Wyatt: 6 Months

wyatt6months1 wyatt6months2              IMG_3866  Wyatt turned six months on Monday and we just had his check up this morning.

Six months! How can it be that our little man has been in our lives for half of a year?  


He has grown so much, both physically and developmentally this past month. He’s starting to look and act more like a little boy each day. My baby is growing up!

Overall he is a very happy and smiley baby. He brightens up our days with his huge toothless grin and loves to “flirt” with almost everyone. 

IMG_3902 Weight:  17 pounds 3.5 ounces

Length: 27.25 inches

Hair: brown

Eyes: Blue

Nicknames: Wy, Wy-Wy, Mr. Man. Mr. Stinky 


Likes: Singing and music. He loves the Hot Dog Song from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, (even if he’s never seen the show) He goes legit berserk whenever we play the song on our phones. He also loves just rolling around on the floor and exploring. 

Dislikes: Going down for a nap, going to bed at night, and waking up from a nap. He basically hates to sleep. I don’t get it. 


Clothing and Diapers: He’s mostly all in 3-6 month clothing and size 2 diapers and still using cloth diapers about 50% of the time. 

Sleep: It’s feeling pretty non existant. Some nights I feel like I’m dealing with a dictating newborn again. At night he’s up every 2-3 hours and the only thing that calms him down is the boob. I’m tired. He’s tired. Everyone is cranky. We have a solid bedtime routine. He is sleepy at night. He CAN self soothe. We have a lovely crib for him to sleep in. He rolls over onto his belly and gets very frustrated that he can’t roll back. Starts screaming and he ends up in his co-sleeper or in the rock n play by 12. 


Feeding: He eats every 3 hours.  Still exclusively breast-fed. On Sunday we fed him his first solids: banana! He was very intrigued and it was a very messy and fun experience. 

DSC_1291 DSC_1308

Wyatt’s First Food: Banana! from KatieMacDonald on Vimeo.

Milestones: Holding up his head very well. Almost sitting up. Rolling over a lot, but still hasn’t fully mastered rolling over from belly to back. Playing in his activity center. Eating bananas. “Talking” more. Blowing raspberries. Lots of drool but no teeth yet. Reaching his arms up to be picked up. 


Favorite Things: Hot Dog Song, Peekaboo books, Mr. Brown Can Moo book, bear sleepy stuffed animal, jelly cat kitty tail book, wubanubs, pulling of socks, eating feet, balls, playing peekaboo, rolling over, soothing teething keys. Playing with his feet.


What I want to remember:

How happy he is to see Daddy when he comes home from work.

They way he reaches up to us to be picked up now.

How his giggles are the best sound ever. 

The rare moments he still wants me to hold him whiles he’s napping. 


Dear Wyatt,

You are turning into a little guy with such a happy and fun personality. You think life is just so much fun that you never want to miss a beat or close your eyes to sleep. Waking up to your big beautiful smile everyday makes my life worth living, even after sleepless nights. You help me relax and realize that life is short and full of new things. I hope that I’m doing everything I can to provide you with the best babyhood. The days are going by too fast. I love you so much little guy. I can’t wait to get outside and experience Spring with you. 

IMG_3870 IMG_3615 IMG_3921 IMG_3860


Down By the Bay with Wyatt from KatieMacDonald on Vimeo.



Make Good Choices and Other Advice From My Mom

words of advice from my mother  My mom is my best friend. 

A decade ago that statement would have made me cringe. As a teenagar my mom was my mom. She was my biggest critic, making me second guess my choices constantly. She was a person to keep secrets from, to roll my eyes at, and to groan about with my friends. After any sort of disagreement or hormonal temper tantrum I’d stomp upstairs, slam my door, and cry, “You don’t understand me! You don’t care how I feel!”

Then, just as quickly as backyard bbq’s and sun burned shoulders revolve into cozy scarves and raking leaves, I stopped seeing my mom as my mom. My teenage female hormones dissipated, I went away for college, and almost overnight she transformed from being my mom into being a person.

advice from my mom, mother's day

Her stories, lessons and words of advice were more relatable. I now listened with a more serious heart, knowing that these words were coming from experience, from love. I learned to lean on her more as a friend and to let her lean on me in times of need as well. 

I reflect on those times where I swore she didn’t understand me and see that, in reality, she understood me all too well. Who else could know me better than the woman who shaped me into who I am, who has stood by me since my first heartbeat in her womb? I’m grateful for her criticism, her rules, her boundaries, her stories, her advice, her desire to let me learn. 

I’m still learning.

But I know that I can’t imagine a day without her in my adult life.

happy mother's day advice from my mom

Yes, of course she taught me all the things mothers are to teach their children: how to bathe yourself, how to tie your shoes, how to have good manners, all those basic survival tips. But she has given me so much more. She’s given me a positive and lifelong mentor for all arenas of my life. How to be a good friend, a good wife, a good mother, a good employee, a good human being.

I see her or talk to her nearly every day and can’t imagine not. I call her up frantically for advice on anything from cooking to relationships, to helping me choose which dress to buy. We share the ins and outs of our friendships and our family issues. And I hope I’m as good of a friend to her as she is to me. 

Countless times a day I find myself listening to her voice in my head, guiding my decisions. From our days of reading Charlotte’s Web in bed to dealing with mean girls at school to my fist boyfriend and to planning my wedding my mom as been shaping and molding me into the best woman I can be. 

In honor of Mother’s Day I wanted to share some of my favorite words of advice from my Mom:

Make Good Choices

To this day my Mom says this line to me as I’m leaving for a weekend or big event. Every time I left the house has a teenager or even in my twenties my mom would kiss me and shout this over my head as I trotted out to my car. Back then I’d roll my eyes as I’m driving away thinking, “What does SHE know about my choices? I ALWAYS make good choices!”

No Katie, you don’t. I can think of MANY times where you didn’t make the right choice. And my mother’s guilt was always in my head. 

Isn’t this what all mothers hope for their children? That they raised them well enough that they know when to do the right thing out in the real world? That against the odds they will stand up and know when to make the RIGHT choice?

It Takes All Types

My mom would always say this whenever I was being critical or judgemental of anyone that was different or “weird”. And she’s right. We all work together to make this world work. The world would be incomplete without the anti social science guys and the stuck up mean girls. Yes even that weird old man that we see every weekend at the market without any teeth that is always humming and talking nonsense. Acceptance was always a priority in our home. 

If You Don’t Have Anything Nice To Say, Don’t Say Anything At All

Oh how I wish more people would hear my mom saying this every time they say something mean about someone or something or just plain complain. Focus on the positive. Don’t say mean things just to be mean. 

Be A Good Friend

Even when your friends aren’t being good friends. Even when you feel like all you are doing is giving. Even when it’s not the “cool” thing to do. My mom always pushed me to be kind first. 

Get It Done Today

I’m a procrastinator, always have been. Yet, whenever I listened to when my mom said, “Just do it and get it over with” I never regretted not putting off a project, errand, or annoying task. Why waste time mulling over having to do something when you could do it, get it over with, and move on to something you actually want to do?

Always Be On Time

My mom is NEVER late. She makes her scheduled commitments a priority. This shows people that your are dependable, loyal, and committed to the date. Now most of the time I’m always on time (except for work, somehow I manage to be late for work). But, with always being on time comes the horrible fact that you’ll be completely annoyed whenever anyone is late to meet you. 

And on a less serious note: Nude Underwear is Always The Best Choice

Okay, Mom you are correct. Even though I still prefer pretty colors and patterns, nudes go with everything and are discreet and classic and remain hidden under most fabrics and colors. (They also remain hidden under pale pink bridesmaid dresses at my wedding, but that is a story for another time and place).

What can I say? Mom, you’re always right!

Mom, on this Mother’s Day and on every other day I hope you know how much I respect and love you as both my friend and mother. Thank you for being the best role model for all my relationships. I can’t wait to see what else I learn from you in the future. My heart will always belong to you, forever entwined, since our first moments together. 

words of advice from my mom

 What have you learned from your Mother?

xoxo Katie