Passing Notes – blast from the past

high school notes

Confession: I am a hoarder. I keep EVERYTHING. I have boxes of old school papers, notebooks, ticket stubs, toys, cell phones, printed out emails, programs, brochures, gift bags etc.

Last night I came across a dusty shoe box (which used to contain Mia platform sandles circa 1997) stock full of middle school and high school notes. I lost myself for a good hour, pouring over the thoughts of 14-year-old Katie and her bff Kay (who still is my bff which makes it all the more fun!). We were huge boy crazy dorks. Some days we passed at least 4 notes to each other. We kept each other sane during our freshman year of high school when hormones were high and we were desperate for boyfriends.

This blast from the past got me thinking about “today’s youth” (oh god I sound OLD!). In 1998 we teenagers didn’t have cell phones. We didn’t have texting, facebook, twitter, instgram, or snap chat. We relied on good old paper and pencil and sly ways to pass paper to one another during and between classes.

Nowadays, kids can type as many text messages as they want, developing a good back and forth banter. With notes, you had to think out how you were going to use that one piece of paper, what important things did you have to share? What couldn’t wait until the end of the day? Hand written notes have more value and more permanence. I can positively say that in 15 years I will not be going back and looking at old text messages the same way I browsed through notes from 15 plus years ago.

So I’m here to see what being a High School Freshman was like. The year was 1998 – Leonardo DiCaprio was the king of the world, skater culture ruled, the members of Weezer were our idols, boys were mystical creatures, and no one understood us.

Most notes were intricately folded. They are full of code names for boys. Half the time I have no idea what we are talking about. Here is one of my favorite finds. Turns out we were pretty mean and terrible girls!

high school notes

 So poor Kay thought she’d fail science (even though she currently has a 93%) and then suggested that we stage a fight so that we scare the freshman next year? (we so couldn’t wait to be sophomores). I also love that it is written to “Kate”. There was a time that I thought “Kate” sounded SO much more sophisticated then “Katie”.

Don’t worry – we never staged a fight. We actually took freshman “under our wings” that following year. Look forward to more freshman girl insight next week!

xoxo Katie