Fall Catch Up

How is it already November? I loved seeing everyone’s Halloween costumes this weekend. We had fun with our little pumpkin. 



As I’ve been mostly MIA I thought I’d give a little update on to how life currently is. 

We’ve had a busy and eventful Fall. Here are the big things we’ve been up to:

  • Loving life with Wyatt. It should be no surprise that my life now revolves around my little man. I’m trying to soak up as much time as I can before I go back to work. (more on that below) 


  • Life with a newborn is everything I imagined and nothing like I imagined. Some days time goes by so fast and other days seem to last an eternity. I feel like I have so much time and but then really have no time to do anything. I’m now driving again, not driving for 7 weeks was very hard. It’s a huge mood lifter to be able to get out of the house on my own or take walks with Wyatt. He’s such a good baby though, save for a general “witching hour” between 5-7 pm. I love all the cuddles.   image2 (1)
  • Celebrating the fact that Ryan passed the bar! We got the great news on October 9 and have been celebrating ever since. I was not surprised that he passed, but relieved that the stress of waiting to find out is over. He’s now busy applying for jobs after his clerkship, we hope to stay in the Lancaster area, so fingers crossed! ryanbar
  • Celebrating my Pop-Pop’s 90th Birthday! We had a huge party (89 guests! Can you believe a 90-year-old has that many friends?) for him on October 11. Fun was had by all and it was an honor to celebrate him and his love filled life with so many family and friends. P1000899
  • Spending a lot of time with  family. I love that Wyatt (and I) has such a strong supportive family. It really does take a village.  eandv


  • Going out on our first date since the baby. In typical new mom fashion, I got tipsy after one cocktail and we talked about the baby the whole night. image5 (1)
  • Learning to survive on little sleep. It’s still the hardest part of life with a newborn for me. The other day I almost went to the grocery store with my yoga pants inside out. Oops. 
  • Accepting bad news and transitioning roles: Last week I learned that roles at my work have been reorganized and my current workload and hours have been cut in half. I am still going back to work in two weeks, but only part-time. This was very hard news to accept. Sadly we need my income so this hits us pretty hard. It will be a struggle but we can handle it together. On the positive side I will have more time with Wyatt, which is huge. This news amongst Ryan passing the bar and loving his job feels almost like two steps forward one step back. As one friend told me, Wyatt will benefit from extra time with me and will never know that we have less money. I do believe things happen for a reason. We have Wyatt and everyone is healthy. This baby smile keeps me going!



It’s The Little Things

Maggie Loves Pumpkins
I’ve been sick since last Wednesday. A no fun, suck all the energy out of you sickness that as left me holed up at home. This past weekend was one of our most “free” weekends we’ve had for months. I decided to fill up any chance of doing anything for myself by being sick.

(side note: One of my least favorite things to do is call in sick to work. I always resort to feeling like a 10-year-old convincing my mom to let me stay home from school. Anyone else terrified to make that call? When you’re actually sick?)

It’s so easy to get down and out when you’re stuck at home sick. Everything seems hard and it seems like it will be forever until you’re feeling like yourself again. Fevers take over and you feel trapped. Finding a reason to smile just seems to hard to manage, rather fill up your time with another nap or trashy daytime tv.

When you’re feeling down even the simplest things can make you feel happier. This weekend it was the joy of my dog.

Maggie LOVES pumpkins. Like loves them almost as much as taking a walk, getting treats, or running loose outside. She’s our little veggie lover dog: she also loves the smell of green beans, cucumbers, all other squash, and loves to eat edamame.

maggie sniffs out pumpkins
 Every fall we go through mini pumpkins like water for her. She loves to push them around in the house and carry them around. We cannot have too many mini pumpkins on display in our house. As soon as she spots them she makes them hers. Its starts with a slow creepy stare from across the room and soon she has her nose right up in the them and is barking at them. 

maggie pumpkins
Seeing her joy over a mini pumpkin made my weekend.  I trudged back into work today but was able to greeted by an over zealous Maggie and her pumpkin after work. 

Maggie Loves Pumpkins from KatieMacDonald on Vimeo
Remember that last time something that little made you that happy? Why do we adults lose sight of the little joys in our lives? So often they make all the difference. 

Are you a book lover like me? Stay tuned tomorrow when I start a new series: Recently Read reviewing the last few books I’ve read. Let’s talk books!



The Changing of the Seasons


I can’t go half a day without hearing someone screaming the merits of fall from the rooftops. 

I’m not ready.

It can’t be real. This undying love for Fall. It must be a marketing ploy, right? All these people are just brainwashed by Starbucks and the fashion industry to go out and consume and promote everything related to Fall and cooler weather. Right?

Are these fall fans the equivalent of an insecure teenager that has to defend every choice they make? Are they so depressed that summer is over and rather than wallow in self-pity as they pack away their bathing suits and sunscreen while they prepare their souls to battle another cold winter they make over the top lists of what they LOVE most about fall?

They must have good therapists. 

The changing of the seasons.

I can’t get into it. I’m not ready to say goodbye to summer.

We spent the long holiday weekend at a lake in north-east PA. We spent the whole time boating, swimming, eating, and drinking. I’m still exhausted. It was perfect.

On the drive up through the mountains I couldn’t help but notice that a small amount of leaves were already changing colors.

Ryan jokingly asked if he should pull over the car so I could go give those leaves a piece of my mind. That wouldn’t be a stretch, me being the crazy woman on the side of the turnpike yelling “Don’t change! It’s not allowed!” 

Yes, that’s what it really comes down to.


I’m not good with change.

 I’m terrified of what lies ahead, of the unknown. We are all just blind people. Not knowing where life will take us. 

The changing of the season’s reminds us of that. We’re never in control.  

No matter how much we praise the warm full sun it will still descend into the horizon, off to play with the other side of the world. We can admire the soft green grass and the vibrant trees but the grass will still turn brown and stiff and the leaves will die and fall to the ground.

Nature, it has some humor doesn’t? Making us work hard and rake up those dead leaves while we mourn them. 

Spring and Summer are full of hope, of new birth, and a chance to dream and live with a little more freedom. Summer days are full of leisure, even though our schedules are generally more full in the summer than the winter. The warm sun greets us with open arms, making it easy to make hopeful plans for the future while in her company.

And then the sun abandons us. Our hopes prove to be silly little ideas.

In Fall I often feel like a hung over college student, cringing while looking back at the previous night’s events. Summer made us so young and naive. So free. Those dreams looked so promising through our big Ray Bans but in September, as the sun sets earlier and earlier each night,  they look like childhood fantasies. 

Seasons are a reminder that nothing is permanent. 

Like always, I’ll fight change for a bit until I realize I’m wasting time fighting when I could be living.

Soon enough I’ll be burning pumpkin candles and living in infinity scarves, but this girl has always needed a little bit of time to sort things out her way. (I hope you know I’m not just talking about the seasons anymore.)

Change. She sure sneaks up and knows how to ruin a good party. But she’s  been playing this game for far longer than my mind can even comprehend. I’ll try to trust her a little bit better.

Not only with this whole changing of the season’s thing, but with everything. 

xoxo Katie

Weekend Wrap Up 11.4.2013 Day at the Bay

We sadly said goodbye to the long days this weekend and ushered in colder weather and 5:00 p.m. sunsets. It’s that time of year to cozy up indoors under blankets. Friday night I had a wild and crazy night in, cooking and baking up a storm before settling down to catch up on our DVR.

On Saturday, Ryan and I celebrated one of the last warmer days with a day trip down to Havre de Grace , the most northern town on the Chesapeake Bay. This quaint port town marks the spot where the great Susquehanna River empties into the Chesapeake Bay.

Ryan and Katie Havre de Grace

It also coincidently was our 5 months wedding anniversary – and since we like to celebrate all special moments, big and small, we decided to toast to love!

We started with a little lunch complete with two martinis, Caramel Apple and Flirtini for me. They said “mini martinis”, you could get two for the price of one “regular” size one, but these were pretty large and hit the spot!

katie martnis


fish tacos

After lunch we explored the town, and ventured around the waterfront. The fall foliage was simply beautiful set against the Bay. Havre de Grace is home to the Concord Point Lighthouse, built in 1827. The keepers house was so adorable. After enjoying the views, we sat outside on the waterfront for what I believe will be our last outdoor drink of the year. Cheers!

fall on the bay

katie fall



old bank

french bakery

steam boat


keepers house


ryan fall

sunset 2

house on hill

katie and ryan


xoxo katie

Weekend Wrap Up – Celebrating Fall 10.13.2013

This weekend was a weekend set aside to stay at home and recharge our batteries. Ryan and I have had busy weekends since Labor Day weekend – most of the time going away for the weekend. So we really needed to devote some time to our home and to each other.

We nested, cooked, and celebrated all things Fall!

Fall Indian Corn

Saturday we woke up early and hit a local farmer’s market. We scored some beautiful pumpkins and produce for great prices. Check this out, we got 4 pumpkins, 4 gourds, Indian corn, mums, a cauliflower, spaghetti squash, two acorn squash, 3 tomatoes, 1 pepper, 2 zucchini, spinach, 5 apples, and apple butter all for $30.00!

Maggie is o b s e s s e d with pumpkins. She turns into a frisky little puppy when you give her a mini pumpkin. It’s the cutest thing ever. We let her push it and carry is around until it starts to resemble a wilted prune. After we had to take it away from her she proceeded to bark and beg for all the other pumpkins on display around the house.

maggie pumpkin

It was then time to Fallorize our home (yep making up words over here).

fall decor fall decor mum pumpkins fall decor 3 fall decor in sewing drawer

Ryan had a paper to slave over and I needed to get started on our de clutter project. I locked myself in our office and after 5 hours I had 8 bags of stuff to get rid of. 4 Goodwill bags and 4 large bags of trash. It felt like a huge weight being lifted off my shoulders. I’ve been putting off this project for weeks.

We then hit the kitchen. Over Saturday and Sunday we managed to make:

Acorn Squash

Stuffed Acorn Squash (do you want my recipe?)

Huge batch of Baked Apple Oatmeal


Homemade Peanut Butter

Skinny Eggplant Rolitini.

Our fridge is full of yummy goodness.

After Ryan finished his paper on Sunday we were able to relax together; took a long walk with Maggie and then sat our on our deck with wine and candles to enjoy a brisk Fall Sunday night.

For the first time in a long time, I woke up Monday morning feeling rested and ready to conquer the work day. I really need to set aside more weekends like this.

How did you enjoy your weekend?

xoxo katie

Fall Goals Update – Confession – I’ve Failed



fall goals


So, back at the beginning of September I made a list of Fall Goals. Honesty, I though I was being easy on myself. I promised you an update – and let me be honest. I failed miserable at my goals. Life once again got in the way and the idea of doing most of my goals made we want to run away from my house and curl up and take a nap.

I made these goals with the hope that I’d find a better sense of calm and happiness and I’m still on that road. I’ve always been known to procrastinate, maybe this pressure is exactly what I need.

Anyways here is my “update” (if you can call it that…because honestly It’s just me re-listing the same list as before as the changes are so small).

Clean out closets and donate clothes  I’ve started doing this. I threw out a bunch of clothes that I had hanging around since high school (yeah like 14-year-old sweatshirts) just for sentimental reasons. I also made a quite large donation pile. This was hard. It took a lot out of me. Queue eye rolls. But, I’ve made a dent. 

Resist buying any clothes until November  FAILED! I Failed at this pretty instantly, meaning I broke this rule only after 4 days! I ended up buying a few sale items from Old Navy and a new pair of boots (I DID return another pair though first!). But – I haven’t bought anything since the first week in September. Yay!

Organize office I cleared off the top of the desk….that’s it…the rest of the office looks like a storage facility. 

Print photos from wedding and other recent events for albums and frames  Haven’t even started

Learn more than just 4 settings on my camera   Haven’t even started

Wake up earlier on the weekends  Fail

Do more than 12 full push ups at a time   I can now do this! Yay! success at the easiest item!

Stop late night snacking and wining – step away from the cheese, pretzels, and wine  I cut back on this 50%

Do I need more motivation? Did I set my standards too high? If you read my post on living a happier clutter free life you know I’m determined to make my home a stress free place.   I’m still giving myself til the end of November.

  xoxo katie

Fall Goals

fall goals

Yes, I’m doing this! I’m making this goal list public so I can be held accountable. I put off many things this summer while I celebrated my marriage for a good three months – we lived life to the fullest but I didn’t get a lot of the smaller goals completed. I pushed a lot of mess under beds and into closets and ignored the pile up of junk mail, magazines and stuff. Most of which I have no idea what it is. Whatever it is, it’s just sitting in piles all over my house.

I made this list small. My tendency when making goals is to focus on other things that seem so much more important, like online shopping, watching crappy reality TV (The Vineyard anyone?), and getting sucked into Tumblr and Facebook. I need to face the facts that those things really don’t make me happy.

It’s time to get back to building a foundation for a happy life. And believe me, the completion of each of these goals will be met with a little celebration of its own. Yeah celebrations!

eleanour roosevelt

Clean out closets and donate clothes 

Resist buying any clothes until November

Organize office

Print photos from wedding and other recent events for albums and frames

Learn more than just 4 settings on my camera

Wake up earlier on the weekends

Do more than 12 full push ups at a time (yeah I can’t do that and I work out a lot!)

Stop late night snacking and wining – step away from the cheese, pretzels, and wine

I’ll update ya’ll at the end of September!

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