Think Positive Monday: Making Time for Christmas


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The phrase, “Make Time For Christmas” sounds a little odd.

Why do I need to “make time” for Christmas when the Christmas season is banging on our door the minute after Halloween ends? I’ve been shopping, prepping, decorating, singing Christmas songs, and baking all season long. Christmas is everywhere. I don’t need to “make time” for it, I’m living it every second. 


Yes Christmas is everywhere. And as much as I love this season I sometimes catch myself just going through the motions. Sometimes treating traditions like another thing to check of my ever-growing to do list. Before you know it, Christmas day is upon us and over in a blink of an eye. Pretty soon all the decorations are coming down and music goes back to our regular non festive favorites and we’re stuck with Winter blues. 

I think one of the most fun things about Christmas is the preparation.

The decorating the tree, the baking, the making bows for packages,the buying of the gifts, the parties and all the treats and music. If you’re only thinking of the end game, you’ll be missing out on more than half the fun.

It’s easy to get caught up in the rush and busyness and forget to actually enjoy the little things that makes this holiday so special. The little things ARE the big things and I think that can often get lost in this overwhelming time of year. 

This week I’m promising myself to really make time for Christmas.To savor the waiting. To reflect on what this season really means to me.  To bask in the glow of the Christmas tree with a good book. To dance to Christmas music with Ryan while we’re making dinner. To spend extra time with family and friends. To allow the season to bring out the child in me. To admire beauty to act silly and sing my heart out. To take notice of every little detail and memory. I want to enjoy every little moment the best I can.

So I’ll be signing off the blog for the rest of the week to truly enjoy Christmas. You can always follow along on instagram.  

My brother and his wife arrive tomorrow and we have a full week of fun and love with my family and Ryan’s family and friends. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year.

I wish you and yours a very Happy Holiday Season, however which way you celebrate!  


Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without…


Linking up again with Amber (Mr. Thomas and Me) and Erin’s (Hooley with a Z) 12 Days of Blogging Christmas link up.

Today we were asked to finish the phrase, “Christmas Just Wouldn’t Be Christmas without…”

Today’s prompt in the #12daysofblogging link up gave me a little bit of a mind blank. I’m a Christmas fanatic and love going all out during the holidays. I decorate the house to the nines, play Christmas music non stop, decorate the tree with passion, and wrap presents like they are pieces of artwork. The season turns me into an overly emotional woman who will cry at the sight of a reindeer or a smiling child.

But what exactly makes Christmas so special?

The idea of taking away any of my favorite things about Christmas gives me a slight anxiety attack. Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without the tree, the music, the decor, the cookies, the movies. I would never want to do Christmas without my favorite holiday traditions. But saying, “Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without a tree in my living room” or “Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without my favorite rendition of Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas…or my mom’s cookies, or a viewing of “It’s a Wonderful Life”…or all of our decorations”  sounds SO terribly trivial.

If we no longer had all these beloved elements of the holiday, Christmas would still happen and of course it would still be lovely and beautiful.

What exactly is it about this season? How does it maintain its magic year after year?

Just imagine experiencing Christmas for the very first time. Imagine that you have never heard of Christmas. You have  no recollection of childhood Christmases. No fond memories of tree decorating, or the magic of Christmas Eve, or the excitement of Christmas morning. Imagine hearing all about the “silliness” that happens during this season.

Bringing a whole live tree into your living room. Playing rhyme heavy and childish songs over and over. Decorating your yard’s shrubbery with twinkling lights. Filling stockings with gifts. Believing in a fat man in a red suit that travels all around the world in one night delivering gifts to children. All these activities would sound completely ludicrous.  This whole idea of Christmas would  be so alien and absurd to you.

Kids, it all boils down to this: Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without memories and traditions.

Christmas is made by traditions. Traditions that would be completely pointless without our family and memories of our family’s past. Everyone’s traditions are different, unique to their particular family – that is what makes them so very special. Christmas wouldn’t mean anything without our memories. Our memories tie our family together –  they act as the bond that makes us a unit. Christmas is about family, about remembering where you have come from, and about making hopes and plans for the future – together.

So, I’m here to tell you what every single made for TV Hallmark holiday movie throws in your face; Christmas means nothing unless you have someone to share it with. Christmas means nothing if you don’t hold onto happy memories and have hope for the future. Christmas means nothing without love.

xoxo katie