Baby Mac is a….


On Saturday, our parent’s threw us a little get together with friends and family to reveal the sex of Baby Mac. It was a lot of fun to have our families together and to see some of my close girlfriends.

This adorable cake, ordered from Oregon Dairy, is filled with either pink or blue layered icing. (if you follow me on instagram then you already know the results! )

We lucked out with the most beautiful day! 


Ryan and I had our anatomy scan on Friday. The sex of the baby was noted but only my Mom found out. For the next 32 hours she kept it a secret and I avoided her at all costs.

Ryan and I kept busy with continuing to clean out the spare room for the nursery and we also bought the crib on Saturday! (Thanks to my in-laws!)

Meanwhile my mom kept busy organizing the party, she had so much fun and it showed! Everything was so cute. Thanks Mom! 



The anticipation of not knowing was getting so hard for Ryan and I. But after seeing the image of Baby Mac squirming around during our ultrasound we both made guesses and were 90% SURE that we were going to be right. Maybe I believe in mother’s intuition after all?

Either way, everyone placed their guesses and we had fun with these cute lipstick and mustache sticks my friend Kay made for us. 


Ok! Finally ready to cut the cake! And Baby Mac is a………






Ryan and I were right! Isn’t weird how when we looked at the little guy during the ultrasound we just had a gut feeling we were looking at our SON? Wow! We’re going to have a little boy! This makes everything feel so much more real.

You bet we went out on Sunday and purchased a few adorable little baby boy clothes as well as started dreaming up the nursery. We are so excited and can’t wait to meet our little boy. 

xoxo Katie

Boy or Girl?


This morning we had our anatomy ultrasound. What an amazing experience. I cried as soon as Baby Mac appeared on screen. I could look at our little baby on that screen all day. It took over an hour and we saw every little nook and crannie of the baby.

The sex of Baby Mac was shared with my mom. And only my mom. Ryan and I will learn what our future holds, a little Miss or a little Mr. tomorrow night. Why do we torture ourselves so? Because I love the anticipation and build up! (but not enough to not know until birth) 

When you get pregnant, the first question many people ask you is, “What do you think you are having?”

And the old cliche is 100% true. I only want a healthy baby. After waiting for so long for this child, I just want a baby that has no health problems and is happy to be loved. 

But it’s also true that at times parents to be picture something a little more specific. 

In the very beginning I thought boy. But the further my pregnancy progressed the more and more I kept envisioning a baby girl. Ryan thinks it’s a girl and, well, Maggie thinks it’s a poodle. 

I don’t know if I believe in a mother’s intuition in predicting the gender, I just think that since I was a little girl I’ve always envisioned having a baby girl. After years of playing with dolls and make believe, it’s the way my brain has been conditioned.

All my dolls were girls. All my imaginary children when playing house were girls. I always pictured them as little miniature versions of myself. Quiet, observant, perceptive little girls that loved to learn, imagine, and live in their own worlds. I pictured ruffles, bows, and darling dresses. I pictured Barbie, stuffed animals, and baby dolls galore. I imagined dress up and tea parties and becoming her best friend, like I am with my own mom.  

So with all that said, I think my “intuition” that Baby Mac is a girl is only my brain’s conditioned way of saying “this is what I always thought.”

I know that most of my description of a girl can be same qualities little boys inhabit. I know I’m stereotyping, but this was an imagined mother child relationship that started when I was old enough to imagine such a thing. 

It’s cliché, but in reality I know that I will be head over heels no matter the sex of the baby. I’m already so much in love with this child that I can’t imagine my heart getting any more full.

I cry almost every day picturing what our future life with Baby Mac will look like. The tears are heavy and full. The sex doesn’t change those overwhelming feelings of joy. That joy is about sharing a world with a brand new little person. About teaching them about love, hope, and adventure.

A little girl will be fun and precious and remind me of my own childhood. But a little boy will be an adventure, a way to explore parts of myself that maybe have been quiet since I was too young to think “stop jumping in mud puddles you should act like a girl!”A little boy would be a way to learn new things about myself and men. A chance to raise a good man.

We have three names picked out for each sex and have loved looking at various boy and girl nursery themes and clothes. I believe that after tomorrow the rest of my pregnancy will fly by with all of the preparations we’ve been putting off until the sex was revealed. 

I’m going through so many emotions right now and can’t wait to see what our future is going to look like.

To keep it fun, I’ve had a few laughs by trying to predict the gender by what old wives’ tales say. Most of them are so over the top silly! 

boy or girl

 Have any of these predictions been right for you? Did you predict the sex of your baby?

xoxo Katie