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Mr. Thomas and Me

Today I’m participating in Amber’s, from Mr. Thomas and Me, #SayYESproject! Every month women share something, big or small, that they decided to say YES to instead of NO. The results? New experiences, new perceptions, new lessons, and new adventures. Just think – how many times have you said no when you could have said yes?

In the scheme of all the times I could have said “yes” in my life, my December “yes” isn’t that big. But, I stretched myself.

No lie, December is always a PACKED month. Work is always busy with wrapping up loose ends before the end of the year, there are things to do around the house to get ready for Christmas, decorating, wrapping, baking, and cooking and there are countless family get togethers, Christmas parties, and friends visiting.

Stress can sneak in very easily. And, if you read my post yesterday, you know that I really need some “me time” to recharge and can’t be always going going going with all the social events.

But in the beginning of December I decided to say “YES”. I decided to not turn down any party or social even that fit into my calendar.

When invites to parties, dinners, or drinks came my way, I said “yes”.

Even when I felt like going home to take a nap or to curl up peacefully to watch a holiday movie, I said “Yes”. to going out rather than choosing to say home and to rest and recuperate with a favorite holiday movie.

My December was full of fun, holiday craft night, girls nights out, dinners with friends, a random afternoon movie, and a weekend in NYC. Every spare moment we had we tried to spend with our families – lingering a little longer and taking a random trip down to see Ryan’s family 1.5 hours away. Even when Ryan and I were at home together we planned special evenings with fun new activities at home, rather than just doing whatever (ie sit and watch Netflix).

I don’t have too many pictures because I was simply busy having fun!

Christmas get together



So now you ask, “What did you learn?” Well, by saying “Yes” to so many different things in December I came to the realization that I shared yesterday. I overbooked. I was exhausted and started feeling sick.
Yes, I had  A LOT of fun. It was great to connect with so many people through out one month. I truly believe that connection is what we are all searching for in this world.
But I was missing the connection I need with myself. January is slowing down and now I’m saying “yes” to taking care of myself too. Even if that means missing out on something fun.
Join the “#SayYesproject” on February 5. Share YOUR challenge and story!

5 Friday Favorites – Halloween Edition!

Five Friday Favorites


I decided to walk down Halloween memory lane and post my 5 favorite Halloween costumes of all time. This was tough to decide. How to combine the innocent and fun costumes of my youth with the slightly risqué costumes I choose in college and lastly those more boring adult costumes? Well, don’t hold your breath, I saved you from the college costumes. Well…all except for one. I still celebrate Halloween with the spirit of  a child and simply love dressing up. So let’s dress up, pass around the Reese’s Peanut Butter cups, and party!


Costume: The Witch

Age: 5

Verdict: Adorable

I loved the fake hair attached to this vinyl witch hat. Also, doesn’t my brother look pretty cool as Dracula? This was the first year I got to experience the awesomeness of dressing up at school! (I don’t think they allow that anymore)



Costume: Fairy Princess

Age: 6

Verdict: So Sweet

I LOVED this costume. The wings, the tiara, the sparkles, and the plethora of pink! But wow mom, think you could have put anymore blush or bright blue eye shadow on me? I may or may not still have those fairy wings and they may or may not have been used for a Tinker Bell costume in college….

halloween fairy princess


Costume: Scary Old Lady

Age: 10

Verdict: Creepy!

This was a surprising choice for my little girly self. You’d think I’d continue along the princess route – but no I wanted to be creepy! I remember picking out this mask at Rebmans – the go to costume shop. By the time Halloween rolled around I had trained myself to breathe in this sweaty plastic mask and had perfected the most creepy old lady voice and laugh and walk. I had so much fun!

haloween old lady


Costume: Dorothy from Wizard of Oz

Age: 22

Verdict: Sexy Cute? Who knows…

So this is the one “sexy” Halloween costume from that era that seems like 75% of young women aren’t wearing much and can turn any character into the sexy version. At least I can eye roll at this now. But, if you can’t tell, I did make this dress on my own – sewing together various pieces I found at Goodwill. I was very proud that I didn’t buy the store-bought version. Then again I was a recent college grad and was broke.

sexy dorothy


Costume: Alice from Alice in Wonderland

Age: 29

Verdict: Adorable

Ryan and I did the whole couple costume thing last year. And look at that, I made full circle back to when I was 5 and decided to try Adorable again. How cute. Ryan was a sport wasn’t he?

halloweenalice in wonderland

Stay tuned for this years costume! We’re headed to a costume party tomorrow!

What are some of your best and worst costumes?

xoxo katie