What’s Going On?

Hi! I’m alive! Sorry I haven’t been staying in touch. I hate when people use the excuse, “I’m just really busy”, because aren’t we all?

In truth this blog hasn’t been making it to the top of my priority list lately. That doesn’t mean I don’t miss chatting with you all. I wanted to drop in and do a little personal check in. Since we’re friends, right?

We’ve been having perfect September weather and I’m trying to spend as much time as I can outdoors (hence me being a no-show around here lately)

I’ve had our new car for 5 months and have just now realized we’ve had free siruis radio. (car salesman said we didn’t because it was a used car).

I’m completely addicted to Call the Midwife. Netflix just added Season 3 and I can’t stop watching (or crying)

I really enjoy a good cry. I think it’s a really beneficial way to acknowledge a situation or feeling and then to let it go. Or sometimes I’m just really hormonal and cry at everything. Whatever. 

This weekend while visiting my old college roomie in DC. 

I love that I can go months without seeing old friends and pick up like we’re still 19 years old. 

I took a shot through an ice cream sandwich. It was delicious.

Naps have a may to make most things better.

I talk to my dog entirely way too much. But she just gets me, ya know?

I’m the stay at home loser that has all the new fall TV premier dates scheduled on her calendar so she doesn’t miss a thing. Excited for Parenthood, Modern Family, Nashville, Revenge, Once Upon a Time, The Mindy Project, Blackish, Walking Dead, and Reign.

I’ve put off fall decorating because I can’t say goodbye to summer. But pumpkin and apple picking and mum shopping are calling my name this weekend. Time to bust out my fall candle collection. Pumpkin cupcake, yes sir!

I’ve read 12 books this summer – I love talking about books but also hate recommending books that others end up not liking. What’s your opinion, do you like reading book reviews or discussing books?

Ryan and I rarely go to the movies. I think we’ve seen 5 movies in the theatre together: Batman the Dark Knight Rises, Lincoln,  American Hustle, and The Fault in Our Stars. I want to see Gone Girl, but I also don’t want to be disappointed. Also hate people who talk or have their cell phones out in the movie #grumpyoldlady

I prefer to watch movies at home, with the comforts of wine and bathroom breaks where you won’t miss a second. Plus darkness and quietness and no cellphones. 

Speaking of cellphones, I watched the pilot of the new TV show, Selfie. Pretty basic story line and bad acting, but a good message and trite take on My Fair Lady 

I was impressed with Emma Watson’s UN Speech. I’m inspired that she is using her celebrity for good and encouraging humans around the globe to widen their perspectives. 

Why is white cheddar Pirate’s Booty so addictive?

That is all for now.

Leave a note, tell me what you’re up to, if you’re a crazy dog lady too. Let’s chat!



Join Me For Some TGIF Rambles

It’s Friday! We made it through the first week of school! It’s a holiday weekend! I like to overuse exclamation points!

This week has both flown by and dragged on. I kept myself  busy with friend dates, hosting a dinner party, “back to school” shopping, and sitting by the pool. Although I took on a  little more relaxed blogging schedule this summer, I”m getting into the “back to school” mindset and have the urge to get back to posting. 

So, I’d like to invite you to sit down and have a chat with me. And because this is a blog and you can only talk back in the comments, (and PLEASE do, I love having conversations with you all) you’ll just be listening to me ramble about what’s going on in my mind today. Isn’t that how blogs started in the first place?

  • I’m so relieved we survived the first week of Ryan’s final year.  I checked the “days until graduation” countdown about 50 times this week. If you know me at all, you’ll know I’m not kidding. You may think I”m being overly dramatic about this whole thing and tired of hearing about it. So let’s move on to another topic…
  • So in less serious talk I am SO  immensely disappointed in the True Blood series finale. (stop reading here and jump down the the next bullet if you have no desire to hear me ramble on about a HBO show). Yes, yes, the show has gone down hill in the past few years, but THIS is how the writers choose to end it? They leave us with this little fairytale ending? Barf! And all that sexist wedding talk and how Bill insisted he “give” Jess away. Also, why was it okay for a vampire to marry a human when it was Jess and Hoyt but Sookie and Bill couldn’t get married? I’ll tell you why, because Sookie wants babies and Jess can’t have them. That’s all it came down to. So, this show, which is so open to all other sorts of relationships and specialness couldn’t be open to Sookie having a baby in any sort of way and then still living romantically happy with Bill? No. Of course Bill had to die, I get that. This has always been Sookie’s story. But I can’t imagine that simply because Bill died, that not only she, but the whole remaining population of Bon Temps gets a happy fairytale ending? I couldn’t take it! Also no love for Lafayette? My favorite character did not get a single damn line in the whole 70 minute finale! Ugh, rant over.
  • Speaking of TV, we watched the first two seasons of Orphan Black this summer. AHamzing! I wasn’t sure if I would like it since it seemed to be more sci-fi than I typically like. But it was so addicting! Both seasons are currently on Comcast OnDemand, I highly recommend it. Tatiana Maslany is so talented.
  • Now that Ryan is busy with school again, I get full control of the remote! There are quite a few movies and TV shows that I’ve been putting aside to watch again. I just started Call The Midwife and already love it! Can’t wait to get in my girly shows this year. 
  •  I had some friends over for dinner on Wednesday night, and one friend brought watermelon, mozzarella, and basil bites. Yep, caprese but with watermelon instead of tomato! I’d never think of that combo myself but they were delicious.
  • We’re headed up to my friend’s lake house for the Labor Day holiday and I can’t wait to get one more waterfront celebration in before summer officially closes up her doors. Wait, I take that back, we’re headed to the beach in September too…
  • But seriously, why is everyone so excited for Fall? I can’t scroll through instagram for more than 10 seconds without seeing 15 Pumpkin Spice Latte’s and everyone’s gabbing about scarves and boots. I still feel like the longest winter known to man just ended. Let’s hold off on starting it all again. It’s still summer until September 22. Enjoy it. 
  • And amidst all this “Back to School” talk I’m itching for something new. I’m ready for some kind of change or just something new to get excited about. I’ve been filling up our Fall weekends with fun trips and things to look forward to. This year is going to be a good one!
  • What are you doing for the long weekend? Join me on instagram and let’s celebrate the unofficial end of summer together!

xoxo Katie


life lately katie

It’s been awhile since I used this space to do a little life update. To fill the space in between the lines, to ramble randomly, to give a peek into my every day life. So this is what current life is looking like:

Reading: I just finished the delightful book, Where’d You Go Bernadette? by Maria Semple in two days. It was charming, witty, laugh out loud funny and touching at the same time. Highly recommend it. 

where'd you go bernadette

Watching: We watched “About Time” this weekend and loved it. A cute rom com about a time traveler who want to perfect his relationships, both romantic and family. It reminds us all to slow things down a bit and appreciate the beauty of every day. You don’t get any repeats in real life.

Wanting: It to be Spring with warmer temps. To throw my boots in the very back of my closet to not be seen again until next October. For Ryan’s semester to be over. The past two weeks have been really hard on him and subsequently us. He has one more month of this semester left then he’s off school all summer! Freedom! I get my husband back full-time!

ryan tuac

Thinking: When will I ever learn to live in the present? (see above) I’m always pushing for the next season, the next event, to fast forward to the future, but to quote About Time, “We’re all traveling through time together, every day of our lives. All we can do is do our best to relish this remarkable ride.” Plus, I’m 31 now. 31! I was okay with 30 – it was still a transition age. Now 31 sounds like I need to be more settled, more comfortable with the here and now. Will that day ever come?

Needing: To go grocery shopping. It rained ALL weekend. Sunday was non stop pouring complete with flooding. I had zero desire to leave the house and run errands.

Smelling: Spring. It makes an appearance some days but then hides away and the 30 degree temps creep back in. But when it’s here, I can smell things growing and warming up.

Loving: All the celebrations we were able to fit in for Ryan and I’s birthdays this past week. Between dinners out with friends, family, and also just the two of us we really lived it up this past week. We had our final celebration on Saturday night with a dinner out with both of our parents. It’s rare that both of our families get all together.

katie and ryan birthday

Cooking: Spaghetti Squash everything. Pad Thai, Vegetarian Pesto, Mac and Cheese, I never considered all the uses for Spaghetti Squash! It’s so filling too.

Listening: A whole lotta pop. Don’t judge. I need something to cheer me up from this glummy winter we are STILL experiencing. Hopefully Katy, and Demi, and Taylor will carry me into Spring.

Planning For: My best friends bridal shower which is a month away! Other than the date and venue, it’s all a surprise for her. I can’t wait!

I’d love to hear what you’ve been up to lately! Let me know below!

xoxo Katie

Life Lately


It’s been awhile since I used this space to do a little life update. To fill the space in between the lines, to ramble randomly, to give a peek into my every day life. So this is what current life is looking like:

Writing: in my One Sentence 5-year Journal from The Happiness Project. My best friend gave me this journal as a Christmas gift and I love it! The idea is to write one sentence each day. It’s an easy way to document moments from each day and be aware of your daily intentions and actions. It will be fun to look back at what I did on a particular day – 2, 3, 4, or 5 years ago!

Reading: The Remains of the Day by Kazuo Ishiguro. Already entranced by this novel by a favorite author (loved Never Let Me Go).

Watching: Best thing about Sunday is the Sunday light TV line up: Downton Abbey, The Walking Dead, True Detective, and Girls. Obssessed with all of them, even if watching them all in the same two days makes me think that there are two alcoholic and twisted detectives running around an English estate trying to kill zombies while Hannah watches pool side contemplating how insufferable her life is.

Thinking: That I can’t take much more of winter. Enough is enough! Last week we were hit with another 12 inches of snow, followed by 2 more on Saturday and another 2 last night.

big pile of snow

Needing: To get into spring cleaning mode. Winter has made me a lazy hermit. It’s time to clean out the house, revamp my workout routine and get in gear with some new meal planning. The past weekend was filled with a lot of this:

And although it was relaxing and wonderful and great – it was too much sleeping and eating and drinking and not enough taking care of my body. Remember when I posed about that pesky newlywed weight gain? Well it’s still there. I failed at following through with any changes – or, when I did, two weeks last that weight gain found its way back. Like the snow, it just keep packing on. I’m ready to shovel out.

I signed up for Weight Watchers online yesterday with a great President’s Day sale. The program helped me lose 15 pounds 10 years ago and helped me tone up last Spring. I love the simplicity and the ease and the ability to each pretty much whatever you want. I know that I need the support and the motivation to take charge or else I fall into lazy habits.

Wanting: It may be caused by cabin fever – but my baby fever is so intense right now. It’s pretty disgusting/bad. Other than that – I’m having a deep need to get new drapes for all our windows, and do a lot of at home projects. Also NEW spring clothes!

Smelling: This candle. It is from the heavens. I’m sure of it.

Raspberry Peach Macaron candle

Loving: The 5-day weekend that was granted to Ryan because of the snow. I loved having so much down time with him and Maggie and lots of morning snuggles:

puppy cuddles

Cooking: A LOT! Hence the need to do something about weight! This past week were filled with cookies, cupcakes, pad thai, macaroni and cheese, quesadillas, dip, martinis, and spiked hot chocolate. Yikes!

spiced hot chocolate

Listening: to my Ella Fitzgerald Panda station – her butter voice just pours over the whole house and makes everything warm and okay.

Planning For: This Spring is full of fun events! First, we have Ryan and I’s birthdays in March followed by a bridal shower and bachelorette for my best friend, and we just booked our 1-year wedding anniversary trip. Come on SPRING!

I’d love to hear what you’ve been up to lately!

xoxo Katie





14 Random Things About Me

Katie and Maggie and wine slushies

I thought it was time to spill the beans about a few random things about me. I like to look at this blog as a casual chat I’m having with you over a glass of wine (or cup of coffee if you prefer!) so why don’t we get to know each other a little better?

Also, in 2014, I’m trying to respect my individuality and celebrate everything about myself. So I thought I’d do 14 facts for 2014 and I love even numbers. Plus, I think these things are pure and simple fun and I love reading other bloggers random facts.

So let’s do this!

1. Sometimes, I listen to the same CD on repeat in my car for months at a time.

2. I played the trumpet until I was 18, and was pretty good!

3. I’m that crazy girl who talks to her dog a lot and makes her talk back. I have very serious conversations with my dog, ALL THE TIME.

4. It’s kind of weird how excited I am to watch the new Lifetime version of “Flowers in the Attic”

5. As soon as I open a bottle of wine, it seems to vanish into thin air. How does it go so fast?

7. I love ketchup and have been known to dip everything from pickles, chips, veggies, and bread into it.

8. Sleeping is one of my favorite hobbies. I could ALWAYS take a nap.

9. I’m terrified of rollers coasters, heights, and anything that goes super fast. No way Jose!

10. I haven’t eaten red meat since I was 19.

11. I can’t swallow pills with water. I have to chew up food and then swallow them with the food.

12. I taught myself how to kiss by rewwatching Angela Chase’s (Claire Danes) and Jordan Catalono’s (Jared Leto’s) first kiss on My So Called Life over and over and over on VHS.

13. Not much makes me happier than singing and watching people sing karaoke.

14. I find nothing wrong with dressing up my dog in ridiculous outfits. Even though she hates it.


xoxo Katie