws.  I hope to take better care of it and give it love.

Body, it’s time for you and me to be friends. We have many years ahead together, and we can do so much.

Respect for my soul – I hope to nourish myself more. Leave more time for “me” as well as for the little family that is Ryan and I.

I hope to have more patience with myself and with Ryan.

I hope to be less afraid. To not back away from goals that seem too big or too long to obtain. Even things that seem so obtainable like saving more and spending less.

I hope to stop comparing myself and my life to others.

I hope to remember that I deserve to have my own hopes – and that they are okay even if they are different from others.

I hope to embrace my individuality.

I want to push open every window in my home and let in all the possibilities. Yes, some days it may rain. Some days it may be so cold that I just want to curl up in bed and forget everything else. But avoidance as not taken me where I want to be in life. I will get back up and attack the fears. I will leave the windows open. I will listen to and respect my hopes.I will respect my choices and go after my dreams.

I want to soak up so much of my life that its beauty radiates from me. I want to be full of beauty.

xoxo Katie





Weekend Wrap Up 11.11.13 Follow Your Bliss

follow your bliss

Today I feel a little bit like a kid who forgot to bring their homework to class. On Mondays I have been following the rule of posting a weekend wrap up, including pictures documenting the events of the past weekend. I took zero pictures this weekend! You can lower you eyebrows now – I simply took a little break from technology this weekend.

The weekend started off with a heavy dose of law school stress. I write often how I wish this hard time would go by faster. I hate seeing Ryan so stressed and unhappy. The heavy load of work, school, and finances hit us hard on Friday evening. I’ve been trying hard to follow my own advice and to not wish these rough times to pass. I’m making an effort to savor the waiting.

We allowed ourselves some tears and some time to wallow in the stress on Friday. Sometimes after you release that rage and wipe away the anger and tears the bigger picture looks so much clearer. I was able to come away with a new perspective and a goal to keep things simple.

An old boss had a signature phrase that I used to roll my eyes at; “Follow Your Bliss”. As a twenty-something I scoffed at this saying. I would think, well sure, I would just LOVE to follow my bliss, but how am I going to afford to go live at the beach and write poetry and novels with the man of my dreams and two little children running along the water’s edge? Sure boss, you followed your bliss because you had the money.

But now I see that your bliss doesn’t have to be a huge all encompassing dream. Your bliss can be something simple – anything that makes you smile, that makes your days a little more you. Following your bliss means creating your life to be a mirror image of YOU, of your thoughts, dreams, and hopes. It means filling up your days with actions and words that represent the heart of who you are as a person. Do what makes you happy. Create the changes you wish to see and be the type of person you dream of being with each little element of your day to day life. This is a rule that we all could strive to follow a little better, don’t you think?

So, this weekend I made sure to follow my bliss.

The rest of the weekend was filled with things that are signature happy Katie.

1. I jumped in on the Christmas spirit early. I love Christmas more than the average person – probably even more than a 5 year old. I love the warmth, the reminder to love each other, the festive decor, the excuse to celebrate and the magic of it all.

So, this weekend I decided it was time to start bringing Christmas to our home. I’m about 75% done with my shopping, bought some new decorations, played Christmas music all weekend and lit the Christmas tree scented candles.

2. I spent hours catching up with my bff Kay Marie and wedding planning! She was the maid of honor in my wedding (and did a fabulous job) and I am now able to return the favor as I am now the maid of honor in her wedding. Weddings and parties are a good second favorite after Christmas. I am so excited to be part of her wedding plans.

3. I danced around the kitchen to James Taylor as I made Pad Thai and baked some cookies – a home is complete when the kitchen is full of good scents and music. We ended the weekend together. There is no other bliss I love more than simple time with Ryan, bundled up with blankets, wine, a Christmas tree scented candle and freshly baked cookies.

This is what life is all about. As this is the month of Thanksgiving, I should be grateful for the hard times, as they remind me to enjoy the small things and to remember what makes me happiest and full of bliss.

xoxo katie


Someday I Will…

thoreau dreams

Today I’m linking up with the fun and hilarious Taylor over at The Daily Tay. Her link up discussing all the things that you hope to do “one day” is the perfect follow-up to my A Daily Intent post yesterday. (By the way, today’s daily intent is to stay focused at the task at hand, you can join in on the fun over at twitter!)

The Daily Tay

I’m a big dreamer. I believe that having my heads in the clouds helps my feet continue walking forward on the ground. I’m still turning into the woman I want to be – there are some many things I wish to do and see and accomplish. Some are silly, some are big.  Here’s a little list of what I hope to someday do:

Someday I will wake up on a weekday earlier than 15 minutes before I have to leave. I would like to NOT feel like I’m a refugee rushing around her house collecting all her belongings while a gunman is waiting outside. Perhaps you know, brush my hair and check to make sure I got the drool washed off my face. (some days are that bad, I work alone most of the time, so don’t worry).

Someday I will not care so much about what others think of me.

Someday I will fill up my gas tank before it is on empty. Every damn time.

Someday I will learn how to properly meal plan and make an accurate grocery list, and not end up at the grocery store every other day.  Also to stick to the list so I don’t end up with mostly random things in my cart.

Someday I will live in a house on the beach.

Someday I will learn how to properly apply make up other than eye make up. I never wear foundation or concealer and never learned how to.

Someday I will write my book. My character is getting tired of waiting.

Someday I will travel to Greece. To France. To Africa, To Spain.

Someday I will learn to control my anxiety and not feel like I’m about to have a heart attack in certain situations.

Someday I will print out all my photos on my computer. Years of photos.

Someday I will be that super healthy woman – not this 50/50 one that eats pretty healthy but then stuffs herself with ice cream sundaes and Chex Mix.

Someday I’ll have a beautiful wrap around porch perfect for wine sipping, reading, and gossip.

Someday I will have my dream job and be amazing at it.

I would love to hear some of your “Someday I will…” items. Share below or link up with The Daily Tay!

xoxo katie

The Daily Tay

How Do You Define “Us”?


The equally beautiful and challenging aspect about a marriage is the fact that you are bringing two different individuals together and creating a unified unit. Of course each individual brings their own family, friends, past experiences, and traumas with them. Within this partnership, all of your baggage and all of your significant other’s baggage are blended together. This in turn delivers new surprises, both pleasant and shocking, nearly every day.

You spend a large part of your young adult life figuring out who you are as a person.  (Some of us are still trying to figure that out.) You are constantly trying to figure out how you fit into this big world and what role you want to play. Remember being in grade school and having to answer questions like “what makes YOU special?” and the age-old, “what do you want to BE when you grow up”. We were forced to write those acrostic poems –as in, K A T I E, K – kind, A – awesome, T – Talented, I – Interesting, E – Energetic. We were always taught to establish ourselves as our own unique brand.

Now that you are a couple, you are bringing two unique brands together and merging into an incorporated company. Along with both of our pasts, Ryan and I are also merging all of our dreams for the future. To ensure we are building a strong foundation to live our most fulfilled and purpose driven life, I want to be sure to take the time to talk about what our life as a team looks like. We now must once again ask ourselves those familiar questions in respect to the couple we are now part of:

How do you define “us”? What do “we” look like?

The beautiful thing about being in a life long partnership like marriage is that you have a clean slate. With the help of our shared experiences we now can create a new definition of what we want our combined future to look like. Life is certainly full of ups and downs and I still expect to go through many more changes independently and as a couple. I understand that the true definition of who we are as a couple will evolve over time. However, a lot of who you become is up to you and your partner.

This is our chance to invent something that is truly unique to us.  The important questions for me are: What do we want to accomplish before starting a family? What type of parents do we want to be? What type of family will we be? What type of couple do we want to be in our sixties?  If you don’t make the time to define your identity as a couple, life will simply make choices for you by getting in the way. This is our opportunity to start a new chapter. Don’t forget that you are in charge of choosing your own beautiful little adventure.  Who do you want to be?