Sweet, Sweet Summertime


What is it about summer that makes it possible to feel so free, so brave, and so uninhibited? How quickly we forget the frozen winter, the months spent curled up in layers upon layers where we sat cursing mother nature. Is it the sun? Does she make us drunk on heat and hope and on wearing the bare minimum of clothing? 

It lures us in with the promise of rest and relaxation. A time to renew yourself. In the winter we look at the weeks ahead spread out in front of us, days upon days of sipping cocktails on the porch while getting lost in good book. Of early morning and late nights that seem never-ending. Then, just like that it’s gone. 

Just like that. It’s July. Where did June go? 

Our summer has been overflowing. With fun, with trips, with disappointment, with weddings, with celebrations, and with low bank accounts. With wine, and books, and long walks and talks on Adirondacks. 


In June we celebrated our first anniversary and my parents 40th anniversary. We celebrated a bachelorette party and my dad’s birthday and Father’s day. Crabcakes, and wine, and cake, and champagne, and martinis, and cheese, and ice cream. 


We went to a wedding and danced in a field. I celebrated with good women friends with dinners and talks in the kitchen and long walks in the park. We played tourist in our own town and visited a new winery. We bawled our way through The Fault in Our Stars. We laughed our way through the second season of Orange is the New Black. I loss brain cells by getting addicted to the horrible I Wanna Marry Harry. But it made me laugh during a time when I just wanted to cry. So I said it was a win. 


This past weekend we cleaned and I crafted and designed for another wedding. We went to a local theatre production of Les Miserables. I think this was about my 5th time I’ve seen Les Mis on stage. I’m obsessed. This show was a huge part of my childhood. I’d listen to the cassette tape for hours. I’d sit at the piano and play and sing every song over and over. I have every single line memorized. In case you’re wondering, no this did not make me hugely popular.

I enjoyed this smaller production with Ryan and even more so because one of our friends was part of the ensemble. It rivaled Broadway productions in heart and soul. Afterwards we hit the town for a few drinks. Sunday, we sat for hours outside reading. This weekend I finished “The Paris Wife” and “We Were Liars”. Both amazing. Later we enjoyed dinner with my parents out our neighborhood bar and grill.


This summer has been beautiful. We enjoy lingering out on our deck for as long as possible. Talking about every little thing and making dreams for the future. We are filled with hope.  Above, the stars light the country sky, demanding attention. But, don’t they know that all that is worth celebrating is right down here on earth, right here, between the two of us? 


xoxo Katie

Five Friday Favorites – Guilty Pleasures 10.11.2013

Five Friday Favorites

I’m devoting this week’s Friday Favorites to five of my top guilty pleasures. It seems that most people’s “guilty pleasures” come out in slightly tipsy moments over cocktails or when you’re having a moment of female bonding. A woman might bashfully admit that yes, she does indeed have every single season of The Hills on DVD or that she can’t seem to quit rocking out to Selena Gomez (this may have been another way for me to slip in an extra two of my guilty pleasures here). But are these things really something to hide away and feel guilty over?

If something makes you happy, why do you have to hide it away? If a person is going to judge me over something as small as my choice in music or my opinion on a movie then they aren’t the type of friend I want to have anyways.

Life is too short, have fun, and let your freak flag fly! Who knows when you’ll meet someone who shares your same “guilty” pleasure!

My top five not so guilty pleasures:

1. Ketchup

ketchupI love ketchup. I love to slather my fries and mac and cheese in it, make ketchup and bread sandwiches, and use it has a dressing in a bind. This may seem like a weird “guilty” pleasure but ketchup is what triggered the whole idea of this particular post. Last weekend while having brunch with friends, I dipped my pickle into ketchup, like I always do and a friend shouted out, “oh my god, did you just put your pickle in ketchup?” I boldly replied, “yes!”. His response? “I love to do that to, but I’m always afraid to do it in front of people!” Do not hide your ketchup away people!

2. Taylor Swift

Taylor SwiftI love this girl with every inch of my soul. I can sing every song from every album by heart. I don’t care how ridiculous she is. I don’t care that she is still surprised every time she wins an award. I ignore all the bad press she gets over relationships (come on, this girl is way too busy to hold a man!) She is like the little sister I never had. I started listening to her when I broke up with my ex fiance and I would cry and cry and cry and it felt okay. She kept me going. More recently, Ryan used “Love Story” to propose to me. He has had to listen to her albums on repeat in my car since we started dating. Bless him. The two concerts I’ve attended have been two of the best performances. The girl has ambition, drive, talent, and isn’t afraid to be herself.

3. Us Weekly

At my first “real job” out of college we did a meet and greet around the conference table. We were to say one thing that most people don’t know about us. I said, “My favorite thing about Friday is going home to collect the newest Us Weekly from my mailbox.” They’ll looked at me like I was crazy. I thought it was a light and fun response especially since we worked at a magazine, I thought knowing that I still care about paying for a printed subscription would matter. Apparently, it just made me sound shallow and stupid. Oh well, their loss for being Judgy McJudgersons. I love celebrity gossip. I know way too much. I also save them. If you’d visit my basement it’s like a celebrity gossip museum. I have every “important” gossip magazine (especially if it involves Miss Britney Spears) starting from 1998. It’s a serious business.

4. Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars

I love my teen dramas. I love the bad acting, the clothes, the drama. Pretty Little Liars knows what they are doing. I’m so hooked that I have a countdown on my phone to when the next pivotal episode airs. I screamed at the TV screen at the mid-season four finale this summer. I read all the theory blogs and have read the books. If I don’t find out who A is soon I’ll tear my hair out and end up at Radley. (By the way, all previous seasons are on Netflix – don’t worry I won’t tell anyone)

I couldn’t live with out musicals. Emotions are simply better said in song. I just love feeling all the feelings! I was raised on the above musicals and as a child I re enacted scenes from all of them on my parents balcony. An early career ambition was to be a lyricist. I thought it was normal to know all the words to these popular songs – and then was sad to know that most people never even heard of them. Then there is me, who goes around thinking, wow this would be the perfect moment to pause and sing. It’s like having a sound track to your life, how cool is that?

xoxo katie