A Little Life Update


We’re back from vacation and ready to live out the rest of this summer and this pregnancy. (5 more weeks to go!)

It’s been awhile since I gave an update on what is going on (other than pregnancy updates). So I thought I’d pop in quick to fill you in.


  • Ryan started a new job yesterday. Yes, the Monday after we returned from vacation. He is proud to be a law clerk for a family law judge in Wilmington, DE. This is a great one year opportunity and so far he likes everything about it.
  • We are NOT moving. I feel like a crazy person when I tell people this because at first we were going to move last year, and then we were going to move this summer before the baby, and then changed our minds and decided to move in the Fall after the baby arrived. Well, now we’re just not going to move at all. Ryan will have an hour and ten minute commute to Wilmington but we both decided that staying in our current house is what is best for our family. It felt silly (and expensive) to move away from family support and my job for less than a year. We are both relieved with this decision. I was so stressed about packing and moving with a newborn and I do like our home and neighborhood. 
  • So since we are not moving, I’ve dived head first into setting up a permanent nursery for Baby Mac. I now understand why they say it’s best to do this in your second trimester, because I have zero energy to get anything done. His room (our former office) currently looks like Babies R Us exploded in it. I’m tackling it bit by bit and have loved picking every little detail out. I can’t wait until it’s complete, hopefully after this weekend. The baby’s room is going to be the nicest room in our whole house!
  • Now that I know we are staying here, I get very excited picturing the moments we will share with Baby Mac in this home. I can’t wait for snuggles on our couch and bed, for long walks on our numerous walking paths, and sunny afternoons outside with Maggie.
  • It’s been a very busy and fun summer but I have made very little plans for the rest of the month. I’m looking forward to simply sleeping and resting (while I still have the chance to). I have high hopes of getting the house super organized, preparing some freezer meals, and cleaning, but taking care of myself will come first.IMG_0782.JPG
  • I have fivish more weeks until the baby is due and it is seriously scary. I feel like there is still so much to do. I have someone who will be covering my job during my maternity leave, which is a huge relief. I’m currently worrying too much about my boss and my job and how it will get done while I’m gone and how hard it will be to go back. I truly hope those anxieties lessen once the baby arrives.

And that’s basically our life in a nutshell right now! How are you spending your August?  


Celebrating a New Chapter!

I had full intentions of coming here yesterday, on Monday, to start a brand new series that I”m very excited about. 

But, life got in the way. Like it does.

But it got in the way in a wonderful way. 

We have very exciting news to share from the MacDonald household. (no, I’m not pregnant).

Ryan has accepted a job offer for after he graduates from law school. He will be leaving the DA’s office behind and moving on to a new city and new experiences and I can’t wait to be part of the journey with him. 

I’ve been a little quiet lately while we were in the midst of countless interviews and waiting time periods. We knew a move was most likely inevitable but had no idea where life was going to take us after law school.  

After months of stress, worrying and hoping, we now know where we will be come next year. 

I feel like I can breathe again. We are so very excited to start this new chapter of our life. 

Thank you for all the support!

Katie and Ryan