Hello friends, life this Spring is flying by. I’ve been busy enjoying the sunshine and being outside and doing less computer work and blogging, as it should be.  

My biggest news is shown above. Yes,I went and got a big girl car! This past Saturday,Ryan and I purchased a Kia Sorento. I feel so adult! Ryan’s old Corolla wasn’t going to make it another year past inspection, it was time to say goodbye to it and get a car we could grow into over the next few years. So far I’m liking the space and the ride.

Here’s a more of peak into my current world:

Reading: I’m currently reading Tell The Wolves I’m Home by Carol Rifka Brunt. I’m only about 50 pages in but already love the writing and characters.

Tell the Wolves I'm Home

Before starting this book I read the Divergent Series…and was completely disappointed in the three books. I didn’t really even get invested in the story or characters until the very end of book two. You know how sometimes you want to prolong a book because you’re not ready to say goodbye to the characters yet? I experienced the opposite with Divergent series. I couldn’t wait for it to be over so I could move on to another book. The writing was dry and I just didn’t care too much about the characters.  Am I in the minority here? 

Watching: All my favorite shows finales. Revenge left me gasping, Nashville had me all emotional, Reign had me wanting more teenage ancient history drama, The Mindy Project had me bawling and smiling at the same time, was that not the cutest episode ever?

Wanting: The weather to make up its mind, one day it is beautiful and 70 and the next it’s 60 and pouring all day. But I do have to say that there have been more warmer days lately than not. Other than small things like the weather, my wants are more centered around where we’re going to be in the next year or two. But I’m coming to terms that whatever will be will be.  

Thinking: Why do the winter months have to drag and then once the sun comes out the days fly by? I can’t believe that it is almost June…and our one year anniversary on June 2. I’m reflecting a lot back on our first married year these days. Also about how cute and happy Maggie is to be running free outside.

maggie may running outside
Needing: To get away. Really looking forward to our first anniversary trip to the Finger Lakes in two weeks. A whole weekend of nothing to worry about except what wineries to go to and what book to read lakeside. 

Smelling: All the loveliness of outdoors (and the unloveliness too, fresh manure in the fields anyone?)

Loving: Having Ryan home in the evenings since he is not taking any classes this summer. Also ice cream. I can’t get enough ice cream these days. My favorite is at a local creamery with over 20 flavors. 

katie ice cream at carmen and davids
Cooking: Really not cooking anything too intricate these days. It’s been busy busy busy leaving less time in the kitchen. Prepping some of my basics like my favorite chicken salad, sweet potatoes, and spaghetti squash and enjoying fresh fruit. 

Listening: To soft folksy music like James Taylor as well as to my heart.The music is easy on my soul and gets me relaxed and happy feeling. “Up On The Roof” as been on repeat lately. I’m trying to slow things down and really be in the moment rather than constantly just thinking about what’s next and being anxious about our unknown future. 

Planning For: All sorts of summer fun including our one year anniversary trip, my best friend’s bachelorette weekend, summer weddings, and our family trip to Jamaica! And for my mom to recover from her surgery so she can be out and about and we can do things together again. 

I’d love to hear what you’ve been up to lately! Let me know below!

xoxo Katie




Happy in 102 Words

happy in 102 words

As I approach my 31st birthday on March 26 I find myself more and more reflective. I’ve grown tremendously during this past year and have never felt so comfortable in my own skin. I utter the word “happy” far more than I ever have.

I was inspired by Kym’s (from Travel Babbles) post in which she summed up happiness in 102 words. There’s a skill in conciseness, one that I am not typically strong at. I think happiness comes down to being content with who you are and where you are in the present moment while simplifying and broadening your perspective at the same time; a unity of opposites if you may.

We have the tendency to over complicate happiness. Sometimes, we see a smile and start to instantly pick it apart, looking for hidden meanings or intentions, and analyze it to death (what IS Mona Lisa smirking about?) when it is simply a smile; an outward expression of joy.

So with that said and in celebration of the art of brevity here is my current state of happiness summed up in 102 words:

It’s that magical time of year where I lie auspiciously between stability and the unknown, my mind split between contentment and anxiety yet waking up smiling nearly every day. March is the Christmas Eve of Spring. My heart is tender, warmed by puppy snuggles as I get lost in a book. Outside the rain falls and the wind blows reminding me that Spring is coming and with this new season comes a new tenure of highs and low. March marks a new year to my time in this world and my mind happily wonders to the unexpected gifts she may bring me.

Life is good. The unexpectedness makes it beautiful.

xoxo Katie